Undoubtedly parents, relatives and everyone around us are capable enough to give us love and happiness but what friends are capable of is extreme secret keeping, supporting, solution giving and also are the best means to express yourself without any restrictions.  Without giving a second thought I would say, having fun with friends, is the ultimate therapy to all our pains. Life is an incomplete circle without friends. Friends are the only ones who bring massive happiness in our lives otherwise it seems very hollow when there is no fun, happiness, enjoyment in one’s life. Many kinds of research conducted in the past say that spending good time and having fun with friends can “make a world of difference” and even play a vital role in how we respond towards illness.

It is very rightly said, Friends that stay together, slay together! Isn’t it?

Best ways of having fun with friends by CampusVibes

Benefits of having fun with friends and spending time with them include:

  • You have someone to lean on and cry your heart out 
  • An outsider is always by your side you can give you a piece of unbiased advice which can help you in the decision-making process 
  • Someone who knows your past and who you can trust blindly because he/she will never lead you to a wrong path
  • Science also says,

(i) Spending time and having fun with friends helps to keep the cognitive memory sharp as you age 

(ii) Reduces stress as you share your heart out with them 

(iii) It is the best tool to help you cope up with loneliness as it acts as a healer to many diseases 

  • Someone who is always up for an honest, candid and brutal opinion about you which on the handset proves to be beneficial for you

As per my understanding friends and fun is the best match of fizz that gets added to the cocktail of your life. And undoubtedly there are a lot of ways to have fun with your friends like going out of station for small trips, going to water parks or resorts, club parties etc.  But someone has very rightly said “Money does not buy happiness” therefore it is not always advisable to spend a lot to get that smile on your squad’s face because not everyone is comfortable in spending much at such places like clubs, water parks etc.  

But now the question is how do these activities impact our lives too? 

  1. Opens Up Horizon: Exploring places and new things gives clarity of thoughts and help in envisaging your set goals 
  2. Adds to the Learning Curve of Life: Activities like cooking, biking, diving and many more can, not just add good learnings to your life but will also make you love your life more 
  3. Give you an Optimistic Approach towards relationships: Believe Me! This works especially when you are emotionally broke. Ahh! don’t worry you can give me the credits later on! 😛 
  4. Enhances love in your life and also love for each other…as friends this bond of love is a must to build strong and long-lasting relationships 
  5. Network benefit: No No! it’s not always friends with benefits, it can also benefit from friends 😛. So, on a serious note, friends are always up for help and that can be financial, emotional, mental and anything that bugs you in life.  

As a college student, I have experienced that myself where we are low on budget but high on the energy level.  Therefore, I have a few ways of having fun with friends/ your gang without spending heavy bugs and just relying on your hard-saved pocket money (until and unless you are dating ;))  

1. Go to the park

Going to the park with your friends, packing up eatables and also a music speaker is the best choice to enjoy with your friends. Enjoying on swings, using the open area of the park for playing games like Ice – water, Hide and seek etc. Taking food from the house is the best deal, ask all your friends to bring something cooked.  

best ways to have fun with friends
Best ways of having fun with friends by CampusVibes

2. Board games Day:

Whenever you are free, gather at any of your friends’ house and play games like carrom, house, business, Ludo and many more. For this, a day can fall short of hours but the list of these board games will never fall short. Such activities always remind me of my childhood days when I used to fly kites with my friends and had so much fun. Somehow those days had their own beauty. Isn’t it?

having fun with friends
Best ways of having fun with friends by CampusVibes

3. Run RPG tournament at your friend’s place:

Not into board games? Then this is another way of playing video games, which not only makes us technically sound but also active. Gathering at one place with all your friends playing games, having a variety of homemade meals etc.  This is a phase of PUBG AND FORTNIGHT, there must be good records in these games too, giving rewards to your friends in these highly prominent games. It develops a skill of togetherness and sense of belongingness amongst each other.  

Best ways of having fun with friends by CampusVibes

4. Going on a Trip

Hehehe! I know you’ll think that I just mentioned about money-saving activities…but don’t worry these trips will not cost you much! So, going on trips with friends by already setting a low budget, is also another good option. Choosing rooms in a good stable inexpensive restaurant of a not highly costly city must be well decided. Such as places in Rajasthan like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer etc. which not only brings a change in one’s atmosphere but also brings friends close to each other.

having fun with friends
Best ways of having fun with friends by campusvibes

5. Decide a Movie Marathon Day

Login to Netflix or Amazon Prime videos and watch web series, pick up a set of episodes with the consent of all your friends, add your cooking talent as well to the enjoyment of the day by cooking a few dishes along with your friends at your place. Enjoy the episodes with the delicious food items.

