Botany professor in Kerala, remarks that parents without a good character give birth to children with Cerebral Palsy. Oh Really??

kerala professor-Rajith Kumar
The state government has planned to take a legal action against Rajith Kumar (Source: Facebook/Rajith Kumar

A professor in Kerala has raked up a controversy with his remarks that women who dress like men end up giving birth to transgenders.” Rajith Kumar, a Botany professor, made the bizarre remarks during an awareness class for students in Kerala’s Kasaragod, reported PTI.

“Women who wear jeans and shirts and dress like men, give birth to children called transgender.
There are over six lakh transgenders in Kerala,” he said while addressing a gathering.
He also added that only those couples give birth to “good children” who “live their lives as men and women.” He also said that children of parents who are not of good character turn out to be “autistic and suffer from cerebral palsy.”

I could not believe my own eyes when I read this article online. Professor’s comments are not only bizarre but also provocative for a woman with Cerebral Palsy, who’s living her life with dignity. Living in a country which is full of stereotypes about disability. I thought that how could a professor utter these kinds of words. I think I was so soon to judge. Doing masters in English literature from Delhi University, still haven’t given me a proper respect in my society. There are still silly questions by people about my wheelchair and my disability. I never thought much about these comments. These comments usually come from people who are uneducated.
This news really blew up my mind. These kinds of comments are not acceptable from a highly educated professor of botany. We all know that disability is not a gift of angels, people like me are working hard each day to prove our capability to the person in front of us. This kind of comments really shatters our belief on people.
These kinds of comments are really unacceptable to the Youth of our society. The youth of our society wants Inclusion of Disability in every area of life, these kind of comments are not acceptable to the future of Inclusion.

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Vinayana Khurana

I'm a student of Masters in English literature at Delhi university. I was born with Cerebral Palsy but I didn't let it block my passion. I love writing my thoughts on the paper.

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