Your Guide to Accessory Trends 2019

A girl has so many clothes and accessories, but they are never enough.
Cinderella never asked for a prince she asked for a night out and a dress.
From fairy tales to Bollywood movies to real life all we admire is fashion, dressing style, makeup and so on. The list is never-ending. We all put a lot of effort and spend a hell lot of money to buy a designer’s outfit be it Zara, H&M or any other. But what we might not consider is to complete the look, be it any designer dress, you cannot slay until you complete your look and to do that you need a good set of accessories.

Impact of Accessories in Dressing

Accessories add small but important detailing to your outfit. A nicely accessorized outfit can overpower a poorly accessorized “H&M” any day.
So always remember to add good accessories to your wardrobe.
If you are in college you might have experienced that no matter how well you dress you cannot outlook that fashion diva. So, what’s in them that you don’t have, you think money?? No. The game is of accessories. Wear a Sarojini outfit, pair it up with accessories and outlook anyone any day.
As summers are approaching you all must be thinking about your summer outfits, for this season and by now what accessories you all will need.

So, to help you out, here is the list of accessory trends 2019 for you to follow and look your best:

1. Let’s start with a WATCH, to begin with

A watch is always in trend for girls. They are convenient to check time than the mobile phone, along with this, it acts as a great accessory. For normal days when you don’t want to overdo, just a casual college day, grab a watch and that will do all. Even on dresses and party outfits, watches can give you a classy look. Variety of designs are available to choose from. Pick the one that fits your look. For a formal look, interview, college presentation, office, internship etc. a watch is a must, as it completes your wardrobe and always add an edge to your overall look. Therefore, watch falls on the number 1 position in the list of accessory treends 2019.

2. Scarf in summers

In summers the one thing we are most scared of is tanning and wrapping a scarf on our face, is the solution we all come up with. But really scarfs can change your whole look, so along with tan protector, they can embrace your look. Just grab a cool scarf on your plain tops and be ready to rock your look. There are different ways to style your scarf. Try something different everyday with even the same scarf.

3. A Good pair of Earrings is a must

Yes, As I said, a good pair of earrings is must, ranging from Indian Jhumkas to western earrings, to complete any look earrings is necessary. You can buy affordable and stylish earrings in Sarojini Nagar market, Janpath, Kamla Nagar, etc. So always remember to put on statement earnings to pull all your looks. But if you are going for neckpiece you should avoid long earrings, so just go with either one. However, 4th in the list of accessory trends 2019 but is of utmost importance.

4. A stylish Neckpiece is unavoidable

There is a wide variety of neckpiece available but you need to be very careful while choosing neckpiece, a wrong choice can do blunders. With a western dress or formal look, u can go with delicate neckpieces with light chains it gives your look a new statement. You can also pair an Indian neckpiece with a western outfit to give an Indo western look. These days chokers also look nice on girls with a long neck, so give it a try and refresh your overall look. one of the most sought after accessory trends 2019 to follow in order to look good.

5. A nice quirky spacious bag

We always carry a lot of things with us and to keep them safe and handy, we need a handbag. For college, you can go for a shoulder bag, tote bag, backpack. For lunch or day out with friends, you can go for sling bags and for a party, go for clutches. They add a sense of statement to your overall look.

6. A good pair of footwear is a must

A pair of heels is must; how can you live high life if you don’t wear high heels? High heels could be stilettoes or block heels or even wedge heels. They can make any outfit party-ready be it freshers, fest or farewell. For a normal day at college, you need to have a good comfortable pair of footwear, formal shoes for your interview and a good pair of Indian flats for your Kurtis is a must. They add a bit glamour to your whole look. again one of the most important integrals of the accessory trends 2019.

7. Rings -bling!

Delicate ring on your classy outfit makes it even classier. Choose your ring according to the outfit. It’s not something you must wear if you are already going for earring or neckpiece, you can skip this ring but make sure you do not put on too many accessories on a normal day. Wear that do not go along in one go.

8. Bracelets, one of my personal favorites

Delicate ring on your classy outfit makes it even classier. Choose your ring according to the outfit. It’s not something you must wear if you are already going for earring or neckpiece, you can skip this ring but make sure you do not put on too many accessories on a normal day. Wear that do not go along in one go.Bracelets for college girls

With accessories, the most important point to note is that it should be on point, not too much and not too less. Overdoing with accessories can ruin your overall look. Your accessories need not be expensive but they should look classy because accessories define your status.

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