English as a language has its own advantages and disadvantages. English is a global language spoken in many countries all across the globe. Many countries like the USA, England, and Australia have English as their official language. The peculiarity involved in making English as the standard language in the world is that it is of the most difficult second languages to learn. This is so because we are firstly trained in our mother languages and then get trained in English. Therefore, the advantages and disadvantages of English language are known to a few only.

Impact of English as a language

For instance, let us take an example of India as a country where apart from English there are 22 official languages written in 13 different scripts with over 720 dialects. So often at times, it becomes difficult for some of us to master this language. Although learning English will help you a lot with day to day routine and along with finding good career opportunities.

Researchers say that learning a new language at any age helps the brain to develop. It may also help to change people’s thinking skills and memory abilities. 

Statistics of English speaking people in the world

According to the report of 26 July 2017 the world’s total population of 7.5 billion people, 1.5 billion people speak English. That is 20% of the total population of the earth’s population. About 360 billion people in the world speak English as their first language. Also English is the most commonly studied language in the world. 

english language statistics

According to the BBC’s report, India is the world’s second largest English-speaking country. The most dependable estimate is around 10% of its population or 125 million people, second only to the US and expected to quadruple in the next decade.

english language statistics

Advantages and Disadvantages of English Language

Let us first discuss the advantages or merits of speaking the English language

1.Fetches you Respect

It’s weird but true, many of us in India respect the ones who speak English. This is good if you are better in yourself and improve English to earn respect. Speaking fluent English shows your intellect and your background. If you are well versed with English, people consider you smart and highly influential.

2. Enhances Knowledge

Learning is a part of life whether it is language, Sport, Speaking, learning or reading. Knowing new things helps us to get our views broader on some topics. In today’s time, English is the only language spoken widely over places, therefore it becomes easier for us to get involved with people from different places. In addition, it helps in connecting with your peers and gaining more knowledge & Updating ourselves to help us grow better in our respected fields of part-time work or study.

3. Increases Income earning possibilities

Nowadays English is mostly used in all organizations and institutions.  The official papers and meetings are generally in English only. The better is your flair in speaking English, the more chances you get to be promoted. This is so because it shows your personality and the ease with which you connect with people. It also increases your possibility for a part-time job, if you are in college.

english as a career

4. Helps us in knowing people and their culture

This is a very important aspect of the English language. As today in this world, it is not about forcing anything on anyone, rather it is about how you are convincing them. If we meet people and know the language that is commonly spoken in the world then it’s always very easy to convey your thoughts or any message.

5. Can be chosen as a Career Option

If you have chosen any stream and you are not getting the required job for the same and if you are well versed with English, then you can choose this stream as your career and earn handsome package for the same. You can teach English at coaching centers or you can take up tuitions for the same language. Also, you can teach people how to speak English as a general language.

Now, these were advantages of the English language. Now coming onto the most interesting part of the blog post and that is disadvantages.

1. Considered a bit rigid language

English is a very formal language. It must be spoken in a proper way else it could be easily misunderstood. That means you cannot mold any word or sentence while using it, it should be used in a ‘proper’ way. For beginners, it is difficult and confusing. English teachers may forget the linguistic errors unintentionally because they themselves are used to the everyday vocab.

english is rigid quote

2. Learning the language is cost intensive

Learning a foreign language can be expensive, especially if you take private classes or private college courses. It is possible to learn through books and computers but learning with everyone is a fun task and also makes learning easy.

1. Language learning focusses more on grammar & less on Vocab

English classes are good for grammar, but more emphasis should be there for the vocabulary. Studies say that your brain generally forgets the things once it considers useless. They generally teach you in the way they feel comfortable in, not in the way that what it actually it has to be in which is a big drawback for anyone.

The list of advantages and disadvantages of English language clearly illustrates that the advantages are more. Therefore no harm in going and getting yourself enrolled for an English speaking course, if at all you consider sharpening the skill.

Just like a coin has two sides, so is with every situation in our lives and choices, they also have two sides either merits or demerits/ advantages or disadvantages. Learning is something whose knowledge remains throughout your life. Even people younger than you can teach you something better than you. There may be some disadvantages but if you try to put your whole heart with efforts then nothing can stop you from learning anything you want to. So don’t lose heart and gear up.

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