MOM movie review: Sridevi’s acting left no stone un-turned to make this movie outshine

MOM!! The best three letter word in the world. No matter where you go or how old you are, you always remain a child for her. The only person who loves you unconditionally and shares this bond of telepathy with you.Remember the times when you used to return home from school wasn’t she the first person that you would search for as soon as you entered the house?  Yes, we all love our mom and each one of us shares a unique bond with her and so we all have a story. Don’t we?

Well, I am here to share with you a story today about MOM! Yes, you are right, I am talking about the Sridevi starer MOM. I am pretty sure most of you haven’t seen the film because it is not a film genre that many people would like to watch. Movies that carry a social message are never looked upon with much of a significance in our country. And you do agree to it. Well coming back to MOM, this movie is a MUST watch. Guys I really want to speak a lot about it but if I do that, it will be a spoiler. So, just keeping things intact let me tell you that it has been packaged brilliantly!

The story depicts the relationship between Sridevi and Arya(her elder step daughter) who does not accept the former as her mom. Throughout the movie, she does not acknowledge her as her mom despite numerous attempts she makes. She goes through an emotional turmoil which can only be felt. The movie kick-starts with Arya seeking permission from her parents for a late night party and ends up having an argument with them. Finally, she is allowed to go and this birdie feels free. After she decides to leave the party, she is kidnapped. Believe me guys, the music, and the cinematography during this entire scene will make your heart pound louder than ever. Your brain would engulf you with all the negative thoughts while your heart would just hope that it doesn’t turn out to be what you are thinking. This scene will remind you of the Nirbhaya rape case that had happened a few years ago. It still sends chills down the spine. Nirbhaya rape case is all that you would be reminded of.

On the other hand, it shows mom who gets worried just like a child who feels lost in the crowd. The pain is so evident on Sridevi’s  face that it becomes really difficult to maintain a strong exterior. It is at this point that you begin to construe her feelings as an honest emotion rather than the protagonist simply playing the character.Here is a surprise package as Akshay Khanna is the leading investigation officer of this case. The way things happen in our country, the cinema has reflected the same. The accused were set free after the hearing. In a country like India, a rapist can be set free so easily while the victim gets the punishment to live her life with the pain. The entire scene has been so beautifully played by all the characters that you feel you are right there witnessing every single move.

Further, when even the police and the court failed to deliver justice, she turns to the man whom she met earlier and this guy is none other than Nawazuddin Siddiqui (This is not a spoiler guys) who helps her.Eventually, she takes revenge one by one which is worth watching. This story reaches a new level altogether from this point. It is full of so many twists and turns that it would be unfair on my part to divulge. However, I still feel that the climax could have been more gripping making the movie end on a predictable note.

This film has successfully portrayed the different shades that a woman holds within herself as a mother. She is weak, she is tactful, she is strong, she is protective and yes she is a bundle of perfection! However, it has left me pondering over the situation about the victims and the guilty in our country.  Should we rely on the law to seek justice (which does not come with an expiry date) or should we take the law in our hands and seek revenge???

What do you think?

Without revealing much, all I would say is that if you could waste your time and money watching movies like Besharam, Shaandar,  Raabta, OK Jaanu and the latest one TUBELIGHT (Okay!!I won’t make you feel bad about it because I saw it First Day First Show), then please do take out some time and be a part of a MOM’s life.

Go for it dear reader MOM won’t disappoint you! You can count on me for that!!

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