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Aditya Nath Jha-“Sometimes you gotta let go of things that are not working”

Sangharsh hi Jeevan Hai

Aditya Nath Jha(founder one of the most successful  top rated tech reviewers of the city spoke with us on how to work on your passion and turn it into reality at a very young age. He also runs tech-gadget review channels on youtube that has crossed more than 4 million views worldwide with a very loyal fan base around.

Aditya is quite active in the Delhi start-up community too and has been featured quite a number of times on NDTV gadgets and hosted the Payoneer Forum 2015 Delhi. In this super inspiring interview we have tried to figured out what all it takes to gauge the mileage around a content platform and how to go about finding solutions to all those problems that you didn’t even foresee when you re diving into the dream world.

So, Aditya tell us something about and the story behind it?

Founded on 7th December, 2011, is one the top rated content platforms that covers everything ranging from tech news to gadgets, inspirational stories to poems and everything that inspires its readers to look up and rise. Its youtube channel has around 22K followers with around 4 million views worldwide. I am a first generation entrepreneur who comes from an average middle class family and way back in 2011 when the startup bubble had just started taking shape in india, I thought of doing something really different and pout of the box to get out of the rut of boring college life and so INSPIRE2RISE was born.

What are the key features of and its revenue model?

We work on a clear and simple model of branding and profits. From day 1, we have been inclined towards making our venture profitable and revenue making. Our revenue model is Google ads, Sponsored posts, running advertisements on our main website, brand mentions in our videos and many more.

Funding is the most coolest things for today’s startups, what are your plans for it?

We operate like a classic business and for us FUNDING is just another classy word for DEBT. It’s always advisable to run after revenue and funding will follow you, rather than blatantly running behind FUNDING and leading to no revenue. We are a firm believer of generating revenue and re-investing it back to the business because MONEY multiplies MONEY.

What have been the challenges till date?
[Smiles] challenges form part and parcel of start-up world. Infact, when you are dreaming of diving into the pool of passion, you never thought of coming across such facets that were never anticipated. My journey was too like all other entrepreneurs, full of high points and low points. I have always faced a challenge of finding right kind of people to work with me and I am still facing it.

What is the current traction of INSPIRE2RISE?

For us, our readers have played a vital role in achieving what we are today. Currently we have around 22k YouTube subscribers, 5-6 lakh per month views. Our future plans include growing our total audience both on site and YouTube to even further levels.

What are your future plans for next 3 years?

We intent to become the top tech YouTube channel in India and be independent from the manual functioning of the site rather we would like to make it autonomous with writers, editors everything in place. We want it to emerge as a hub wherein tech writers can come and scribble down feedbacks, reviews, technologies and updates and get going with their personal branding too.

Any advice that you wish to  give to the new emerging startups?
[laughs] “People are quite intelligent these days so no #gyaan, just be patient and keep sustaining your efforts because every good thing takes time.” According to me three qualities that one must possess to achieve success and they are PASSION, INTEGRITY AND DETACHMENT.


ONE SUCCESS TIP: Mind your own business.


ONE MOST IMPORTANT LESSON THAT YOU HAVE LEARNT TILL NOW: Sometimes you gotta let go of things that are not working and don’t be attached to your projects and work.

SHARE ANY ONE HABIT WHICH YOU THINK MAKES YOU MORE PRODUCTIVE: l like what I am doing, this makes me productive

ONE HABIT WHICH YOU WISH TO CHANGE IN YOURSELF: I try to postpone all big activities which in turn often lead to me being overwhelmed with the same work later.

A QUOTE THAT INSPIRES YOU THE MOST: “Aaj thoda aur, sangharsh hi jeevan hai!”- that’s from my own written poem.

That was Aditya Nath Jha from INSPIRE2RISE, #staytuned for more amazing Campus startups from Campusvibes!

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