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Harshita Nayyar-The girl who believes in adjusting FOCUS when life gets BLURRY to chase her dreams


“Because little Girls with Dreams, are the ones who become Women with Vision”

One such girl who captures emotions and defines the beauty of life is Harshita Nayyar. With her pictures that depict life, beauty, fashion, and travel she is a storyteller who enthralls the lives pictures with emotions and beautiful feelings. Harshita is the new age upcoming tavel photographer who with her courage and strength has turned all myths down that girls too can traveloggers a carve their names in the history of good travelogues. Campusvibes gets into a conversation with this young lady to know more about her and what motivated her to come up with this passion.

Ques1: Who is Harshita? What makes Harshita Nayyar?

Harshita is someone who lives her life with no regrets.I am someone who is creatively inclined, free-spirited, someone who truly enjoys simple joys of life. “Matlab ekdum YOLO ladki!” And this is what makes me a Mug full of creativity+1 mug carefree spirit+1 tablespoon of hippiness +salt to taste[giggles…]

Ques2: And what do you do Harshita?

I am in 3rd year of Bachelors’ in Science with majors in zoology so that’s on the education front. As far as my passion is concerned I am primarily a travel photographer though I do fashion photography too. But what matters to me is that I capture emotions which make me SMILE!

Ques3: What made you become a travel photographer?

Harshita Nayyar-campusvibes

It’s all about choices and decisions no matter whether right or wrong. We make choices and take decisions. My choices and decisions have made me what I am today. Like I made a choice and decision to join Hansraj College, I took zoology and landed into photography. Whether or not it connects with my domain that hardly matters. I wasn’t just a born photographer, I learned photography and am still learning. I was never a traveler but I became one. The story starts like this, when I was in eleventh class I went on a family trip to Sikkim where my father gifted me a Nikon point and shoot camera. That made me left my heart there only; in the mountains. And this is where the journey of capturing my heart started.

Ques4: So Harshita tell us about your Journey?And if possible would you be willing to share some memories of your travel journey with our readers?

My mom has always been the best support, maybe because she couldn’t do things which she wanted to, as dad also says. As I told that family trip became a reason to this journey. Also like a cherry on the cake, I attended the SS2015 Fashion week that gave me a glimpse how fashion world looks from inside. Then in 2015 I came to Hansraj and got into photography society. And from there my real journey took off when the President of our society, Abhinav Dudeja offered me a jewelry shoot and I was on the 100th cloud. I borrowed my friend’s camera, shot with that and finally at the end of the year I bought my own DSLR and started doing shoots. And that’s where my journey started and since then it is moving on and on.

Yes, I do have some beautiful incidents and stories to share. My first travel was to Tirthan Valley at the end of 2015. I went as a volunteer photographer with school kids for a 7-day camp. I will never forget this because I got marks of insect bites all over my body like a souvenir.
After this I traveled Spiti valley with my friend Shraddha, very less money, nothing planned we just went. It was raining heavily and we were looking for rooms completely blank and those creepy uncle pinging us one after another. Then finally with help of some locals, we found a room to stay. After that every month I started traveling with friends. We even traveled by trucks and tractors. It has always been a worth it journey. Once I went to Varanasi for an internship in travel photography and in the middle of the way to Varanasi I got a call from the coordinator that no accommodation is being provided, I was all blank and started imagining we 3 girls at the railway station at 3-4 a.m. I started looking for hostels on the internet, as it’s the safest option. But I couldn’t find any and auto drivers started creating problems. They were all asking where we wanted to go and as we were blank they got this hint that we are alone and opportunity for them, they started following us. Anyway, we just get out of the place and reached the ‘Ghat’. Enjoyed sunrise and eventually got a room just 3mins away from that ghat.

Ques5: So how’s work like and what were the challenges that you faced?

I love photostories like creating a story with photographs. I did my first photostory with my friend, shraddha kawde on overcoming the societal norms, which was titled ‘Rose against the paradigm’ because I feel this is like an outlet for my creativity. After that I made photostories on different concepts like Bipolar disorder, Smoking-feels an escape, Drag queens, Another woman- Transwomen along with a lot of travel stories. I just want to explore this visual storytelling platform more and more every day.

As far as challenges are concerned, yes there are alot of challenges that I still face every day like money, it’s the main barrier as I wouldn’t like my parents to invest for things I want to do and nor do ever ask for a penny to travel. Fashion world does not really want to pay as they just believe in free collaborations and don’t acknowledge the work of photographers. Whatever I earn from fashion shoots, event coverage I use them all for my travel. I fund my trips by myself only. Another main barrier is sexism. Boys are preferred over girls because of a plenty of issues. As there are late night shoots, outdoor shoots or whatever, there comes a responsibility of others to have a look at me as they think but I know I can take care of myself. One should see problems from a broader spectrum. Our problems are very small we just have to shift our focus and look beyond horizons.

Ques6: Any advice to the girls who wish to travel?

Harshita Nayyar-campusvibes

People will try to take advantage of you because you are a girl, so if at a point you feel you are not comfortable, just separate. Don’t take rides just because people are giving them to you, you should know where and who you are going with. And just in case you wish to get drunk always make sure that one person should always be sober if other is drunk to balance the case. Just know your destination first, don’t act new to the place. Have your plans clear. If there is no plan, be clear that you don’t have any plans. Self confidence is a must when you are traveling. And locals will always help you. Locals really never create the problem, others create.

Ques 7: If you can tell us about your achievements?

In the start of my journey, I got this opportunity to exhibit my photo essay at Lady Shri Ram College, DU. I kept on winning a lot of photography competition in DU circuit as well as at IIT Delhi.
But I have achieved much more. Due to my work, somebody got recognition. He is none other than Prateek Sachdeva, Drag queen. For the first time, he did drag openly for my photo story. And now within months, he is putting fire on the stage by performing at Kitty Su and other platforms. And to be honest, he is the best model. Before that, I did a photoshoot of Bonita, a Transwomen. And to be true, she had never looked like that, the joy inside me knew no boundaries because I was able to get to feel herself completely on the screen. I helped her to portray herself as she wanted to, just feminine.

It’s not about fighting your own identity to create one, it’s more about realization and being courageous to welcome what’s yours.


Along with that, meeting these two people respect for the LGBTQA+ community has grown in me. Prateek probably is the gay best friend that I ever had. Though I just love this community. Even I think I am bicurious, though I never had any experience.


ONE SUCCESS TIP: Try try till you succeed

ONE IMPORTANT LESSON LEARNT TILL NOW:  You are never going to get what you deserve. It’s an unfair affair. You have to let that go and work hard and you will get the recognition.


THREE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS FOR A PERSON TO HAVE IN LIFE TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS: Talent, Opportunity, and resources. Actually amalgamation of these. Because I have seen many people who have talent but don’t have the opportunities and resources.

A QUOTE THAT INSPIRES YOU THE MOST: You can’t say anything to me if you are not feeding me or financing me

MISTAKE YOU BELIEVE EVERY INDIVIDUAL MUST AVOID: Hanging out with the wrong crowd. Your social circle shapes you

ONE HABIT THAT MAKES YOU MORE PRODUCTIVE: Looking at my Instagram feed and seeing other people’s work

So that was our the lady behind filling pictures with emotions! And with this, we at Campusvibes would like to end on a note that its not the gender that matters but what matters is the fire inside you to achieve what’s meant to be yours! Don’t just let anyone dull your sparkle…!

#StayTuned for more girls who in true sense are #WOMEN_OF_SUBSTANCE

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