8 Bollywood Teachers every college student will love to study from  

bollywood teachers

You have enrolled yourselves in your college and are excited for your first day to know how many good-looking girls would be there in your batch or your senior batch. But for some of us, the quest does not end here. Many of us end up falling for some of our professors.

Omg! Niel sir looks so hot in his white shirt! I soo wish I could just get one day with him…far away from the city…

Did you see Preeti Ma’am today? She looked ravishing in her red saree. I wish I was never her student. Surely, I would have taken her on a date.

You may even try finding excuses so that you may *coincidentally* bump into them. Every possible move would be on your list to catch their attention. C’mon, don’t be shy. Each one of us has had this moment. You need not feel abashed about it. Believe me, all of us have had their set of experiences, fun times and these days its stalking time.

My English teacher. An Anglo-Indian, tall, fair, blue-eyed, amazing command over the language, Godly voice. But not in school because I studied in a girls’ school. Lack of resources 😉 I hope you understand. Whenever I used to watch Bollywood movies, the idea of how a college should be was implanted in my mind. On seeing a few actors who would play the role of a teacher, I used to wonder “what if we had such teachers in our colleges or schools??”

Here is a list of a few Bollywood teachers that I believe every college student would love to study from

1. Sushmita Sen (Chandni Chopra- Main Hoon Na)

bollywood teachers

That beautiful saree flowing with the wind, the drop -dead look with such a charming smile. What a boon to the subject of Chemistry! All the boys in the house who would never be on time for their classes would then certainly be before the time for their classes and girls would be there too to check out guys!

Who wouldn’t want to be a student of this cuteness sensuous scintillating professor who would make chemistry even more interesting?

2. Amir Khan (Ram Shankar Nikumbh – Taare Zameen Par)

taare zameen par

Simple, down to earth, humble and patient. We all want someone to talk to. Having someone would listen to all your stories uninterrupted and would give you the desired feedback. Wow!! We girls always complain that guys don’t listen to us but having him is like a cherry on the cake! In short he is “a perfect dating material”.

3. Archana Puran Singh (Miss Briganza – Kuch Kuch Hota hai)

bollywood teachers

You must surely be remembering this lady who taught Literature. Her concept of teaching and style of dressing seemed pretty much different from the teachers in those times. An open interaction about “love” would automatically wake up every student from his deep sleep. Her attitude and the constant flirtation with the principal Anupam Kher certainly added a comic hint to the movie but we all know having a teacher like her would be amazing.

We could talk to her about *love…romance* openly and we might even get some ideas for dating! Who will not want a teacher like her, who is a resource of perfect dating tips and ideas

4. Naseeruddin Shah (Amar Verma – Sir)

bollywood teachers

Apart from the teachers we generally want in our college, some teachers should also be there who set the perfect example of a teacher. Even you must be able to relate to this. A teacher who keeps his personal and professional life separate and does justice to the term “teacher”.A teacher who is a true guide for his students.

5. Shahrukh Khan ( Raj Aryan -Mohabbatien)

bollywood teachers

Sometimes I wonder what if Shahrukh Khan would start teaching? I am sure he would teach Literature. After all when the King of Romance himself teaches you about love and gives you all those formulas of love like “6 Din Ladki In… “who wouldn’t want to become a witness to this moment?

He would not let any heartbreaks happen. Rather, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if he ends up becoming a cupid for his students.

Literature +Shahrukh Khan’s witty Humour = Housefull.

6.Chitrangada Singh (Desi Boyz)

bollywood teachers

If you hate Economics then probably there was some teacher in your life who inculcated this feeling in you and no matter how hard you tried you could never develop affection towards Economics.

Isn’t it?

I too never liked Economics.

For a subject like Eco or Mathematics, if the professor is so stunning then I am sure thodi bohot mohabbat to ho hi jayegi…..Subject se!

But after watching this movie I believe there could be no Economics teacher hotter than her. Sexy glasses and piercingly intelligent eyes that seem to scan you in and out, this smoky actress makes it to this list.

7. Shahrukh Khan (Chak de India)

bollywood teachers

Rude, arrogant, workaholic, ambitious, focused, well-mannered and a no non-sense guy!! Though you might initially not like him but he will make you fall for him. BTW, he is my all time favorites

 8. Shahid Kapoor(Paathshaala)

bollywood teachers

Sexy, swanky, handsome, cool, charming, soft spoken, modern, well built. A perfect package as every girl wants his beau to be. I wish I too had a teacher like him in my school who would play his guitar and I could dance with him as well.

Wo guitar bajaata aur mai use dekhte rehti…wo yu aanke band kar muskurata…aur main use takte rehti!!

It would have been so easy to establish a connect with that one teacher.

I am sure if Shahid would have been my teacher, I would have never missed a single day at school.

Then apni to paathshala…masti ki paathshala……

So coming back to the real world. I know you have gone too far thinking about the consequences of having them as your professor in college. It would have been great to have them in our classrooms. Don’t get disheartened because if not them then somebody else would surely be on the way to light up your world.

Ummeed pe duniya kayam hai boss…agar kisi cheez ko sachhe dil se chaaho to saari kayanat tumhe use milane me lag jaati hai…….

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