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“Charcha” with COGNIZANCE- A Hansraj College Society focused towards “Putting Theory into Practice”

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The most common loophole in today’s education system of India is the lack of implementation of the theoretical knowledge in the practical world. You must be wondering about what’s new in this! It’s solution. What I feel that is lacking in today’s student is the right exposure. And to help in this, Hansraj College has launched its very own chapter of “COGNIZANCE” on 28th September 2017. This initiative may prove to be groundbreaking. Being a consultancy based society, it’ll provide an exposure into consultancy at a beginner’s level by collaborating with various start-ups. This is an extremely well-measured step taken by Illyas Ahmed, President of the COGNIZANCE. With changing trends, India is undergoing a revolution. Gone are those days, when you used to get jobs by achieving those glittering GPAs. But today, companies want more from you. Theories are of no use if you can’t implement them in the practical world. Cognizance aim at providing the exposure that a college student always crave for. Going with the motto “Putting Theory into Practice”, COGNIZANCE has already won over the Hansarians. It aims to train students for roles in management consultancy industry by offering them opportunities to work on live consulting projects undertaken by its local chapters. It will basically be the road that will bridge your potential and your achievements.

When interacted with the President, we came to know a lot more about what the society is all about. This is what he had to offer:

1. What made you think that Hansraj needed Cognizance as its society?

We have societies for almost every other thing like finance, human resource, etc so why not have one for consultancy. Many companies come for recruitment, mainly consultancy firms, so this society will help students to get placed effectively in such firms and whether or not they are suited to undertake jobs in consultancy firms. They will get the basic idea about consultancy and the correct exposure which will help them facing real-life problems.

2. How do you aim to work?

We plan to reach to startups and entrepreneurs. For example, this is our first client from DTU. They have a startup and is planning to build inverters which are in their prototype stage. Lacking basic knowledge in the economics field, he won’t be able to reach out his product to the market. So this is where we step in. We collaborate with them and give the students this real-life scenario to deal with. This will surely enhance their practical skills.

3. Is this society restricted to Commerce and Arts students?

Of course not! It’s open to everyone who has an interest in consultancy sector.

4. With whom have you done partnerships to fulfill your aims and visions?

We don’t have any 3rd parties which would link us to startups or entrepreneurs. We ourselves reach out to various startups for collaboration whose number will increase in times to come.

5. How did it start? Who handles the Cognizance network?

Everything started from SRCC. They were the ones who started Cognizance in DU. And we too needed something like this in our college but we lacked the knowledge and support. And Cognizance-SRCC helped us through with it. Basically, they are our parent body but we perform autonomously under our panel of core members comprising of President, Vice-President, PR Director, Project Director and Training Director. In fact, LSR is also planning to come up with their chapter of Cognizance, but I’m not sure about it.

Cognizance summarises itself in a very simple way, that is:

Cognizance=Society+Internship Experience+Preparation for Jobs

This makes us realize the importance of such initiatives in today’s education system. Theories won’t fetch you anything unless it is incorporated in the real-life situations. In spite of an add-on, these societies must be seen as a mandatory part of our education system. We need more of this. We need more of Cognizance.

The society is in its underlying stage and focused on its recruitment these days. How about we wish the Society for the better future and they find their committed ones!

KUDOS to such initiatives!

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