6 Things that was not expected from Bieber’s Concert!

justin bieber concert

Finally the wait for Justin Bieber’s concert came to an end yesterday when the fans waited all day long just to hear him sing. But all the anxiety and enthusiasm turned them down to see the LIP SYNC performance of Bieber. Only 4 out of 21 listed of songs of Bieber were sung live.

Fans who are a celebrity’s real power, were fuming and so went brutal on social media, listing out all the inconvenience that they had to face just to see him lipsing his own songs.

Celebrities like Sridevi, Alia Bhatt, Raveena Tandon, sonali Bendre, Arjun Rampal  were also seen enjoying to the tunes of Baby, Sorry and the singer’s other hits.There was a crowd of 45000 people who attended his performance whereas the stadium has the capacity to hold 56000 people in one go.

But all this amusement was turned down when the spectators who had paid for the premium tickets did not receive the treatment that they were expecting out of the organisers.

  1. The management of the concert and the facilities that were made available were just not upto the mark insufficient number of toilets was one of the major issues
  2. Singers are expected to sing at their own singing concerts, but here in this one Bieber to our surprise was lip syncing with his own songs. This also disappointed couple of celebrities like Anurag Basu, who told PTI news agency, “I would have been happy if he would have sung all songs live. He only sang four songs live. An artist of his calibre should sing live. He was not prepared.”
  3. Water was overpriced. People paid Rs100 for their first bottle of water, 150 for the second; and Rs 100/- for a glass of Coca Cola
  4. Just before the concert began, there were rumors of Sonakshi Sinha sharing stage with Justin Bieber, that initiated an argument on twitter which was singers versus actors in India. As a result Sona Mahopatra was blocked by Sonakshi Sinha on twitterjustin bieber concert
  5. Many celebs (like Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover)left a they were not given VIP passes, which was not a good gesture on the part of the organizing committee and left them with negative remarksjustin bieber concert
  6. People also felt that the concert was not well put up and was nothing but a mere waste of money, time and energy in short a khichdi was what they had seen.

Now that it appears that the concert was not entirely paisavasool – the cheapest tickets were priced at a little over Rs. 5,000 and fans who paid big money and waited all day to hear him weren’t happy at all. “It’s quite clear that he is not singing these songs,” an irate man from Pune who had paid Rs. 36,000 for his pass told PTI.

justin bieber concert justin bieber concert justin bieber concert

Another fan said, “I attended Coldplay’s concert and I think that was much better than this. Justin’s performance was low on energy and the worst part was he was lip-syncing to many of his songs.

An angry mother of a 10-year-old ‘Belieber’ told PTI, “I wish I had not paid a bomb for this awful concert.”

The only message that fans had to give Bieber is, “Shukar karo tumare pass humara shera tha bchane k liye, warna hume paisa wasoolna achey se aata hai”.

Henceforth Bieber don’t make us say repeat the history and sing slogans of

“Bieber,Bieber…. GO BACK” . Just the way we did for SIMON!

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