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Saransh Bisht: The guy behind setting up the Human Rights Chapter in his college

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We at Campus Vibes are back with another star to light up your week.

A new day, a new beginning, new challenges, and new difficulties. Some days, we defeat our challenges and on the other days challenges defeat us. Sometimes we stand strong in the test of times for ourselves and sometimes we take a stand for others. Doesn’t it feel good when you decide to be a support for someone or when you initiate a process for the betterment of somebody else? Certainly, it does! Our STAR of the week is a perfect example of the statement above. We have Saransh Bisht for the week ahead who has set up the Human Rights Chapter in his college. To get to know his side of the story, you will have to read further.

So tell us about your journey of being a successful philanthropist and what’s the story behind your success?
 It doesn’t need much to become a philanthropist honestly. But somehow this desire to do something for the society evoked in me when I was a child. I remember seeing a leper begging for help beside the hospital gates, one day. I was so shaken by her misery. I wished to do something for her but my confusion and cowardliness engulfed me. I sniveled that whole night.Saransh bisht-campusvibes
Since then, every day I used to pledge to do something more than just feel sorrow for the needy. When I grew older I started to realize it ain’t difficult to contribute to the society. Just a little effort can make a difference.
Every step I took made me reach closer to the experience of love. After all, it’s always been about attempts to find outlets for the love I want to give.
What was the most challenging part of your journey being a philanthropist and how did you overcome that?
I think the most challenging part of my journey has been acceptance. My parents were never supportive of me choosing unconventional paths. They have a different perception about a social worker- someone who is an outcast.
The people always look at you as a dreamer who is stupid enough to waste his life for others. This pessimism had some influence over me initially.
The haze was temporary though. Once I started working towards my goal I realized how wrong everyone was. I am driven by my faith and optimism. I don’t give much thought to the outcomes now.
From where you got the inspiration to start the human rights chapter?

saransh bisht-campusvibes

I realized sooner that awareness is an essential tool to make a difference in the society. In order to empower people, it is necessary to disseminate information regarding their rights which are already conserved by law. It is with this aim that human rights chapter was founded. The youth had to be sensitized about human rights.
I looked out for any society which served this purpose. None of them did. So I thought of initiating the process of establishing a society which does.
Tell us about your life.  How it has been and what problems you have faced?
My life has been tumultuous. I have always been a rebel and stood up against the injustices and the prejudices. Since childhood, I had always loved to go against the wishes of my parents, always questioning the unequal treatment meted out in our society. I guess it is one of the things which pushes me to break the norms predominant in our society.
I took humanities, quite opposite of what they had expected. That was a very crucial decision of my life. Since then, the fight has been with the society instead. It takes time to break the norms. It’s been one of the biggest challenges I have faced. In order to help people, you need to demystify them which is a challenging thing. I have struggled accepting my identity which I realized is a crucial thing. Resistance has been the biggest motivator in my life. Expectations of support have always been low. It is difficult to eradicate the orthodoxy. But nonetheless, I am quite habitual of rowing against the current.
What are your future plans?
I am fixated on being a human rights activist/advocate. I plan to establish a social startup of my own. Let’s see where it goes. I can only see myself as a humanitarian. I don’t know anything else.
Any advice that you wish to give to other college students?
 Saransh Bisht-campusvibes
I would advise my juniors to not strive for materialistic substances. If you are drive and ambition, others will follow. In the course of life, you will realize the importance of love in life. Never think ill of love. It is the one thing that drives every other ambition.
What three qualities an individual must have to achieve success?
 Well, I guess passion, perspiration, and humility are the building blocks of any successful career. Passion and Perspiration are inseparable qualities though. One can’t exist without the other.

ONE SUCCESS TIP:  “In the world full of cowards strive to stand out”
ONE MISTAKE YOU BELIEVE EVERY INDIVIDUAL MUST AVOID:”I guess one must never be governed by orthodox opinions”
ONE MOST IMPORTANT LESSON YOU HAVE: “The present is the only thing that matters”
SHARE ANY ONE HABIT THAT MAKES YOU MORE PRODUCTIVE: “I guess the habit of reading is the most useful habit you can ever acquire”
ONE HABIT WHICH YOU WISH TO CHANGE IN YOURSELF: “Sometimes I lose out on things owing to my lethargy. I wish to change that.”
A QUOTE THAT INSPIRES YOU THE MOST: “Do good anyway”- Mother Teresa
So, that was Saransh Bisht as the #star_of_the_week with campusvibes who is leaving no stone unturned in healing the world and making it a better place to live.

If you too know someone who has bring about a change or has done something credible, share the story with us on

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