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If speaking English is a challenge for you, then you have landed at the right blog post which discusses the best English speaking exercises.

As it is rightly said, “to be a good speaker you should be a good listener”. Listening is as important as the speaking, reading, and writing; if you are a good listener then speaking is not a tough job for you. But, patiently listening to everything that everyone says is the only thing to concentrate and focus upon.

If you want to horn your speaking skills then your listening capability should be good enough. And the only way to enhance your speaking and listening skills is by start listening to audios and watch Hollywood movies so that your pronunciation also gets crisper and your vocab gets stronger

Importance of speaking in English

  • Considered as a global language now because it is widely used all over the world.
  • Key language to workplaces
  • If you travel abroad or anywhere the common language known by people is mostly English.
  • The official documents and papers are mostly in English.
  • Even the article you are reading is in English so everyone should at least know the basic of the language.

But for those who are fond of Hindi, and find English as a bit struggling language, for those we will be sharing best English speaking exercises in order to help you.

Introducing 10 best English speaking exercises to master the language

1. Play a lot of Games that require English language involvement

One of the best ways to learn is through playing games, whether a kid or adult everyone likes to play games. Games like hangman, Simon says and many more games are there which will make your English speaking better. If you are good in vocabulary then it is the most fun activity for you. If you want your spoken English to be good then you can add on this to the top of your list of best English speaking exercises, to begin with.

2. Participating in Debates and Discussions

Try to spend more time with people, if you are a social person and if not then make plans to spend time with people. Start having discussions and debate on the current topics or anything you feel like discussing, that will help your confidence level to boost up. If you get yourself involved in such activities then your vocab and vocal skills will get better and best with time and your hesitation will automatically disappear.

3. Join Roleplays and Skits

As kids, we have always played ‘dumb charades’ when one of the members used to enact while others guessed the movie. This will help to boost up your thought process as the action of others helps you to think of a word or something similar to it. If you like a character in any movie try to act like the character or perform skits and dramas in front of people to reduce your fear of audience or stage fear and it helps you to speak fluently in front of people. 

4. Learn the art of storytelling

One of the best ways of learning English speaking is storytelling. If you are a good listener you’ll be a good speaker. The description of any incident or any story should be so interesting that people become interested and are curious to know your stories. 

5. Inculcate the habit of Reading Books

Books are the best way to improve your speaking skills. Try to read out loud so that you can hear your voice and improve your speaking. If you hear the words, you’ll know the mistakes and your pronunciation will also get better. Book reading is a good habit it not only improves your speaking skills but also helps to get more knowledge. 

6. Start teaching Synonyms and Antonyms
best english speaking exercises
synonyms and antonyms knowledge

The most important thing to know in any language after its vocabulary is similar words related to a particular word or the opposite of the particular word. Since there are many words which sound similar but are not similar. So, it must be clarified to the students between such words.

7. Record and listen to your own voice

If you want your speaking skills to excel then start recording it. Listening to your own voice would help you to correct yourself and improve your speaking skills. This is the best way to improvise your listening and speaking skills. 

8. Start participating in surveys aggressively

This is considered as one of the well-known exercises in the list of best English speaking exercises. Taking regular surveys is the best option to know whether the students have improved or not. As we can observe that if they are getting involved in talking to people or not or are giving brief explanations of the things being asked to them. It is also helpful in checking whether oral and written vocabulary is matching or not.

9. Practice forming Sentences and Phrases

Students should be taught how to form sentences, what are the words that accurately suits the word formation. Use of Phrases should be told so that it can be used by you when it is necessary.

People generally don’t know what words or phrase are to be used where. The use of the correct word is must or else it can change the meaning of the whole sentence can create a mess. So the beginners should be told in an accurate, friendly and in an interesting manner so that they would learn it enthusiastically. 

10. Conduct Seminars

To know the state of mind of students and to motivate them during the sessions. Seminars should be conducted on a regular basis so that you can know that they are interested in the classes or not. If not what else more fun exercises should be added that they get more involved in learning English. 


English has and will always be one of the best media of conversing with anyone. In professional life, it is important to make your image good, so for establishing a good bonding with the boss and the colleagues is the first important thing; and to establish that bonding first you have to make your speaking skills good so that it has a good impact on the listener.

If you are master in word usage then you can win everyone’s heart. So is in the college the people look your way of presentation and speaking and then talk accordingly. These are some best English speaking exercises for beginners. “Learning a language is to understand others; to form connections”. The world is full of knowledge the only thing you have to do is grab it in every possible way, so never miss a chance if you get to learn something always be the kid who is curious to know new things.

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