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Subhadeep Chakraborty – Failure is what make dreams grow!


Subhadeep , as an entrepreneur is the best example of following your passion by making your head, heart and hands work in the same direction and not letting criticism take over your strength. Subhadeep Chakraborty, started his venture when he was in 11th standard. That’s an age when most of us are just figuring out career paths for ourselves, baffled and obfuscated the tendency to fail in figuring out our goals and the starting points to success.

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CampusVibes, speaks with Subhadeep Chakraborty to know as to what dared him to come with  STUDIO15 at such an early age.

So Subhadeep, tell us something about STUDIO15 and the story behind it?

Founded on 25th August, 2013, STUDIO15 is a Google Inc. verified broadcasting and media presentation house based in Kolkata. It’s been up and running for more than 3 years now. We have been associated with approximately 150 projects and events along with an outsourced list of projects worth Rs.15 lakhs all across the globe. Added, this year we had our pilot event named “ARTSCAPEV1.3” with a footfall of 1500 people. The idea behind STUDIO15 was not just telling but showing people around that “Failure is the stepping stones to success”.

I have always been an average student throughout my schooling and education, and the only inspiration behind STUDIO15 was failure. Imagine a student; from a simple background who has always been considered JUST AVERAGE, FAILURE was just another term, nothing to be scared of. And this gut of not letting fear of failure overpower you made STUDIO15 what it is today. My childhood failures and drawbacks as a student polished me as a person and made me a FEARLESS personality.

What are the key features of STUDIO15 and its revenue model?

[…smiles] A fundamental purpose which is common to most art forms is the underlying potential to appeal and connect with human emotion and because of this ART FORMS are considered pure and sparkling. This is where STUDIO15 has been placed, STUDIO15 is known for promoting independent form of art in every genre, which is also it’s key feature and USP. It was after the success of my debut short film- ONTORDIPON which got through many prestigious nominations and screening across the state, we realized that digital is the key to go about it. And it is because of this, we created our own channel and as a result, now we are a part of more than 250+ short film projects. Our revenue model is as simple as it looks. We earn via subscriptions, commerce and retail, advertising and usage fees.

What is the current traction of STUDIO15(in terms of users, app downloads, visitors)?

Presently we have more than 150+ clients from the event management industry and considering the ones that come as projects like short films etc – we have more than 250+clients all over globe and the number is increasing on daily basis.

Subhadeep, FUNDING is the new genre in the startup world, what are your takes on it ?

I don’t think funding is the only step to achieve success in media initiatives, especially like the ones we have undertaken. However, whatever is happening in the ecosystem some way or the other does play a role in making one think about it at least once but then it hardly changes an individual’s perspective towards decisions that hardly matter. What matters the most is the current scenario in the business and not the funds with which it was started. But yes, anxiety and excitement is always there to make a mark for ourselves and give shape to our initiatives.

What were the most challenging parts of STUDIO15 and how did you overcome them?

Yes challenges, how can we forget them. Challenges, obstacles, failures is what a makes dreams grow. Three most difficult challenges that we faced were: First was to educate people about the need for creating a genre of their own, second was to create something interesting , new and creative via videos that has not been done before and the third was to make people believe in us and our potential. Scenarios however, have changed but what matters to us and our team is to keep chasing our dream with the same passion.

3 years down the line, where do you see STUDIO15?

STUDIO15 will be a platform of utmost utility where dreams and passion will turn into reality. In next 3 years, STUDIO15 will be the first broadcasting media and production house to that will empower the genre of individualism and restore such art with its originality and essence.

Any advice that you wish to  give to the new emerging startups?

I started working on this from class11th. And till date, the rise in my start-up has only been because of one thing in my mind and that was to keep reminding myself, “Never underestimate oneself”. There will be times when people who are not even a part of your journey will judge you and your work without knowing the fact that your passion, your zeal to make your beloved successful is far more in magnitude as compared to their judgement. Let that warm blood keep reminding you that what you can do, no one else around can do”. Also as an individual one should never forget these three most important traits: HARD-WORK, PATIENCE and SELF-BELIEF, as they can easily help you decide your fate.


ONE SUCCESS TIP: Self Belief is important, but on the contrary excess of everything is deceptive

ONE MISTAKE YOU BELIEVE EVERY INDIVIDUAL MUST AVOID: Too much over- confidence destroys the urge of doing good. CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE that over confidence

ONE MOST IMPORTANT LESSON THAT YOU HAVE LEARNT TILL NOW: There always has to be a good balance between self-belief, self-estimation and the urge of learning

SHARE ANY ONE HABIT WHICH YOU THINK MAKES YOU MORE PRODUCTIVE: Working all day and all night long is what has made me more productive


A QUOTE THAT INSPIRES YOU THE MOST: Your inner voice is the voice of divinity. To hear it, we need to be in solitude, even in crowded places. – A.R. Rahman

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