3 Things girls think the night before joining the college

No matter how much you are prepared for college’s first day, that night before joining college never lets you sleep

“No matter how much you are prepared for college’s first day, that night before joining college never lets you sleep”

College life is often referred to as the most beautiful journey that one goes through in the course of life. It is that phase of life where not only one goes through hormonal changes but also emotional changes that can either make you strong enough to face the staring society and stare back at them but also can make you that weak that you quit being social and get into the darkness of distress and bleakness. Yet still, it is the most happening, thrilling and  dramatic phase that you go through with winks, smiles, tears, aggression and everything real.

It is this super excitement that does not let you sleep the night before boarding the roller coaster ride of College. The entire night goes in wondering what the social scene will be like at college.

Here is what girls think a night before joining college:-

1.What should I wear ?

The best thing that a women is known for is SHOPPING…SHOPPING ALL NIGHT- SHOPPING ALL DAY, still I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR? 🙁 . “What do I do tomorrow, there’s nothing I could wear tomorrow”, “Just look at me, its gonna be my first and I am in such a big mess” is what keeps you busy all night all , isn’t it? After all there is so much to do, how can one sleep?

2. Should I put on makeup?

“Makeup, oh Yes! It’s obvious I am gonna wear makeup”. “But should it be glimmer or glossy or everyday look”, “Gosh have no clue, who should I ask” , “Oh yes Let me call Rama aunty’s daughter, NO but why would he tell me she herself looks like a someone who has taken sanyaas from social life” . “AAAHHHHH, I feel like banging my head against the wall, God please help me”. After a long hustle, talking to all classmates, having long discussions over whatsapp. Yes Finally decided , you decide to wear Glossy makeup as it will go with your dress and suddenly you Mom comes in and tells you to look simple and beautiful without any makeup…..:D

3.Will Someone notice me?

Who will get more number of compliments, you or your childhood bestest friend, with whom you spent the most of the time, playing in mud, getting dirty, falling from cycle, flying kites and playing basketball. Now it is a matter of sheer competition, since she and you are both in same college, it will come on your self esteem, if she happens to get more compliments then you and might turn into “Dost…….rha”. So the fight is now neck to neck and that to with whom, with your very own Childhood best friend.

So girls if this is what you think, be rest assured because all girls think the same way because in college you just know that you are having fun, but later you realize that you were making memories.

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