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What! India still executes “Untouchability” amongst students in 21st century?

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We have heard about untouchability so many times. From Mahatma Gandhi’s prayers to Dr. Ambedkar’s reality. Untouchability seemed a far away reality until I came across an Article online, by a popular newspaper, Indian Express. This newspaper stated that how Dalit students were made to sit separately during Prime minister’s Charcha, in a government school of Himachal Pradesh.

When I read this news, I felt heartbroken. I have grown up reading about Dr. Ambedkar’s and Gandhi’s struggle towards the independence of India. Moreover, the struggle towards eradication of untouchability. Untouchability is a topic that has been discussed a thousand times and discussed a Zillion times, over and over again. I didn’t want to write another piece with another sad narration.

I just wanted to point out that we are living in the 21st century. A century of technological advancement, a century of progressive thinking, a century of intelligent minds. Still, our thinking and our mindset have not progressed a bit.

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“.In a complaint to Kullu Deputy Commissioner Yunus on Friday evening, some of the students alleged that a teacher, Mehar Chand, told them to sit outside the room where the television had been set up. “Dalit students were made to sit in a place used for keeping horses,” they said, adding that they were warned not to leave midway through the programme” as Quoted directly from the newspaper, Indian Express, I really want to comment that how Untouchability is still a serious issue in the rural  areas of our country.

Untouchability is one of the reasons why India is still known as a country, which is developing. The educated youth is known to be intelligent and rational. Untouchability still seems like an issue to talk about.

I don’t know when would our country grow into a superpower, but I really want my country to sensible enough to do away with this concept of untouchability.

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