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Whether you are a teacher or a student active learning activities will always be in your most searched items on Google. A teacher now looks out for ways to make their class interactive and free from boredom or a student who wants to learn things practically and gain real knowledge, it is important to leave mainstream methods and focus on INNOVATION. And this is the way to go about it.

Bored of attending Classes Daily? Need Something engaging and challenging? Some Spiciness to Life Perhaps?

Active learning activities by CampusVibes
Active learning activities by CampusVibes

Well, no worries! We have got your back!

“College”, As soon as this word comes to our mind, we start thinking of fun, excitement, friends, hangouts, mass bunks and much more. But college is something much more than that. A college is a place where your career starts taking shape, this is the time when you have to take some really crucial decisions of your life. Each and everything of college attracts us except the “boring lectures”. Sleeping on the last bench and being the backbencher or chatting on Whatsapp is what helps us to survive these classes. But, isn’t it a wastage of time? Why not learn in class when we have to attend it for the sake of attendance?

Well, here’s a list of some active learning activities that will definitely help you focus on your lectures and will keep your mobile data off. 

Active Learning Activity #1:The Round Table Style

It can be done in the classroom as well as in a friend circle and in College Societies as well. Rules are that students need to be divided into groups and should be allotted a topic for research. This helps to develop interest among students for that topic. Every group should be allowed to present in front of the rest of the class which will also help other students to learn in a more effective manner. This will help the teacher to cover more topics in less time. This also ensures a student’s presence in class and motivates him/her to be attentive and active in the classroom.

Active Learning Activity #2: It’s time to change, therefore INNOVATE

A little change in the teaching methodology can prove out to be very effective. Instead of teaching on the blackboard, sometimes videos and presentations can be used to explain a topic. These methods inculcate interest among students and they pay more attention as compared to the old ones. In addition, these active learning activities or techniques help students to memorize things faster and understand it more conceptually.

Active Learning Activity #3: The Complete turn Taker

There can be numerous activities to increase the participation of students in the classroom and to make learning more productive, one such method is known as COMPLETE TURN TAKING. In this, students need to bring queries related to a particular topic. After that, these queries are then presented to the rest of the class and are solved by them. It makes problem-solving more efficient and interesting.

Active Learning Activity #4: Add a creativity factor to the Learning Process

 Flowcharts should be given to students or prepared in class for quick revision and for learning important points. Diagrammatic representation of topics helps in effective and efficient learning by making a vast syllabus- short and summarized. This helps in to-the-point learning and saves time as well as efforts of students and thus, increases their interest too.

Active Learning Activity #5: Take the Practical Route! Say a big no to Cramming

Case Studies can be given to students based on some real-life examples, for instance, economic crisis, battles or something related to the stock market can be shared. Students should be asked to read thoroughly the case study, to evaluate the action taken in real life and to present their solution to that issue as well. This will help them understand real life problems and will also develop interest amongst them as it will involve them in the topic and they learn the situation more practically rather than theoretically.

Active Learning Activity #6: Exhibit the Orator within you

Presentations should be encouraged in class. Students should be allotted topics whether in pairs or individually. This help students to take initiative on their own to understand a topic and explain it to the rest of the class. The other students will also listen more attentively to their colleagues as compared to their teachers. Henceforth, This engages the whole class in learning and gives the desired results.

Active Learning Activity #7: Start with Think aloud strategy

Give text to the students to increase creativity amongst them. They will be asked to read that text aloud in class and to immediately explain its meaning to class on the basis of whatever they have understood from reading. Above all, this is a sort of mental exercise for students, called “THINK ALOUD”. It encourages students to read with more concentration and to think more creatively.

Active Learning Activity #8: Make your actions speak louder than words

Sketch Noting can be encouraged in class. In this, students are asked to make a sketch, whether it can be a diagram, flowchart or anything else. The idea behind this technique is to involve students in the classroom. Also, sketches made by them will help them easily remember a topic for a longer period of time. However, it doesn’t matter how well the students make sketches, it should only be self-explanatory to them.

Active Learning Activity #9: Ignite the spirit of Competition

Quizzes can be organized in classrooms with a little reward to the winner. This will motivate the students to learn and pay more attention. Also, students will at least learn questions covered in the quiz. This will create a healthy debate among participants in order to learn from each other. In addition to this, it also enables students to think from different angles with a wide approach or in other words enable them “to think out of the box”.

Active Learning Activity #10: Your Friends know you better

There’s one more active learning technique which will encourage students to perform better and to improve themselves. This is commonly known as peer-review. In this, students prepare their assignment, report and then evaluated other’s assignments. In addition to this,  Assignments are interchanged in class and then evaluated. The students get a better idea by evaluating the assignments themselves, also they get to learn something new and better from this technique.

Well in The End All I Can Just Say Is That with Co-operation, 
Willfulness, A Few Pounds of Joy and An Extra Little Luck
We Can Our College Life A Bit More Improved, Stress-Free And awesome.

These active learning activities and techniques & their implementation will definitely & effectively (With A Charm, Of Course!!) help the students to learn more effectively.

“College is a fountain of opportunities and students are there to drink”

-Chuck Palahniuk.

So as a conclusion!

Firstly, these opportunities, if well utilized can transform you into a better and improved version of yourselves. Secondly, one just needs to identify the right opportunity at the right time and heading ahead for it.

Therefor, Always remember, “Your life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by the change.”

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