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Wow! Now kids in this UK college will express themselves in Hinglish

We all know our mother tongue pretty well. Don’t we?

We may even use this language by combining it with other languages. For example: If you speak Hindi and you know English, there may be numerous occasions where you might speak “Hinglish”. Isn’t it? Harping on what “Hinglish” is, it is a mix of the languages – Hindi and English. The variety of English used by the Hindi speakers is characterized by the regular use of Hindi Vocabulary or constructions. This language is not suitable for formal occasions and is preferred in the form of informal lingo.

Things have undergone a change and even the professionals today do not shy away from using this language. This has become an inseparable element of work culture be it dealing with clients or showcasing a product to cater a larger audience who understand the languages. Now that this language is seen as India’s business language of choice according to BBC news, just imagine what if Hinglish is started as a course in the institutions. This is exactly what the news is all about. A college in the UK has started offering its students the opportunity to study Hinglish.

Yes!! You read that right!

It was in November 2016 that Hinglish was first introduced as a part of their wider module and it became so popular that the varsity is preparing to offer it to a wider range of students this year. This popularity is a clear hint at the objective of the students for work placements with the Indian companies. Having a basic knowledge of the language will give them a boost over other students.

Apart from the above-mentioned advantages, it will facilitate them to explore its significance not only at the societal level but also in the professional sphere at the national and international platforms. It shall also aid in attaining a firm grip over the specific cultural references in headlines or texts in various media outlets like advertisements, newspapers, and films related to India.

As per the reports of Tribune India, nearly 18 students have regularly attended the Hinglish sessions.  The students’ feedback has also been taken and it has been stated that this course shall be a regular feature from the 2018-19 academic year as a part of the Modern Business Language & Culture programme at Portsmouth College in Hampshire.

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