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A quintessential guy who believes in making the world a better place for others to live in. A boy who prioritizes not just in self – accomplishment of goals but also aims to extend a helping hand to those who dream and are willing to put in efforts to convert their dreams into reality.  Here is the journey of this young philanthropist on CampusVibes.

1. You are a teenage boy and you have decided to shoulder a great responsibility. We would like to know your story. Please share it with us.

My name is Jay Jaganaath and I’m a student of class XII. In recent times, I have started a crowdfunding campaign to help fund the education of three girls Rupa, Naseema, and Sakshi. This responsibility stems from my association with Bagiya, an NGO under the Sanshil Foundation. At Bagiya, I worked as a volunteer teacher and made a short film documenting the success stories that occurred at Bagiya. Throughout my association, I came across the fact that Bagiya needed greater funding for providing its children with the tools to obtain a better future. Funding was hard to come by through individual donations, as the price to take care of one child’s school education, food, clothing, and college education often was often too much for just 1 person to bear. I researched quite a bit, looking around for ways in which people could give small individual contributions that could add up to provide towards a huge effort for one child. The perfect solution for this lay in crowdfunding, a form of investing where hundred, if not thousands, of contributors gave relatively small amounts (500, 1000) towards the betterment of the cause that they support. As all the money was gathered in one spot, It was easier to concentrate on many small efforts into a huge powerful effort. Hence, in order to place this plan in action, I created a crowdfunding campaign on desiredwings.com revolving around 3 girls, Rupa, Naseema and Sakshi, who were at pivotal moments in their lives and desperately needed the funds to cross their hurdles, else they would fall back.

Jay Jaganaath-campusvibes

2. What acted as a driving force for you to take up this noble initiative because students of your age prefer to enjoy life rather than taking up social work?

It is true that many students in my age would only devote their lives to study or leisure. However, I chose to take up this social initiative because I believe that people should get an equal opportunity towards achieving their goals. While my friends and I constantly worry about getting into a good college, some people out there don’t even have the opportunity to even dare to dream about a thing such as a college. I further believe that it is the duty of the ‘haves’ to make a meaningful attempt towards uplifting the ‘have-nots’ up to a respectable position. This is the precise reason why I started this campaign so that my campaign would be a ‘meaningful attempt’ towards their upliftment.

3. Why did you solely choose to take the accountability for three girls?

 That is quite an interesting question. I chose to solely take the accountability for these three so that I could see the campaign through to success. If I just donated a small sum of money to the campaign and rid myself of any further involvement, it would be easier for me in terms of effort and commitment, however, it would be irresponsible of me to do as it wouldn’t make my attempt a meaningful attempt at all. Hence, my involvement in the campaign is a way in which I can fulfill my goal of making a meaningful attempt towards their upliftment.

4. How do you plan to make this initiative successful?

As the crowdfunding campaign is a campaign geared towards obtaining funds, it must be treated like a full-scale market campaign. Hence, I wish to popularize my campaign by using social media tools such as Crescendo Campaigns in order to widen my reach and make more potential contributors aware of my campaign. Adding to that, I am working towards creating multiple different types of online content that works to further humanize the campaign and establish the girls as living, breathing people. This allows people to generate a better emotional connection with the campaign and also establishes a form of transparency in the campaign, letting the contributors know of the benefit that their funds would actually have.

5.You have even filmed a documentary. Please tell us about it?

A few years back, I was asked to document the success stories of two young adults who had come to Bagiya and been subsequently uplifted towards pursuing their dreams. Their names were Rahul and Rupali and they aspired to become a programmer and a lawyer respectively. Through interviewing them and learning about their story, I was also further exposed to the kind of work that Bagiya does in uplifting people and making them into productive members of the community.

6. At a very tender age, you have taken a huge decision. We are sure you will succeed. We would like to hear from you…your message to the children out there who wish to bring a change in the world.

My message to children out there is that if they wish to make a change in the world, they should start immediately. However, if they do choose to involve their time and efforts, they should make a whole-hearted effort towards it, as only a half-hearted, superficial attempt will not have had a profound effect in the longer run.
This was Jay for you my dear readers. We at CampusVibes wish Jay all the best for his future endeavors.

#Staytuned for more heroic stories of students around the world who are doing a commendable piece of work in terms of contributing towards the society. 

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