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Review: “What the Folks” A perfect “Dramedy” on digital media is a MUST WATCH to tickle your funny bone

Hey, Folks! Here we are back again to share with you this time a review of a web-series WTF!

Yes! You are absolutely correct. It means “What the Folks”.

Before you make up your mind and decide if you should read further, I will give you a tip –  Go Ahead!!

If you have a boring evening and have nothing on your mind then my dear buddy this is for you.

Well, this web-series is a combination of “dramedy”! I love this genre and it perfectly describes this series. This series has given a glimpse of what actually happens when the daughter -in-law comes to the husband’s house for the first time but with a twist in the tale.  The twist here is that the roles are reversed!

Hahaha!! Even today, the thought of visiting the relatives of the significant other sends chills down our spine let alone facing the reality of spending a few days at their place without your better half.

This craziness of “the mad house” is all about a guy Nikhil who is married to his beau but has moved in with his in-laws due to professional pressure. The uneasy and bitter-sweet interactions create humorous situations which will tickle your funny bone. Amazing isn’t it? If still you are not convinced to be a witness to this crazy ride then here are the reasons:

  1. The gender roles are reversed.

    As we have seen, the girl has to face all the praises and tantrums that are thrown at her when she sets her foot at her new place.  Not only that, she also ends up getting stuck between her in-laws and her husband during a spat. So, wouldn’t it be interesting this time to see how a man handles this pressure and awkwardness???

  2. Here’s your HAPPY HOUR 😉

    If you have forcibly been an audience of the conventional saas-bahu drama, the never ending perfect qualities of a good bahu that keeps pouring out of the lead’s character every single episode and apparently happens to hijack your television all day long leaving no room for you to binge on something interesting then what are you waiting for??? Switch on to Youtube and enjoy your happy hour. 🙂

  3. Yes Long distance relationship does work

    For the people who do not believe in the charm of Long Distance Relationship, Nikhil and his wife Anita effortlessly prove you wrong. Though they are far and are different from each other in every aspect, they seem perfect for each other!!

  4. A good star cast

    Well, known stars of the industry like Vipin Sharma of  Taare Zameen Par and Deepika Amin who was seen  Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya, play the in -laws respectively.The other key cast includes Eisha Chopra and Anula Navlekar, who play Nikhil’s beau and sister-in-law respectively.

  5. Honestly and Relatability of an argument

    If you have ever been a part of or a contributor to the irrelevant dining table conversations and have realized that the smooth conversation ends up being on the edge of an argument and gradually the dialogues would be on the basis of stereotypes then you will surely be able to relate to it.

  6. No vicious circle of relatives

    The best thing about this series is that it is not made up. There is no perfect bahu, no conspiring vamp, no nagging mother-in law. There is just honesty and you will be happy at the end of your 30 minutes.

  7. A true picture of Indian families

    Neither Anita nor Akshata happen to be the flawless sanskaari beti. Anita, on one hand, is capable enough to handle issues even though she is far away while Akshata happens to be a tomboy who is simply in search of an escape route to get away from the orthodox mindset of her family. In spite of these harsh realities, the best thing is that they love each other. They might have issues but they ensure it stays within the boundaries of their family.

Even after so many reasons if you decide not to watch it then let me tell you it ends up being a smooth watch for the audience with no forced humor and a story line that happens to pass at a gentle pace. Do be a part of this 5 episode series and don’t forget to leave your comments in the section below!!!

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