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9 best ways to promote your college fest RIGHT!

9 best ways to promote your college fest RIGHT!

College festivals are the best time to meet friends, have fun, show your leadership qualities and enjoy the most amazing moments with your college friends and guest attendees from other colleges. Most of the colleges have either had their fests or are preparing for one to take place. And in all this mess, unorganized meetings, sponsorship calls, collateral and promotions, running around here and there, calling the celebrity for promotion, we figured out some of the major key hacks that you as the organizing team can look into to promote your fest and attract the maximum crowd to your college.

So apart from asking your friends to like the page and share the events to further expand the reach, here is a list of TODOs that you must do in order to get more mileage and footfalls to your college.

  1. Assign a dedicated social media team

This is the first and the foremost task that you need to do when you are finalizing teams for the fest. Social media team forms the major part of all promotional activities; hence the selection of this team cannot be done superficially as this team will be handling the face of the fest, which is equally important. The members should be creative enough to design campaigns, work on the graphical part and good understanding of content. Also figure out college pages and groups wherein your social media team cWays to promote your college fest RIGHTan co-brand and leverage its reach.

  1. Know your fest

Before promoting the entire fest, you need to understand the entire event, the programs scheduled and every nooks and corners of the fest. As since its going to be a 2 day or a 3 day fest, therefore the more–knowledge, the better-execution of the marketing plan and the best- results.

  1. Running social media campaigns

Ask your social media team to first do 2 major things: first create a fest page and second create an event and post these 2 things promote both of them parallel to each other. Also run social media contests, which helps in engaging and driving audience to your social media feeds and event page. For a fest which is youth oriented, it is very important that you know how to make use of content in a creative and engaging manner. Every post or feed that you release from your page should be youth centric and should be imposing enough for them to respond back. Specifically platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat(these days) and Youtube can be used to share content as the user age groups on these platforms is your target audience, also ask your team mates to share the posts on all of their social media handles. And just in case you wish to explore the power of twitter, tag the relevant college accounts and use the trending hastags to increase your reach, this way even brands will come to know about your fest. Who knows you get your first sponsor via twitter itself.

  1. Vibrant and engaging college website

This is the most important aspect of promoting your college fest. Browse through catching and engaging templates for your website, make sure you make the user experience flawless so that when they come and visit your fest website every information should be available to them at a click of a button, even the contests that are running on the social media handles should have a link on the website too. Online registrations for various events and the most important, the social sharing options are something you can’t miss to afford on your college fest website.

  1. Assign campus ambassadors as an offline strategy

This works if you have resources and time in hand. Assign campus ambassadors in every college, ask them to put up posters in their colleges, do a talk show or a nukkad natak in their college premises to gauge audience, or if it’s a business fest you can also try doing a small 45 minutes talk show in their auditorium and generate inquisitiveness, also ask your team of campus ambassadors to get maximum attendees from their college and the one who wins it gets certificate along with some free passes. Yes, some free passes or goodies from sponsor can work wonders for you.

  1. NEVER MAKE POSTS WITHOUT PICTURES -because pictures speak louder than words
Because pictures speak louder than words
Source:Hindustan Times


  1. Spam whatsapp/hike/ snapchat/ facebook messengers

This is something that most of us do when its Holi/ Diwali or any other festival. Yes spamming each other’s connects with posts and messagesis just the way to go about it. Spam your contacts on hike, facebook messengers, whatsapp and snapchat with stuff related to your fests, even if 20 out 100 raise inquiries, that accounts to a good percentage of engagement and 10 turn up, wow that’s a good conversion(10 % is huge) even professional marketing guys fail to achieve a conversion rate of 10%. BELIEVE US!

  1. Partnerships! Partnerships! Partnerships!

Yes, partnerships and alliances is something you can easily ride upon and you just can’t afford to miss. These are all low hanging fruits which should be reaped the earliest. Have online associations with digital platforms like CampusVibes. These associations are generally unpaid and give you a lot of reach in terms of eyeballs and shares.

  1. Plan a long term game

If you want to stay in the game and win it too, then always look at it from a long –term perspective. This essentially means

  1. Don’t end up making year wise social media handles and start all over again each year
  2. Take testimonials, as it helps in establishing credibility
  3. Thank your audience post the event (like a winning speech may be?)
  4. Thank your partners for the support, as this will be a long term thing and you cannot afford to miss them out
  5. Plan for future

This is not an exhaustive list. This is something that has been tried and tested and has given amazing results. But some of the most important things that you can look into is brainstorming with your team, come up with some of the coolest ideas and THINK ALOUD!

Enjoy your fest if you have any and make note of these TODOs if you had any and it didn’t give you the expected results!

If you have any feedback, please feel free to share your views in the comment section below.

Happy Marketing!

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