This Republic Day, a young girl from Orissa raises her opinion on the need to change ourselves

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The calendar changed again but everything remained the same.

 26th January was the date.

She stayed on the university campus but didn’t attend the Flag hoisting ceremony. Not because she did not know about it but because she wanted to reconstruct her tradition. Confused??

For many of us, this national day of celebration means a “HOLIDAY” permitting us to sleep late, wake up late, to chill at home or to party. For some, it becomes a means of get-together hence they step out of their homes and assemble for the ceremony. For some, the feeling of patriotism rises sky high this day which makes them gather for the celebration. She did not fall in either of these categories.


She was never against the idea of celebrating the festival but had held a different outlook towards this concept. Not attending the flag hoisting didn’t change her domicile. Did it? Certainly not!

Let’s go back to history and ponder why this day is so special. This day, way back in 1950, India officially adopted its Constitution as the guiding document and was declared a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic republic which assured its citizens justice, equality and liberty. When the constitution came into force, the people were assured that they could enjoy their “Fundamental Rights” and they had the “Freedom of speech”; it was freedom in the true sense as the common man could express his/her will and equally enjoy the law.

But what happens today??? While one enjoys his freedom, the other struggles for his rights and fights for justice.  Was it for this that the Constitution was framed? Was it for this that our leaders spent sleepless nights in drafting this Constitution? Think about it…

Talking about the current scenario, reminiscing about our fearless fighters and framers of the Constitution and celebrating this special day with patriotic fervor, pomp and gaiety holds immense significance but why just dedicate a single day?

To further elaborate, a single day of celebration, a single day of reminiscence, a single day of pomp and gaiety but what about the entire year?

On one hand, if the entire country gets drenched in the downpour of patriotism on a single day, be the change and allow this downpour to drench you every day. You need not be at the helm of affairs to bring a change in the world. Just a little bit of courage and a dash of determination is all that you need to make India what it was formally dreamt of…..what our leaders envisioned to be.

Make India better, Respect people irrespective of their caste, religion, and gender, Don’t be a part of the vicious cycle of corruption, Support child education, Choose a clean candidate during elections and most importantly come out and VOTE.

Be a part of this grandeur and celebrate with the nation when it does on this day. But before that be the individual phenomena of change and begin the ultimate blossoming of the Republic nation.


#Staytuned for more stuff from Shivani !


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