7 best IndianTV Series Everyone Should Watch in Their College Life

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We have always had this love-hate relationship with our school. For most of us, schooling has only been a road trip from the house to the school and has always revolved around the syllabus material but there is much more to it which we get to know once we step out of school. College life was something which we all wanted to experience since childhood. To make us crave for this adventure, our cousins and Karan Johar movies have successfully accomplished their task and even the Indian television cinema left no stone unturned in wooing us for this over hyped college life. There are a few Indian TV series too that played a vital role in drafting the rosy picture around our over expected college-life and kept us under the window of anticipation.

Here is the list of a few Indian series splashing the prospects of the college life:

1. Warrior High

warrior high: TVshow

The story is about the students of the prestigious Warrior High School in Dehradun. Revolves around the relationships and the peer group that they make at the institution. It is about their survival packed with the social tension between the rich students and the orphanage students.

2. Dil Dosti Dance

Dil Dosti Dance: TV shows

As the title suggests the plot of the story revolved around a group of students displaying their passion for dance. It is this fervour towards dance that unites them and how this unity ignites the spark of friendship and rekindles it into love.

3. The Buddy Project

Buddy Project: TV shows

The Royal Academy, a well-known school that has its image tarnished by a few crackpots of the current batch. To protect its reputation, an old alumnus is brought into the picture. It is all about the journey of these nuts who are gradually exposed to each other’s susceptible and seditious characters. The best thing about this plot was to make the warm blood realize that life will always send us an indicator making us aware of what we are capable of achieving and those indicators are our teachers.

4. Suvreen Guggal Topper of the year

suvreen guggal: TV show

This journey is all about a girl who is ambitious and confident. There is more to her life apart of social media and the current fashion. It showcases how important it is for a person to keep one going through the challenges that life throws at us and emerge as a polished professional.

5. Miley Jab Hum Tum


It was a fun based television series based on college life. It can be taken as something that when too much of knowledge is packed into the brain during school days, Miley Jab Hum Tum is what happens in college life. Though there was nothing groundbreaking about this series is was certainly a relief from the age old saas bahu drama that had dominated our television sets.

6. Sadda Haq

This series had a beautiful beginning depicting the mentality of the father of a girl that the kitchen is the ultimate place of a woman but he forgot that it is also the place where knives are kept. It had all the twists and the masala stuffed into one show. Beginning with hardships, facing challenges, falling in love and the then finally achieving one’s dream. I would certainly want to mention that this show had increased the expectations of the budding engineers who were just about to have a reality check.

7. Remix

Remix: TV show

Certainly and undoubtedly this was best and most intriguing show for the teenagers and college goers in that era. It was a remake of the popular Argentine soap Rebelde way. It is based on the lives of the children of the elite educational institution Maurya High. It is about 4 protagonists who end up forming a music band under compulsion (and become the singing sensation of the decade). The love-hate relationship blooms in the air. It is at this point that the odyssey begins.

So next time you miss your college life just gotta watch these!

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