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BEWARE: Speakers are harassed and teachers are physically abused at Delhi’s Satyawati College, DU


New Delhi: Delhi’s Satyawati College organized a talk on Sexual harassment in the digital space in collaboration with and Google which revolved around the online abuse faced by the majority of the women on social media.

There were many speakers at the event like Kawalpreet Kaur, a student activist with the All India Students Association (AISA),  Isha Shekhar (lawyer), Rishi Saeed, a representative of the Women and Childcare Ministry.

Being a victim to the trend of online abuse, Kawalpreet was just about to share her side of the story as her pictures were morphed and were uncontrollably used on various social media platforms. The talk was coming to its end and suddenly 30-40 students barged into the auditorium. They not only demanded the organizers to end the workshop but also asked them to get Kawalpreet out of the auditorium.

This indecent attitude and unethical behavior did not stop there, in fact it was just the beginning. The organizers and the teachers were abused and physically attacked. They did not even forgo the principal who came in to take control of the situation. It was an unpleasant environment stinking of abuses in the air and physical violence in the hearts.

The Police was called to take charge of the scene and the organizers formed a human chain to protect Kawalpreet and rescue her from the auditorium. Professor Vidhit called for the police to handle the gruesome situation, he was thrashed along with Professor Shashi Shekhar who was abused along with others. This shameful and appalling incident condemned by the organizers and the teachers.

A few of the students against whom FIR has been filed are Kunal Yadav, Apurva Yadav, Mohit Yadav, Mohit Dabas, Rizwan, Jafri, Rohit Bhari and others. Now that the talk was about social media and online harassment, co-incidently, the same happened in the auditorium. There was harassment and undoubtedly, Kawalpreet, took this incident to the court of social media and narrated the entire incident beginning from the verbal abuse hurled at her saying “Bahar niklo yaha se”. She also expressed that she would have been hurt and killed there if the professors had not formed a chain around her. She further revealed that when she was making her way out of the auditorium, several members of the unruly mob tried to grab her and restrained her from finding her way out.

According to the lady, two students who were a party to the entire commotion have been suspended from the college and the staff association has decided to get to the root of the incident. Since every story has two sides, this story too would be incomplete without this half.  An ABVP representative of the college has slammed Kawalpreet’s claim stating that she was not touched by anyone and it was she who initially pushed and verbally abused the students of the concerned college. The representative also mentioned that she was specifically instigating the male students.

As obvious, this incident has shaken the people associated with the event. Post this disruption, the President of the Students’ Union has circulated a press release stating that the activity by the students is condemned and the disruption was not in any manner a representation of the consent of the Students’ Union of the college. She also stated that they always encouraged open discussions and debates and do not support violence. Lastly, she expressed her regret and apologized to the guests and speakers for they behavior they had to face.

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