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6. Go out for a theatre or a play

It will not cost high, so many of the members will be comfortable in joining, it will also revive all your school memories in your heart. This is also amongst all the best ways of having great fun with your friends.  

having fun with friends
Best ways of having fun with friends by CampusVibes

7. Go for Camping

Camping with friends is my favorite way of spending time with my mates! It is the new way of survival that can only be enjoyed with a full heart and that too with the best of your friends. Places like Camp exotica in Kullu, Camp roof on the room in Dehradun, Sarchu in Manali etc. can be the best choices.  

Best ways of having fun with friends by CampusVibes

8. Go for Biking

Take out your bikes on weekends and go for long biking races (helmet and necessary safety measures need to be taken on a highest priority), and hiding from your family members because obviously they will never allow us to race on bikes. Keeping your own safety in consideration, you can go for biking with your friends to beautiful green places.

having fun with friends
Best ways of having fun with friends by CampusVibes

9. Long Drives

Long drives are a good option to have everything added in your packet of adventure, you can play games, eat food, talk to each other and do a lot more things. Choose a less crowded road and a perfect driver amongst your friends and hand over the car to him and go on a long drive. 

having fun with friends
Best ways of having fun with friends by CampusVibes

10. Decide cooking days

The best ideas always come out from the way one plan and one another which is yet similar but most engaging and interesting one is to have cooking days as common ones. In which the need is just to invest time and space of yours without adding any monetary gain which never adds burden to any friend, but such events of cooking food and enjoy in the delicacy along with spending time with friends is one of the best leisure time activity.  

Best ways of having fun with friends by CampusVibes

11. Setting Night stays

Setting a night of a weekend as a get together time can be a good idea again. There you can have fun by playing rapid fire rounds, acting games and also many other games. Mostly played game Like Truth or Dare, UNO, Teen Patti, Rummy etc. are just total fan Favs. Also, these games will help you know your friends to a great extent.

12. Try street food

Deciding to go for a street food time is an awesome way of having fun with friends and it will also not cost higher. Also, the great thing in this the street food is the best food with the best taste, being Indians, we are already street food lovers. Food like pain puri, momos, bhelpuri etc.  and are the best snacks to have and also time to chatter.  

having fun with friends
Best ways of having fun with friends by CampusVibes

12. Go out for Photo Walks

Going for photography/ photo walks by carrying your cell phones and cameras, this can also give you a lot of memories captured in a photograph. Even we run our social media pages that too need our pictures every now and then. So, going for photography can also suffice our need for materialism. 

13. Try Hiking with friends

Adoring nature and its elements are a best way to do with friends, going with your group to such beautiful places and admiring the beauty of nature and its creatures like birds, flowers and a lot more places like Manali, Munnar, Darjeeling, Rishikesh, Mount – Abu etc.

14. Backyard Bonfire

It is an overwhelming way of passing some time with your friends, especially in winter days and nights, there is an urge of sitting in heat in winters, so this is a way of talking, with friends, having coffee, eating hot dishes will make your night with your companions. Places like a backyard, terrace, and garden should be proffered for this.  


having fun with friends

15. Window Shopping

Go on window shopping to malls or small markets of Delhi, Indore, and Bombay. There you can visit various outlets and look for things and not buy them most of the times, it is more fun with friends to comment on things and have fun. Going to the mall makes us come across a lot of things and have your own judgments and opinions on them.  

having fun with friends

16. Swap Meet

All the enthusiasts collect at a particular place, and bring their own valuable things and also some of their favorites and can get them exchanged with their companions and enjoy with others products, this is a sort of a barter system among friends that brings fun in our lives. It also increases the love and ability to share things. 

Best ways of having fun with friends by CampusVibes

So as a conclusion,

These were some of the tried and tested means of spending time without taking a burden on your pocket. Hanging out with friends is a way of increasing beautiful terms in your relationships, there are a lot of people in our lives such as our parents, relatives, siblings and many more but the position friends acquire in our hearts and lives cannot be attained by anyone else.  They are the dearest ones to us, listen to all our good and bad incidents, guide us accordingly and never let us stuck in any worse situations. Having friends in life is one of the most important and beautiful things one needs to inculcate.  Lastly, if you happen to try any of these or have more quirky ways to spend time with friends on a low budget then do share it in the comments section below! I would love to hear from you.  

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