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Hola! IIM Bangalore launches a new program for young emerging leaders

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The current semester is almost about to get over and we are busy sketching out our future and pondering on where we would be in the next 10 years. Young India is under a constant pressure of doing the best and being the best. I guess, keeping this in mind, the Indian Institute of Managment at Bangalore (IIM – B) has launched a new programme, the General Management Programme for Young Leaders (YLP) to impart holistic management education.

Wondering what this new programme aims at, then its time for you to know that the young leaders who possess 3-5 years of experience are the target groups. It also vows to benefit first generation entrepreneurs without any managerial experience. Learning via selected Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in consonance with classroom education is where they focus.

High quality education provided by MOOCS can be a significant factor in opening doors to opportunity even among the college – educated

The programme Director and faculty from the Finance & Accounting Area at IIMB Professor MS Narasimhan is of the view that in the field of management courses and studies, this new programme is capable of structuring a strong base and shall foster confidence in the young minds thereby helping them to deal with tough problems. Due to the privilege that the institute has in being remotely associated and the smooth interaction with various industries over the last few decades, IIMB hence aims to address this issue by launching this programme for the young leaders today.

Interestingly, these courses will be taught via the online mode and per course at least a one-day will be provided by the faculty of IIMB. Though the MOOC has its own set of advantages but substituting it completely with the sessions in class is still a thought that demands attention. The new programme hence plans to provide the students with a blend of both learning experiences for the best outcome.

10 management core courses are decided for this programme which provides a holistic view of management and they are bifurcated into two modules namely:

  1. Foundations for Management: Business and economics, organization design for creating competitive advantage, business communication, business statistics, and analytics, accounting for decision making.2) Functional Management: Operations management, marketing management, corporate finance, people management, strategic management

The programme will be offered through blended format leveraging technology. Talking about the basic concepts, it will be delivered via the MOOCs and the engagement in the classroom will be solely for case discussions, management games, role plays, etc.

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