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If you have to play Holi, then why this style?

holi semen molestation-campusvibes
As kids, we all have spent time in getting excited about Holi and getting down because you have exams in the middle of the Holi. Those were the days when we used to surrender ourselves to people with  loaded Pichkari and balloons.

As adults, we stir our emotions into it. Holi is the festival which brings out that lost kid in us. Excitement of some girls get murdered by the molesters prevailed in our society. Girls get retired pretty early after seeing the nakedness of the society and then they turn into a spectator from the balcony. Anita 13-year-old shared a horrible incident when she ran to Park with her Pichkari a group of boys came to her smeared her face with Gulaal she was happy until the hands get down and groped her breast and they all shouted Bura Na Mano Holi Hai.
One of the personal incidents came to my mind Like always, I was fully prepared with my hands holding a polybag filled with colorful balloons however I was not aware of the beasts waiting in the park for their next Prey. As soon as I an entered I was surrounded and an alienated group of boys, they aimed Pichkari specifically on my breast. One of them came near and crushed my breast pretend like nothing happened. After that even after so many years.I couldn’t make myself allow for the vibe. I still am not able to dive into that riot of colors and drench into the fervor.

I still try to recollect strength and depth to go outward and engage with people like others do. Well, All I can hear on Holi is Bura Na Mano Holi Hai! Really? Bura manenge!!.
The festival of colors seems zero colorful to the girls who get grope by breast and informal paws between their legs. The detestable incident in SRCC took place when a girl was hit by a balloon filled with semen. Such episode leads bizarre in the name of festivals. Holi can’t be an excuse to perform such disgusting actions. Most of the people find Holi a way to molest women.  Most of victim experience obscenity of people.

Holi makes me questions about “What is ENJOYMENT?” according to men. The uninvited hands near our heart seeking pleasure in the form of enjoyment most of the girls who get such repugnant encounter never get back to celebrate such festival again. As a part of this country, we all want to celebrate such festival without molestation.
Ji haan! hum bilkul bura manenge! If you too have an incident to share. Feel free to email us at and raise the voice!

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