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Engineering is not only the study of 45 subjects but it is moral studies of intellectual life. Such an important subject cannot be taught carelessly, it lays utmost responsibility of the shoulder of the teacher to make it interesting enough so that students do not lose interest. Therefore “Classroom activities for engineering students” is the way to go about it.

Impact of Engineering in the life of a Student

Normal people don’t understand this concept. They believe that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Engineers believe that if it ain’t broke, it doesn’t have enough features yet. Engineers know how to solve any problems. Sometimes I don’t understand why people come in shock whenever they hear about engineering. They think that engineering is a hard and challenging career. Engineers are creators

You won’t believe that Engineering has been chosen as the ‘toughest’ course among all the courses including BCOM, BCA, and MBBS; by the Guinness book of world records, on 18 Aug 2010. It has 58 university exams + 130 series exams + 174 assignments within 4 years (max 750 working days).  It isn’t easy at all. 

classroom activities for engineering students

10 Best Classroom Activities for Engineering Students to make learning fun

Yes, so here we are going to discuss the 10 classroom activities that are beneficial for engineering students. It would make the classroom environment more interesting. It generally happens we don’t focus in class. There are three types of students.  

  • Firstly, who are very attentive and attend all the lectures, make proper notes, are decent. They are usually called first benchers.
  • Secondly, average students who only attend important lectures and are still confused that why are they doing engineering.
  • lastly, the third category is of backbenchers who know how to create memories, who don’t run behind marks, don’t even focus on their subjects.

So the activities which I will describe here can be beneficial for the backbenchers as well. 

1. To begin with, Let’s start with Breakers

Okay! So the semester has been started. Students don’t know each other very well. To make them understand well from each other, the Breakers game can be introduced. In other words, its a kind of introduction game that helps students become familiar with each other. This game is much useful at the beginning of a semester. It would help students to socialize and would boost up the environment. Therefore, it is the first in the list of Classroom activities for engineering students.

2. A very well know game to have team bonding, Dumb charades

Some students might consider Job Oriented classes as boring ones! No doubt, they would. However, humans have a bad habit, they don’t do things that are actually better for them. Therefore, to make it more interesting, teachers can play this game. They can use idioms or phrases (Hindi idioms). One would act it, and others have to guess and translate it into English. The winning team will get the prize. This activity can help students learn new tech-based terminologies of that subject and can lead to some good groups that make revolutionary products in their projects. Above all, this activity is second on the list of classroom activities for an engineering student

The video is a classic example of how dumb charades is helping students learn mathematics. Have a look :

3. Have Debates in the Classroom

Debate instills lasting effect on the participants because of the seriousness in the participation. It is extremely helpful to the students. A topic is given and participants are divided into two groups, one in favor and another one in against. It enhances critical thinking, independent research, and skillful communication.  For instance, in engineering, there are facts and there are myths, Debates can be very useful here as it will enhance facts and bust myths. Again, a must do an activity from the list of classroom activities for engineering students.

4. Learn new topics through Presentations

Every Saturday or any day of the week a presentation class should be conducted. It removes the fear of public speaking, increases their research capability. A topic should be given, they have to give the presentation, ask questions from them too. This activity requires time and energy as it will help students research on some topics and come up prepared. Therefore, this is the best way to add skills and knowledge with them being a part of it.

5. Exchange the roles

Yes, you got it right as the name suggests. This is one of the best types of learning activity. For instance, make student as teachers, allocate them a topic and they have to make them understand it to their classmates. Give a score on their presentations. The creativity of the student in teaching is bought out. It will boost their confidence also and will enhance their skill of making others understand. Engineering has tedious topics too, regular revisions in this form will be the best classroom activities for engineering students.

6. Case Studies to enhance knowledge-based learning

This is something more interesting. Case studies should be based on real-life activities. Real life stories are described to integrate with classroom knowledge. Life outside the room is evaluated. Teachers or students should discuss real-life incidents to let others know how the real world looks like!

7. Integrate Problem Based Learning

It is just like competitive programming. Like a real-life problem is given to them, they make the algorithm and code it. It can only be applicable to Computer science or Electronics branch. So for all, a problem should be presented to a group in the class based on an authentic situation that the participants could actually encounter. The students should analyze and evaluate that problem, find out an effective solution. Through this, the student would learn how to face the problems in life confidently. The different perspective of solving a problem makes them wise. 

This is one of the most effective means of learning activities to be introduced in the classroom activities for engineering students.

8. Group Discussions for Students

It is the most important aspects of education. To get an entry in the industry, they need to crack the group discussion round. It should be treated as class discussion. A general topic should be given to the students. Class discussions encourage critical thinking and evaluation. It makes them active and confident with their points. The different perspective of a single issue could be derived. Students discuss both the pros and cons of the topic.

Group discussions should not be held with the sole purpose of getting into the job, in fact, it has its role to play. When we often land in a job, there are brainstorming sessions in the company that make one sit and discuss with the team for new tech-based improvisations of product features or anything which is important. Until and unless we know how to be a part of the discussion, how will we lead one? And that’s the reason  Group discussions are of the highest priority.

9. Know and Discuss Random Facts

While teaching in the class, to make it more interesting teachers should discuss some of the random facts with them. This activity should be performed by all the students. All of them should discuss random facts one by one. In the typical class, students are attentive just 40% of the time. So to make it more interesting, discuss some random facts. Random facts discussion are again knowledge booster for the students in a very fun way. Since engineering is a degree that requires a lot of practical knowledge and less of theoretical knowledge. Therefore such random thoughts discussion activities help. 

10. Have regular quizzes

This is one of the old games known to all of us, right? Students could be divided into two or more groups and questions are asked to them. Through this, the student acquires more knowledge because of the competitive spirit infused in class. This is one of the best classroom activities for engineering to boost knowledge as well as add the fun element to the learning methodology.

Key points to consider for these fun activities 

  1. Always remember that these activities should maintain decorum. It shouldn’t be violated. 
  2. Make sure that students should learn from these activities. 
  3. Every student should participate in this activity.
  4. There are always some students who create indiscipline, no matter what happens. So you would have two choices either to make them move on the right track or to make them out of class.
  5. Always discuss some new stuff during the class. It will make the class more interesting. 

Most of the Engineers only come to college for attendance and internals. This is the true fact. Don’t take this to any offense. Engineers always wanted to do something different in their life. Teachers play a big role in that. They know how to make everything interesting. They have only one rule in their life:

They know how to be the best version of themselves. So cheers Engineers, you rock it!

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