9 Things that you would relate to if you are a NON-GOT fan

Harish : Abey yaar kal Game Of Thrones ka naya episode aaya hai…abhi tak nai dekh paaya.

Aditya : Maine dekha hai. Kal waale episode me na….

Harish : Chup reh yaar SPOILER mat de. Mujhe dekhni hai!!

Me: Will you guys stop this Game Of Thrones mania?

Hahahaha!! If you are a hardcore fan of the GAME OF THRONES, then I am sure you would have tried escaping every person who would ruin your fun by leaking out the spoilers and if you are not a GOT maniac then I am pretty sure you would be able to relate to this! Here is a list of 8 things that every NON-GOT person would relate to:

1. Don’t you watch Game Of Thrones?  HUH! Why do even exist?

Game of thrones- Campusvibes

2. You hate being around people who talk about this series all the time, go crazy about it and use the GOT language their “code” to communicate with each other. So, all that you come across are “What to say” moments and simply stare at your phone.

Game of thrones- Campusvibes

3. What do you like to watch? FRIENDS…Saas Bahu… Netflix?

Game of thrones- Campusvibes

4. You simply have no idea what you are missing in life dude! (As if watching GOT is the ultimate aim)

Game of thrones- Campusvibes

5. You feel left out in your circle because people disown you the moment you disclose that you don’t binge on watching Game of Thrones.

6. You literally don’t care when your friends discuss the GOT spoilers or when your Facebook wall shows you the same. Hahaha, Lucky you!

Game of thrones- Campusvibes

7. The only phrase that you may probably know from this epic series is “Winter is coming.”

Game of thrones- Campusvibes

8. You feel how crazy people could be because a single spoiler makes them go from a “shant mammal” to “an unruly horse”.

Game of thrones- Campusvibes

Now that you are surrounded by GOT enthusiasts, you may end up watching one episode of the Game Of Thrones and afterwards may be glad about the fact that it is not your cup of tea. So if you are not into this crazy addiction and have been disowned by your mates then this is for you. Have a good laugh and share it with your friends!

#Staytuned for more updates from Shivani Agarwal!

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