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“Queer Acceptance in this Heterosexual World”, a story of a DU boy

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“The problem with labels is that they lead to stereotypes and stereotypes lead to generalizations and generalizations lead to assumptions and assumptions lead back to stereotypes. It’s a vicious cycle, and after you go around and around a bunch of times you end up believing that all vegans only eat cabbage and all gay people love musicals.” – Ellen DeGeneres

A generalized binary system where only men and women exist, assumptions that everyone should be heterosexual and stereotypes that what they are doing is all good and others are out of the league.
The most prestigious or the most hyped university of India, the University of Delhi where people say and believe that it’s an open space for voice and expression. Where skill and holistic development is the focus area more than the academic development. Where right has voices and wrong too, maybe against. From student welfare to internal complaints to equal opportunity cell everything co-exists to support the warriors in this University who are fighting for themselves against stigma; the stigma of being a minority, the stigma of being a person with disability or stigma of being a woman. But does it really work?
(Sigh!) May be!

On another side of the mirror stays a reflection, reflection of the world outside to show the world within. Is it the same?

Same as mirror images? Or just a mirage?
(Somebody appears in the reflection!)
What’s his identity? Who’s he?
Looks like a boy, acts feminine. You are weird!
Similar is with you for me.( Reflection responds)
I am a complete man as others, fit into the culture, and practices made by society. But you exist nowhere.
I am queer, somewhat like you, but different. Different because I don’t follow the heteronormative society. I don’t fit in your society because I am fluid, like water.
So you are like a pendulum? You don’t have any existence, stay on either of the peaks and your inertia will get low.

I can’t. I like to dangle! Dangle between the possibilities. I am a rainbow.
Full of colors. Black and White don’t excite me. possibilities, my range.
A range of colors, intermixed and interwoven.
A rainbow of dreams, of hopes, of positivity, and morality!
Hopes that one day I’ll appear not under the umbrella of clouds.
Positivity that I am not a point mutation but a part of constant evolution like you.
Morality that I dangle because I want to.
“Unicorns are my love,
Patient like dove.
Chocolates excite me,
Sports are the old me.
Creative is my field,
Protected in the shield.
Love don’t scare me,
Because this society can’t bare me
This society continues like greyhound,
Because I was never found,
Never found and never bound,
Bound to stereotypes,
Or the pre considered hypes.
Never found in the generalization,
Because I was never in consideration.
I want to fly, I want to swim, I want to be myself,
Will you? will you, let me love myself?
I am not a demon,
Don’t scare me like a lemon.
I am not a ghost,
Who will make a bread to toast.
I am you and you are me,
The radial me,
Not the despicable me.

#Stay_tuned for more stuff from Arpit Bhalla. This will soon be followed by a photo-story on the same.

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Arpit bhalla

I am a student of Hansraj college doing my bachelor's in science with honours in zoology . I am an entrepreneur, blog writer , photographer , artist , model , stylist , event manager and a social activist .

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