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Technology has no age bar proves Hitarth, a 14year old tech geek and entrepreneur!

hitarth sheth

Stop following Trends, Start following your Heart and you will never fail”

All we could think of doing when we were 14 years old was Playing, sleeping, studying, completing homework and yes figuring out silly excuses to escape the scolding at school. Times have changed, India has gone digital and so has the new generation or the rather the Digital tech generation. This 14 year old student turned entrepreneur is changing the world of apps. Hitarth Sheth,( Founder, Creative Inc.) is a student turned coder turned entrepreneur who founded Creative Inc.  in November 2014.

Our conversation with this young kid will not only make you realise the potential behind this young brain but, will also make you believe in the fact that technology has no age bar. Hitarth, an inspiration for all of us here, has till date designed 6 apps, runs a firm name CREATIVE INC. So here we present a conversation with this super amazing cute little coder, which will leave you in amazement.

So Hitarth, tell us something about CREATIVE INC. and the story behind it?

Founded in November 2014 by Hitarth Sheth, Creative is a Technology company. Till date we have made more than 10 apps and products, including Diabetes Doctor – an app to check Diabetes Symptoms. We have recently launched a new website: Appo ( Appo is currently in beta version but it will be made public soon. With Appo, one can easily create ones own  professional, material designed app for free.The generated app will also have an option to sell  products within the same app in short promoting im-app purchases. It has been made after a lot of research and survey. The main aim of it is to bring Indian small Indian business owners online and making India Go Digital.

I firmly believe that it’s high time we orient ourselves towards being Digital. I realised this at the age of 6, when I was given a computer to use. I got so excited and amazed with this new toy, that knowing it more and making it my new best friend was the only motto of my life. It’s just that, it had those magnificent attractive powers that just couldn’t stop me from getting closer to it.In short, I was madly in love with computers(laughs). My journey of entrepreneurship started when I was 11. In my initial days, I started by making educational videos for my class; going forward I started learning app development. It was only after my grandfather’s death, who was a diabetic patient that made me launch Diabeter Doctor App.

What are the key features of the Apps that you have build and its revenue model?

So basically, research says that India has the highest number of diabetics all across the world. Almost 1 in 3 diabetics don’t even know that have diabetes. Diabetes Doctor app is an initiative for those who have no time to visit a doctor and get themselves diagnosed. With this app, we wanted to make people aware of their own body and check if they are diabetes positive or not. And yes all by just installing an app, at a click of a button. Our aim is to reduce the number of patients that die out of diabetes or delay in its treatment. Diabetes Doctor app is built using Artifical Intelligence that generates results after giving correct answers to a specific set of questions. Diabetes Doctor is a first of its kind app that helps check diabetes symptoms and gives accurate results.

Our other newly launched product Appo has a material designed layout with dashboard which can be used by anyone, by anyone we mean any non-technical person can also use it easily. Henceforth no coding required. There are other app makers too but Appo is specially made for Indians. They can even build apps in their regional languages. Apps will be developed instantly and can be published on Play Store instantly. We are also providing a free service to send push notifications to their app users.

appo hitarth

Now, coming over to the revenue part, for that we have paid plans that include analytics, options to sell products and by means of running advertisements. For the native ads that we will build no ads will be showcased as we strictly follow the policy of making the user experience smooth and simple.

Gosh, you talk so technical. How has this digital life been so far ?

I remember I was in my second year when I made a movie using a movie maker under my father’s guidance and mentor-ship. It was really interesting and by the time I moved to third grade I had already learnt basics like MS Word, PowerPoint etc. Post which when I was 11, I did a certification in Professional video editing and professional 2D animation course.

So altogether, the journey has been digitally exciting (….laughs), my love for technology came out by developing apps, videos and games. My teachers initially thought that it was impossible, but only after the REMIND ME app that I made for my for my classmates, which is a homework reminding app with features like chat, quotes, discussions and jokes. One of my apps also got featured in a Kid’s magazine. My vision is to play the game bigger and better.

 What is the current traction of your apps(in terms of users, app downloads, visitors)?

Till date Diabetes Doctor has gained 500+ downloads, however all my other apps have about 3K+ user base. Appo, in its beta stage has also started getting signups. So with all this I am hopeful and positive about the future too.

appo screenshot

What challenges you faced while coming up with your append How did you overcome them?

There are hindrances in every journey we undertake. One should be mentally groomed and adamant to deal with those challenges in order to keep moving. There was a time when my teachers and school mates didn’t believe in what I was talking when I used to pitch them the idea of my upcoming apps. It was only after the launch, they believed in what I was talking and encourage me for the work I did.

Even when I wanted to learn android programming, Institutes forthrightly rejected my admission as according to them a 12 year old was too young for a technical training. I didn’t stop trying learnt through Youtube and sites like Stackoverflow.

While designing Appo, the challenge that I faced was to make the platform easy for its users.As users will be small business owners; we had to make the UI very simple and easy to use than other platforms.So we decided to make Wizards and generate apps rather than just drag and drop.

So all in all, We don’t grow when things are easy; we grow when we face challenges isn’t it?

Any advice that you wish to  give to the new emerging startups?

If you wish to have a startup of your own, I would like to share something in few lines that I have learnt till date:

Work Passionately, Do what you love; Don’t follow the trends(if there’s an ecommerce wave flowing, don’t just start following it blindly) and always research first.



ONE SUCCESS TIP: Follow your passion.

ONE MISTAKE YOU BELIEVE EVERY INDIVIDUAL MUST AVOID: Follow your heart. No matter what the whole world thinks about you.

ONE MOST IMPORTANT LESSON THAT YOU HAVE LEARNT TILL NOW: Be Extraordinary. How can you be extraordinary, If you feel ordinary. As yourself “what are you going to do to become extraordinary? It is important to find the edge and then push past it.

SHARE ANY THREE QUALITIES THAT AN INDIVIDUAL MUST HAVE TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS: Passion, Patience and Perseverance can either make you or break you

ONE HABIT WHICH YOU WISH TO CHANGE IN YOURSELF: Multitasking sometimes becomes harmful


A QUOTE THAT INSPIRES YOU THE MOST: I love this quote by Steve Jobs, “Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.”

That was Hitarth Sheth from CREATIVE INC., #staytuned for more amazing Campus startups from Campusvibes!

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