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‘This isn’t college’: Tucker schools reprimanded young journalist on the ‘complicated matter’ of police violence and racism

Date: 26th July, 2017 (Happenned on 15th)

Place: Tucker Carlson, advised, a liberal journalist to open up her mind and remember she was not in college as the two debated over the topic of police violence and racism.


During Friday’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, Celisa Calacal was questioned by the Fox News host about her piece published in Salon titled,

“America is suffering from a plague of deadly, unaccountable and racist police violence.”

Asking how she concluded that the police as a group is racist and violent. The young lady took her stand by clarifying that she never tagged them as racists, but the argument in her piece was based on statistics that allegedly represent a large number of people who are killed by police each year who are unarmed and do not possess any threat to officers. Further, Carlson stated,

“This is complicated stuff and to dismiss it, as your piece did, as racist without proving that seems unfair and not really like journalism.”

Nothing statistics in her statement, Calacal replied that the number of people killed by the police is disproportionately the black and brown people and the black people are three times more likely to be killed than the white people.

Carlson made sure to convey the writer that the issue they were deliberating on was a “complex matter” He also mentioned that she tried to oversimplify it by accusing of racism, adding that crime rates in minority-populated communities tend to be higher, which possibly could be a factor in the statistics.

This time, even he put forward a research study citing that “the odds of a black suspect being killed by a black officer were consistently greater than those killed by white officers.” Further, he added that it didn’t prove anything and she made racism sound very simple even though it was not. He questioned her, “If a black suspect is more likely to be shot by a black cop, then what does that tell us about racism?”

She enunciated that “We have to look at the system and not the individual police officers that are killing these people,” claiming that during their training session, police officers are “taught to go for violence first”. “If a black suspect is more likely to be shot by a black cop, then what does that tell us about racism?”

He put forward a very important query that if all cops are being lessened to become racists then why are black cops more likely to kill black suspects to which Calacal seemed to give an ambiguous answer.

He warned her that her charges of racism without any evidence were a big deal and it instigates fear and hatred within the people, thereby making our society unhappy and sowing the seeds of distrust.

And again Calacal turned towards the statistics to which Tucker interrogated that if black cops are more likely to shoot black suspects than white cops then how would that fit into her neat, little racism package?” he pressed when Calacal returned to citing her statistics.

“I just want you to open your mind a little bit,” he said, “This isn’t college. And just like, look at the facts and then draw your conclusions from those and sometimes you reach a point when you’re like ‘I’m not exactly sure what’s going on, but it’s not as simple as my professors told me it was.’ That’s all I’m hoping you’ll conclude.”


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