Chandigarh University Hostel Life : There comes a point in life where you have to stay away from home and family. But it’s not a problem when you know you’re going to have a good college life and it’s great when you know you will stay in a hostel surrounded by all your friends and college mates. Hostel life is a really fun and important part of a student’s life but what comes next is way more important. You miss your college and your hostel afterwards, when you grow up. You look out for things that relate to your life there, you talk to you friends about your good times there and most importantly you really want to go back and live that again. And that’s exactly what we, the CampusVibes, bring you today.

Chandigarh University Hostel Life

Hostel Life at Chandigarh University

But we aren’t talking about just any college. We are talking about the famous Chandigarh University. It is an excellent institution for the students of India as well as some other countries. Apart from its academic excellence what is important is its hostel because the institute has people from far off places. If you were or you are a hostelier at CU we bring you today 10 things you are definitely going to miss if you are a graduate/graduating from Chandigarh University.

Key highlights about Chandigarh University hostel life

1. The multi-cultural and multi-lingual mates

Chandigarh University is one such university where you’ll meet people who might not speak your first language or people whose cultures are placed at a different pole than your own or people belonging to a country you’ve never even heard of. The classes are formed in a way so that the class consist of students from different culture and whose linguistic preferences are different. This is one thing that you will miss the most because there aren’t many places where you will get to see such diversity. Hence, one of the rocking hostel life is Chandigarh University hostel life.

2. The heterogeneous group of people

Chandigarh University apart from having students from different states of India itself has a lot of students from foreign countries. This doesn’t only make environment in hostels diverse and interesting but also makes living in hostel fun. You get to know different backgrounds, different cultures, different language; you get to grow as a person responsible and appreciative of everything regardless of the differences. This makes it the first and the most important things you’ll miss because you don’t get the heterogeneity of this level everywhere but here at Chandigarh University.

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Chandigarh University Hostel Life
3. The Gymnasium

Chandigarh University is known to consider fitness of the students a very important factor. Specially when you’re living in the hostel, you don’t get to care for your body as much and that’s exactly why the hostel have gyms that are well furnished with all the services from the great equipments to professional trainers.

You’re going to miss the gym after graduation because of not only its service and stuff but you’re going to miss working out with your friends. You’re going to miss the equipments you broke, ahem ahem, unintentionally obviously. When you graduate, you’ll look for that rare combination of gym and utmost fun and we’re sure you’re missing it already.

4. The Mess ka Khana, Yes!

This might surprise the graduates from other universities but guys Chandigarh University hostel life is dedicated to good food. You’ll bless the mess wale bhaiyas and didis for making such yummy food. And FYI they also make sure it’s clean and healthy. This makes it one of the things you’ll miss after graduation because this isn’t the case everywhere. You will not get the food like that everywhere, at least not in a hostel. 

And come on guys, even if the food was bad sometimes, you’ll still miss the bitching you did with your friends about it back when you were there. Either way you miss it but it’s a win – win situation, don’t you think?

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For every Bachelor room cooks like @balu.m_y_n_e @jagadeesh.jai.1042 Necessary is very much.. Thank God we are lucky as well as our vadhinas…😁😁

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Chandigarh University Hostel Life
5. The common room/the game room

This is one thing you’ll miss the most. Chandigarh University has a really cool game room where you can go anytime to sharpen your game skills or rather what you might remember as the place where you used to chill and hang out with your gang. If you’ve ever seen F.R.I.E.N.D.S, this room, this particular room is the central perk of so many gangs in the university. Yes and obviously, again, you’ll remember the instruments you broke unintentionally. Overall this is THE place you’ll miss the most.

6. Global discussions in your hostel room

Chandigarh University with its internationalised policies provides a global outlook to its students and you will miss it because its rare to find and be around a set of individuals who are truly looking for the innumerable opportunities outside of the unspoken rule bubble. When you will graduate from Chandigarh University you will miss the discussions in your hostel which you probably remember as your plans for life. Why specifically for hostel students? Because when you are living in the hostel there chances are that you interact with people from hostel and since the hostel has people from all around the world you get to live in a world of you own where you can dream regardless of the rules without any boundaries.

Not only this, you will also miss how all your friends would sit together to think about your future plans but you end up talking about how a teacher is torturing you or how bad the syllabus is and its okay because that was the time where you could fool around as much as you want.

Chandigarh University Hostel Life
7. Le Corbusier, Nek Chand, Zakir and Sukhna, Tagore

If you are graduating from Chandigarh University you already know what these are. You will miss how you were so confused in the beginning of college and how you wished you were into a different hostel. But but but! What you will remember the most is that how you would literally fight anybody if they talk bad about your college. 

This might seem really childish and unimportant to other people but if you are graduate from Chandigarh University you exactly know how important it was for you to defend your own hostel. Ahhh good days!

8. Night attendance/Head count

You will remember this as the time when you were uncontrollable and as your warden would say – disobedient. Most of you guys have already done some mischief while the attendance was going on and some of you must also have faced some scolding. Whatever it is but you can’t deny the fact that this is something you will always miss as you graduate from CU.

Chandigarh University Hostel Life
9.  Weekend Weakness

If you are a hostelier at CU you exactly know what we are going to say. If you were in hostel on weekends you remember Sukna Lake, Rock Garden, Anandpur Sahib and what not. If you visit these places there is 100% chance that you will see some or the other person from your hostel because these are the primary places where all the Chandigarh University students hang out on weekends. You are definitely going to miss visiting these places with your friends but more importantly you are going to miss how hard it was to actually make these plans.

10. The night ritual

If you are a hostel student you probably already miss this in the morning XD. The most obvious night ritual is going to the Night Food Street in sector 14 (opposite the main gate of PGI). And if by any chance you were the foodie in your hostel group you will miss it more because CUIANS do it a lot, specially the hostel students explore everything at night. Also for students of CU the nights are the most enjoying because the game room, the ground and the hostel rooms are the most active and for a hostel student it’s like heaven.

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Chandigarh University Hostel Life

Please forgive CampusVibes if we made you a little sad or nostalgic today but these are the things you are going to cherish for all your life. Also don’t forget to share this with all your fellow CUIANS and remind them how your days at CU hostel were like or if you are still there remind your mates to live it to its fullest.

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