A career in Archaeology and History: You might have either been the student who ran away from the history textbook all your life because it was just plainly in the past and you found no relevance to it or the student who always found interesting to Google the aftermath of movies like Bajirao Mastaani. Honestly, being the part of the latter clan, I even know what happened to Krishna Rao, or as known as Shamsher Bahadur, the son of Bajirao and Mastaani. I Googled it! 😛

“For I truly believe, study the past if you wish to be the makers of the future.”

So, this does not only speak for my lunatic level of stalking skills but also about my craziness towards Archeology and History. Hence, I focused on putting together my interest in pursuing it as a career option.Therefore, what I found important is something which might help you too. 

archaeology and history

A career in Archeology and History

As the defining subject of Ancient Indian History, Culture, and Archaeology, India doesn’t serve a large family platter of options to it. But the best ones have been given out in colleges and universities like the ones given below. Yes, below listed are the top colleges that offer a course either B.A or M.A in Archaeology and History.

1. University of Madras

Archaeology and History

2. Banaras Hindu University

Archaeology and History

3. Punjab University

Archaeology and History

4. St. Xavier’s College

5. Kurukshetra University

kurukshetra university

6. Indira Gandhi National Tribal University

Archaeology and History

7. Jawaharlal Nehru University

Jawaharlal Nehru University

It includes more options of Andhra University, Viswa Bharati University, Dr. Hari Singh Gour University, and so on. The specialty of the course is the fact that it can be addressed at the Moscow Architectural University, guided under Moscow, Russian Federation. 

While some of the universities are merit-based, a lot of people would go in for colleges who might have an entrance exam which holds the eligibility of passing the entrance exam along with the minimum number of marks to be scored. 

The scores of the subject go hand in hand with the provided syllabus of the subject which for me is quite interesting.

Course Syllabus

archaelogy and history course syllabus

So, we might have worked too hard in pursuing a degree at the set subject, with tireless efforts on the assignments, sites, and the lengthy curriculum, why do it all? What’s the point of doing all of that if you do not hold a stand in the working-class culture of the society? Well, you do. 

Career Option for Archeology and History

With the rising demand of researchers and people of different interests, after pursuing your higher education in Ancient Indian History, Culture, and Archaeology, one can look into the following fields of interest from the job perspective :

  • Civil services
  • Educational services, i.e. to be a professor, teacher or private tutor after holding an appropriate qualification to be one. 
  • Journalist – a person can easily be a history fanatic who’d love to write an account of their day to day explorations, you can also seek a path of travelogues. 
  • Museums – the person can be working as the head of a museum or in the public relations of the museum. 
  • Tourism – the person can work as a guide to people who might want to be guided through the roots of India while visiting places of interest and attraction. 
  • Research Areas
  • Archaeological Excavation program; etc.

Salary Details

With the rising level of packages in the professional discourse of the subject, it not only makes you grow as an employee but also as a person who knows things of the past and the present like the back of their hand. The salary amount may not be sufficient but at least it buys you happiness as you work under the guidance of the umbrella of things you wish to work for and that’s the most important thing of all.

 To work for your own self and for your own happiness. 

 That’s the most important thing. Do not opt for this course because it’ll be the right choice to make by some XYZ person of your life who you just cannot control that certainly doesn’t mean to get stuck in a lifetime of misery, of things you do not want to do, because it’ll cost you a lifetime of a happiness. Hence, it’s important to work for oneself at the right time in just the perfect kind of way because that’ll always bring out the best in you. 

Ancient Indian History, Culture, and Archaeology hold together the facts of what makes you; “you”, because it’s the history which makes you what you are today, comprised of things which you might want to know. Your background and cultural aspects affect your identity of being who you are and that’s exactly what this subject teaches you, the evolution of the present-day version of yourself in comparison to the past day reservation she held not too long. 

 Hence, before you seek out to discard your element of confusion between choosing a path for yourself, and from the expectations of you, it’ll always be to choose the path you waved out on because that’s exactly what counts for a lifetime, your happiness and contentment of daily life.

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A 20 years old, who holds a voice and wants it to be heard because the silence has stood in power for too long. A student of Journalism in Delhi University.


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