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Ayush Padukone: This 17 year old Fashionista is giving a tough competition to all the Models of B-Town

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Today’s story is about a guy who is an extreme Bollywood freak and who at a very young age realized that he wants to be the next Bollywood Star. Where in our age we all go through the dilemma regarding our career, this guy already knew that he would rock the B-town and be one of the amazing entertainers.

Curious enough to know who it is? So we at Campus Vibes brings the story of this very interesting Bollywood freak as the  “Star of the week” – Ayush Padukone Srivastava.

This 17-year-old boy is already killing it with his style and shoots. Model, blogger and a poser by profession. A complete extrovert and a party animal. A quintessential guy whose life revolves around Bollywood. A guy who adds a flavor of Bollywood to his everyday life and sees himself as an entertainer in a few years down the line.

ayush padukone- campusvibes

Currently pursuing his career in modelling, this gallant is obsessed with Deepika Padukone! Let’s take a sneak-peak into his life

1. When did you realize that this industry was your ultimate destination?

Well,’ultimate destination’, that’s a big word (giggles)… I enjoy going with the moments and I have always kept my options open, but if you ask me I would say that my final destination would be that moment of my life where I see my parents around me, in the house earned by me, sitting on a luxurious couch and watching me on T.V…. with a smile and satisfied a heart.

2. How did you convince your family with your decision? Were there any barriers?

There has to be one answer to this question, and it is my ‘Mom’. She is my bridge, she connected me to my Dad. We have seen these dreams together, you know! This is the hardest time of my life to live without her in Bombay (Mumbai). But we both are equally happy with the fact that I am moving ahead with ‘our dream’.  It would be perfect to call her “my partner in crime”. More than me. It is she who has had a bigger role in convincing my dad and the other members of the family. But it wasn’t that difficult as they already knew my ambitious mind.  But I would say, “My Dad is not that strict hence, it was neither too difficult not too easy. Even though my dad was not much convinced, but mom really helped”. MOM ROCKS!!

3. What kind of shoots have you done, which one was the most exciting one?

Well, I have done shoots for Max, Pantaloons and different blogs. All of them were exciting, but I must tell you about this last shoot that I did for Max. I personally love max because you can feel the comfort. And this time when I was shooting for it, the monsoon had just hit Mumbai and I must tell you, after every 10 seconds we had rain showers and we had to run from one part of the location to another, with all our umbrellas open and with the fear in our mind that the clothes should not get wet. The entire team comprising of the photographers, bloggers and every single individual had a crazy time. So yes, that was an adventurous shoot!!

4. What are your biggest career aspirations? Where do you see yourself few years down the line?

To be honest, I love entertainment. So, I see myself as an entertainer (if that’s the right word).

ayush padukone-campusvibes

5. Apart from the glamour and all the fun that we are aware of, what keeps you interested in this field?

Well, I am passionate about learning. In this industry, you get to learn so many things, EVERYDAY. You get to meet hundreds of people every week and socialize with them. Some get close to you while some will say ‘bye’ on your face. And believe me, it gets interesting with every passing day. So many people, so many stories, so many pictures, so many Boomerangs, and Snapchat and this and that. So, the attachment that I have with this industry is because of the people in it. So, apart from the glamour, it is the people I want to work with which is my driving force.

6. If you were to work for free for the rest of your life then would you go for it?

Why not? I think that’s very interesting. Working for free?? I’ll say yes, provided I get three things and these things would be:

  1. New clothes
  2. Free internet
  3. This would be ‘pictures’, if I get to click good pictures I am ready to work for free. So yes!

Then, I am ready to work free for all my life.

7. Usually, models are not taken much seriously when it comes to academics, what is your take on this?

Well well well! I was the head boy of my school!

If we see the Bollywood actors or the supermodels of our time… they have all come so far just because of their talent. It is because their endowment has paved the way for them. Stereotyping that the education could not take them forward, so they are in this industry is not justified. The world is changing at a rapid pace and I am glad that people have come out of the old school – doctor/engineer career kind of mentality. My take on this is that education is very important, no matter what we choose to take up further in life. Apart from the basic theories, we learn in schools and colleges, these educational institutes boost our morals and shapes our personality.

8. Is there anything regarding the education system you would want to talk about?

A lot! I want to talk a lot about this. In a country like India, it is very difficult not be a part of the rat race and create your own world. We have come to the 21st century but our mindsets are still stuck centuries behind. It is wrong. I have seen my own friends struggling and regretting it later. Personally, I believe arts and commerce are the best streams ever! Because you get to experience and explore the real world which according to me, the science stream will never give you, as all the time you would be glued to your books, research work and what not. At the end of the day, the practical knowledge is what matters.

9. Is there anything about the industry that you don’t like or would like to change?

Well, there is one thing that I have been noticing in the industry which I really appreciate and I have always wanted that change to prevail and not I quite often witness that like these plus size models walking on the ramp and rocking it.

These days at Lakme fashion week, I saw the transgenders and the acid victims walking the ramp and they totally nailed it. I loved it and that’s the change I have been looking forward to and it has happened. The idea of beauty has changed now. We used to believe that beauty is what you see from the physical appearances but the reality is different. Beauty is something that emerges from your inner self. All the transgenders, plus size models and those who are not actually models but are walking the ramp and rocking it.


YOUR ROLE MODEL & INSPIRATION IN LIFE: My father because of his hard work. My mother because of her evergreen smile and My brother because he is very caring. So, I want to be a person with all these qualities.



ONE THING THAT YOU HATE ABOUT YOURSELF: I think I need to get out of so much of social media and I need to make distance from it

MONEY, CAREER OR GOOD CHARACTER-CHOSE ONE: A Good character will give you a good career which will give you a good money!

ONE QUOTE THAT INSPIRES YOU THE MOST: Do what you love and love what you do. Follow your dreams. Do what your heart says.

So, we at Campus Vibes wish Ayush “All the very best” for his upcoming projects and hope to see him as a shining star in our Bollywood industry!

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