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Gone are the days when traditional methodologies of teaching were sufficient for the learning of the students going to college. Times have changed and so have our lives. This is the era of web series and movies, and believe you me real motivation comes from movies for college students.

Going to a new environment and perusing various streams, the students need to come across something that is capable enough to inspire and motivate them. There are a lot many options to attain motivation and inspiration such as reading books, listen to motivational speakers and do motivational activities.

How movies for college students help?

But as I said, Movies are the best way to go about it. These have a lot to teach us through their roller coaster journey of emotions, drama, laughter, romance, and action. This will not only enhance their confidence and inspire them to achieve higher but will also devote to fulfilling their quest for entertainment.

There are a lot of biopics being released and even a lot of movies are being constructed on the themes of our politics, human relationships, social structure, etc. These movies help us to stay abreast with what is going on in our governmental structure. They also drive our spirit when we watch a biopic of any freedom fighter or a good political leader or an achiever.

Now talking about 10 best movies for college students to learn from both Bollywood and Hollywood that a college student must not miss. 

1. First and the foremost is our very own 3 Idiots

It is one of those few films that will remain engraved in the memory of film lovers. This story revolved around three friends led by Aamir Khan that touched the hearts of the audiences when it came to the box office in 2009.

Key touchpoints of the movie 3 Idiots

  • This story teaches us to go with the choice of passion and not with the pressure of our parents or society.
  • In this movie, all the three friends wanted to pursue something else but were admitted into engineering due to family pressure.
  • The way they found out how to follow their passion is wonderful; believing in ALL IS WELL. Undoubtedly everyone should watch it.

2. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Bags become lighter but minds become heavier when a student steps into college life. There is a need to get some positive, alive, fresh and soothing vibes for all the students.

Key touchpoints of the movie 

  • Watching this movie will take you to a romantic world of Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone, with a passion to travel the whole world, beautiful moments between 4 friends; all these are a part of this movie and all the most loved elements of college life are involved in this movie.
  • The best thing to learn from the movie is to follow your heart and live in the moment. Certain things in life, just can’t be changed, then “Why Worry” is the key mantra. Do what your heart says you to do, and then everything else will fall into place. 

3. Our very own Koi Mil Gaya

Story lead by Hrithik Roshan, as a young guy with a more younger mindset i.e mentally abnormal, revealing the true meaning of friendship not only with friends of his own type but also with an alien. His devotion, love, and care for that alien were commendable. Not only that the reciprocation made by the alien was in the form of love and care but treatment to his abnormality with the help of his own powers. This movie is a presentation of friendship being the ultimate need in one’s life.

Key touchpoints of the movie 

  • Get over with the statement of “Friends with benefits”, when there can be true friendship between people from different planets. C’mon, we just have to preserve our friends who are from the very own planet that we are from.
  • Secondly and most important of all is never let the kid inside you die. Keep finding answers to the queries that dwell in your mind. finding answers will take you to the right path. Therefore, inquisitiveness can be good also.

4. The Accidental Prime Minister

This movie is based on our government’s current scenario and a memoir that expresses Manmohan Singh’s tenure and control in India. It is based on the book by Sanjaya Baru that tells about the life of our Indian Prime Minister. Watching this will bring the right facts and information to your knowledge, these topics can even be a part of competitive examinations so it will definitely help the college students.

Key touchpoints of the movie 

  • Never draw conclusions on what you see. The real story and real picture might be horrifying for you to digest
  • Stop judging and start accepting people around. That will give you more time and energy to understand life and lead it your way.

5. Dangal

This movie is a ray of hope for betterment, as it is usually expected from an Aamir Khan movie. It is an inspirational and courageous story of a poor man of a rural area, being a pehlwan who wants his daughters to go into a similar field. No discrimination between girls and boys is seen here. He gives his girls equal pedestal as he would have given to his boys, which is in favor of most of the people during their college life. 

Key touchpoints of the movie 

  • Nothing stands in the way of strong will and determination. Make sure each day you are the best version of yourself.
  • Secondly, tough roads lead to a successful destination for sure. Shortcuts might seem easy but often misleading. If at all you are facing challenges in your life, “Be Happy because you are on a growth journey”.

6. Padman

This is the best movie of 2018, best Indian comedy of the year and is also one of the best movies for college students to watch. Highly commendable efforts of Akshay Kumar in creating awareness about menstruation in society. To consider it is a well-sought-after movie with an open-minded idea of making a sanitary napkin manufacturing machine and sell them at lower prices. All the students should watch this movie, it is necessary for all the students since this is a very sensitive and less talked about topic. Its good to talk so that the taboo is mitigated. 

Key touchpoints of the movie 

  • For students, who wish to pursue Entrepreneurship. This movie is the best example of coming up with your startup.
  • Lastly, seek your passion and chase your dream. Come what may, you should just focus on achieving what you deserve. Create your destiny and don’t let fate decide it for you.

7. Manto, time for patriotism

It is a beautiful movie highlighting the narrow drawings of IndiaPakistan separation. Telling all about the consequences of the partition, the sufferings through which people went, especially the women. A lot of people went through lots of massacres. This is one of the major incidents and it should be known to each and every citizen of the country. We as college students should know that how our nation got separated. 

Key touchpoints of the movie 

  • They say separation is always painful. It indeed was painful then and is today. But do we even realize that separation also bifurcated love and humanity, which should not be the case?
  • Secondly, respecting what our ancestors have given us. They have given their lives to make us live happily. Let us not take our independence for granted, and respect each drop of blood that was shed for us.

8. Simba

It is a beautiful cocktail of both humanity topped with comedy which is most needed by today’s youth. It depicts a huge wave of humanity through the act of comedy. No one should miss watching this movie. It will surely make you fall in love with its scenes, songs and especially the actor; the one and only Ranveer Singh.

Key touchpoints of the movie 

  • It’s important to smile and let go of things and not keep grudges 
  • Its never too late to realize your mistakes and once you have realized make sure your each and every action should work towards mending it.

9. The Shawshank Redemption

It is an American drama, staged on various stages and then produced as a movie. This movie talks about two imprisoned men, after coming out of the prison, make an attempt for redemption in solace and doing decent deeds. It has been rated very high by the board. It is a medium to learn how to accept our mistake and apologizing for it is the only way of going back into solaced life, otherwise, our mistakes never let us live calmly until we repent for them

Key touchpoints of the movie 

  • Bad deeds require repenting you want your soul to rest in peace.
  • Self Realization is the best way to improvise.

10. The world’s fastest Indian

It is a 2005 biographical sports drama of New Zealand. This movie is based on a speed bike racer named Burt Munro, with his bike the hero does all his works. He brought a lot of change in the lives of other incapable people too. He does a lot for the people of New Zealand, but at last he meets with an accident and his leg is burnt and the bike is damaged completely, but still, he remains a hero of his place. 

Key touchpoints of the movie 

  • Not giving up attitude is what one needs to learn from this movie
  • Humanitarian deeds are what gives you peace. No success, no fame can fetch you that eternal happiness which humanity can. Never let that die.

Some more interesting movies to invest your time into are: 

Neerja, M.S Dhoni: The Untold Story, The downfall, Mary Kom, Bhag Milkha Bhag, Andrei Rublev Sarbjit, Shahid, The social network. It’s true that entertainment is very important in one’s life and at this tender age of all of you college students, it’s more like a necessity. Where entertainment is important for good mental growth of any individual, the right kind of entertainment is an even more important decision. Investing your time in best movies for college students that help you learn and understand the different aspects of life is always a productive way to spend our valuable time. So these were some precious pieces of art for anyone looking forward to having a great time chilling and learning.  

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