8 Reasons Why Having a LEO male BEST FRIEND is the best thing ever!

Leo friends

 Yes, LEOs make the best-est of friends in life. As fire is their sign, Leos are very high on energy and self-confidence. It is even harder to miss out a Leo friend. Warm, enthusiastic, gregarious – if you have a male Leo friend then will probably be on the top of his world. He will be dignified and strong, with an aura of power around him.Leos are loud, proud, and they are pretty much the best friend you could ever hope for. Take it from a Leo, they KNOW they are the best and they are not afraid to say it (ironic cockiness…).

Here are 8 ways to say “thank you” to Leo in your life. Happy birthday, fellow lions!

1.They Do Care

Leos are the type of friends that will invite you over, take you out for drinks, help you flirt, encourage that you go just a little too hard, but then still carry you home safely, manage you well with your stuff and then tuck you in with a glass of water waiting next to you in the morning.

2. They have a Heart of Gold

leo friends

They are the most adorable, loyal and sweetest of all. If you ever get stuck in a messy or a controversial situation, feel free to call your LEO friend, because he will never give you a wrong advice. Although they talk a lot about themselves and will chatter your ears whenever they get an opportunity, but when it comes to standing by your side they will be the first one to do so.


3. They bring life to a Party

If you want your party to be hard hitting and rocking, do not miss out to invite your LEO friend. They will not only add that spark but will make everyone around enjoy the party to the fullest. They’ll tell jokes, play, do impersonations, and do everything to bring life to your boring party. Ruled by the planet sun, they are super energetic and enthusiastic.

4. They never break their Promise

Once committed, they don’t go back on their words. Just like Lion, the king of the jungle stands for what he commits, in the same way, LEO males, make sure they live their words under any situation and this what makes them “Man of their words”

5. They will always be there

Hell hath no wrath like a Leo whose friend is in danger. Loyalty doesn’t even BEGIN to explain the depth of their relationships with those they care for. No matter what, thick or thin, Hell or high water, Leos will ALWAYS be there with an arm outstretched.

If someone tries to confront a friend or family member of a Leo, you can bet they’ll step in before you can even blink. And they’ll roar. Even if their friend is “in the wrong,” they’ll defend them. They just don’t take personal relationships lightly, so when they commit, they commit.

6. They will push you out of your COMFORT ZONE

In short, they are mentors and guides in form of friends. They are free spirits, they love to explore but only with their besties and all because of their action oriented approach. They are the kind of people who don’t want to enjoy the ride ALONE. They are the ones, who will push you hard to come out of your comfort zone and be the NEW U.

7. They can be stubborn at times, but when they are wrong they don’t feel afraid to tell you what they think

Their extremely loyal, sincere and candid approach towards their near ones is what makes them the true Lion and true mate too. They would make an effort to end a fight rather hold a grudge. Once they realize that the fight they are indulging into is a useless one, they will put their foot down and end it up gracefully and that is because they value their relationship more than being just right.

8.Last but not the least, they make you look less obnoxious

Leos tend to be the fiercest, most authoritative of all the zodiac signs, usually making them the center of attention.

If you need a friend to make an embarrassing phone call, announce something to the public or inconveniently ask a random to take a picture of your group of friends, you can count on the Leo to risk embarrassment in exchange for what your group wants.

So all in all, Leos love hard. They don’t just like you, they don’t just appreciate you, they value you. LEOS want to hear everything about you — your life story, your dreams, your passions — and they want to help you achieve happiness. Once you have LEOs as a friend, you’ve made a friend for life. They might be stubborn, and that stubbornness also manifests in the desire to keep friends close. They’re the person to remember your birthday, or your favorite color, or favorite childhood candy.

 Leos don’t judge, they love. And what’s better than that?

So, if you have a LEO friend, go embrace them and make every effort to not let them go!



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