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10 stupid and funny excuses you can make to avoid playing Holi this year!

All of us are part of some or the other group who plans extensively for Holi, but then within the same group there are people like us who just pretend to be HOLI lovers. Within our own self we very well know the fact that HOLI is not my kind of festival, as not all of us are too fond of Holi. Believe us, it’s absolutely fine to be yourself.  With whatever potential you resist playing HOLI there will be people around who will shower tubs of colours on you, saying “BURA NA MAANO HOLI HAI”.  So this time, if you are thinking hard to skip Holi, we bring you an extensive list of some hilarious excuses that you can make to protect yourself from the HOLI MUSKETEERS.

Holi Excuse 1-Campusvibes
Holi Excuse 1


Holi Excuse2- campusvibes
Holi Excuse 2


Holi Excuse 3-campusvibes
Holi Excuse 3


Holi Excuse4-campusvibes
Holi Excuse4


Holi Excuse5-campusvibes
Holi Excuse5


Holi Excuse6-campusvibes
Holi Excuse6


Holi Excuse7-campusvibes
Holi Excuse7


Holi Excuse8-campusvibes
Holi Excuse8


Holi Excuse9-campusvibes
Holi Excuse9


Holi Excuse10-campusvibes
Holi Excuse10


Just make sure over usage of these lines can dilute its feel. Make sure you cook up a nice story and give out real emotional expressions, so that your friends feel disgusted about themselves, even if they happened to throw very little colour on you. If you have any more to share, please write them in the comments section below!


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