Free Education to International students : Gone are the days when people used to study anywhere irrespective of the infrastructure, faculty and the quality of other facilities. We are living in a modern age where we do not compromise with anything and when it comes to education, we just dream for a college or university that is spotless. Getting all the facilities may still seem to be an attainable task, but the expenses associated with these again make it a distant dream for the students. Almost everyone wishes to study abroad and enjoy their student lives to the fullest.

Free Education to International Students

So, here is a list of the 8 countries that offer free education to international students

1. Germany: 

It has become a major attraction for the students around the world over a few years.

Top Universities: It has a number of public universities, some of which have been repeatedly ranked amongst the top universities in the world.
Different Courses: The study programmes are offered in different fields making it a higher education paradise. Engineering, medicine, pharmacy are some of the most sought after courses offered here and the modern structure of these programmes makes them even more popular.
Nominal Living Cost: Foreign students just need to pay the administration fees which is very nominal. Students can work part-time for 20 hours a week, although the living costs are minimal in Germany which makes it on the top of our list. 
2. Norway: 

One of the most expensive countries in the world, Norway offers higher education to students, including foreigners, without charging a tuition fee.

Nominal fees and Part time jobs availability:

It just charges a small administrative fee which also provides you with numerous facilities. Though you are exempted of tuition fees, you may still find it expensive to live in some of the cities in Norway. But, you may find a part-time job and make it easier for you to manage expenses. Advanced teaching aids, high standards of living and mesmerising beauty make it an ideal place to study and live in

3. Luxembourg

It is a small European country which is very beautiful and is the only Grand Duchy in the world besides being a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Less Tuition Fees:

Talking about education, majority of the education programmes in Luxembourg do not expect you to pay tuition fees. Still, there may be some of the courses where you need to pay a certain amount, but that is also not exorbitant.


A multilingual, multicultural and one of the safest nations in the world. It is an ideal place for international students to acquire their degrees and enjoy their lives as a student. 

4. Greece: 

The land of gods” is much more than just a tourist place. Not only is it famous for its historical and cultural heritage, beaches, islands and yummy food, but also for its education programmes. 

Cheapest European Country:

Being an EU-country, it follows the objectives of the Bologna process which means 3+2+3(bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral). The public universities do not charge tuition fees from EU/EEA students, others are charged with a nominal tuition fees that also includes the cost of their textbooks. Moreover, Greece is one of the cheapest European countries to live in, which makes it easier for you to maintain a good lifestyle. 

5. Austria: 

Apart from the castles, casting their magic spell on the tourists all around the globe, Austria has some top universities that attract international students to come and graduate from this beautiful country. 

Top Universities:

Vienna University, University of Graz, Medical University of Graz are some of the Public Universities which are state funded and charge a very low tuition fee from international students. Moreover, there are scholarships for international students too. So, what are you waiting for? Go and pack your bags fellas! 

6. Sweden: 

The citizens of an EU/EEA/Nordic country or Switzerland do not need to pay tuition fees for their bachelor’s and master’s, which was also applicable to citizens of other countries up until 2010. But wait, do not get disheartened as there are universities that offer scholarships to these international students. Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals is one of these scholarships that are offered to highly-qualified students and cover their living costs and insurance along with the tuition fees. Moreover, you can pursue your doctoral degrees free of cost and you receive a monthly salary as well. What else can we ask for? 

7. France: 

From 2019 onwards, the non-EU/EEA citizens need to pay more for their higher education in France. But, the government has tripled the scholarships available for international students, thus still making it one of the major attractions for the students all over the world. 

High Quality Education:

The French higher education system is considered to be amongst the best in the world. It has few of the best business schools and is famous for many other courses as well. High quality education combined with an excellent social life makes it one of the most popular destinations for international students besides being a tourist hotspot

8. Czech Republic: 

Attention attention! Go and enroll yourself in a Czech language class now. No, it’s not for a revolution, but yes, it may prove to be one. 

Nominal Fee:

You can obtain higher education from Czech Republic at absolutely no or little cost. Yes, you read that right. The public universities offer quality education without charging you with tuition fees irrespective of your nationality. One of the most beautiful cities in Europe, it is amongst the most popular destinations for international students. You can lead a good lifestyle without spending much on your studies and living. So, what are you waiting for? 

These were the 8 countries offering higher education to international students at almost no cost or kind of free education. Studying abroad is not a distant dream anymore. Enroll yourself in the course of your choice and lead a lifestyle that you always wished for. Stop thinking, start acting! 

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