This is our generation, the generation of smartphones, the generation of fast food lovers, the generation of tinder swipes, the generation that wants to make bold statements, the generation that wants things to be done ASAP. But the pace at which this generation is progressing, it is almost impossible to cope up the balance between healthy living and efficiency at work. Therefore, to help you match up with both important things in life we get you some realistic and easy healthy meals that can help you in matching up with both. This will help you ease your work stress along with a healthy lifestyle.

Easy healthy meals for college students

The generation now is much more smart on its savings and lifestyle. Today we like to spend on things that are important to us. We spend and save smartly so that it’s all efficiently done.But before junping straight away to a healthy and budgeted diet, its important to know the benefits of a healhy diet!

Benefits of Easy Healthy Meals:

Easy healthy meals for college students

Diet deeply influences 2 things: One is happiness and stress and other is skin. So people here is a quick guide to some of the healthiest, yummiest, cost-effective meals that we can easily go for. These are affordable as well as healthy meals so that the burden on the pockets is managed wisely. Here are a few easy healthy meals that will help all college students maintain a healthy lifestyle in a cost-effective manner. Just in Case you find it difficult to prepare, you can also follow simple healthy eating tips, to begin with, and then jump onto a healthy diet.

Check these meals, to begin with, your health planning:

Meal#1: Boiled Eggs

Easy healthy meals for college students

Eggs are the cheapest and richest source of protein.  Eggs are rich in selenium, vitamin D, vitamin B6, B12 and minerals such as zinc, copper, and iron. Along with vitamin B2 and lower amount of fat, The Whites of an egg are much more nutritional than the yolk. The Yolk Portion mainly consists of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Most Importantly, Eggs pocket-friendly as an egg costs about Rs.4-6.

Boiled eggs are easily available at any Chinese corner or small stalls and you can make it at your home easily as well. Henceforth it is considered t be one of the best easy healthy meals for college goers.

Sunday ho ya Monday,Roz Khaao andey….

Tired of eating boiled eggs and want to try a new recipe of eggs? Check out the link below!

Meal#2: Idli Sambhar

Easy healthy meals for college students

A healthy meal should be stomach soothing and must energize you till the next meal of your day. Talking about the South Indian famous dish Idli Sambhar, which is mouthwatering as well as being healthy. Idli Sambhar can be easily digested by our body. It is a kind of food which never makes you feel lazy and sleepy.

Its main Ingredient is dal so it also provides you a good amount of protein. It is one of the best and effective way to provide fiber to your body with taste. Also, one plate of Idli sambhar costs you approx 50-60 INR.

Dosa Plaza in Delhi NCR is quite famous for idli sambhar at a cost of 65 per plate.

Meal#3: Sauteed veggies with Soy Sauce

Easy healthy meals for college students

A full bowl of sauteed vegetables with soy sauce is another source of easy healthy meals, which is not just healthy but tastes good too. Sauteed in soy sauce and containing many of the protein-rich items such as tofu, lean beef, salmon and vegetables such as broccoli, carrot, baby corn, eggplant which provide you with a variety of vitamins, minerals, and fibers.

A Full bowl of such sauteed vegetable will not cost you more than 70-80 INR. And will provide you energy till your next meal. Various Delhi NCR cafes like CITRUS CAFE and PAPAJI & SONS offer this meal at Rs.80-100.

Meal#4: Daliya or Porridge

Easy healthy meals for college students

A portion of amazing Indian food with numerous health benefits and taste preferable is another phrase for Daliya. It is a full meal in itself with a lot of advantages. It contains fibers which aid in digestion. Also, as it contributes to lessening the increase in sugar levels, it is very good for diabetic patients. As Daliya offers immense energy, it is a perfect ingredient of easy healthy meals for the gym workouts and health freaks.

Don’t know how to prepare Daliya khichdi? Check this out!

Meal#5: Sweet Daliya or Porridge

Easy healthy meals for college students

It also helps in reducing weight and maintain the shape of your body. One can notice the change within a month as it serves low fat and less than 250 calories. A bowl of Daliya will not cost you more than 50 INR. If you order one from Swiggy or Zomato, it won’t cost you much!

Don’t know how to prepare Sweet Daliya? Check this out!

Meal#6: Upma

Easy healthy meals for college students

Again a South Indian Dish, Rava being the major ingredient of Upma is very nutritious & healthy. Every 100 gm of Rava contains 70 gm carbohydrate, 21 gm of protein, 8 gm of minerals and fibers and only 1 gm of fat. 

It provides metabolism to the body, helps in reducing weight, provides energy, boosts body functioning, acts as an antioxidant and prevents Iron deficiency. It also prevents high cholesterol. A bowl of Upma will not cost you more than Rs.50-60.

Dosa Plaza in Delhi NCR again serves this dish at Rs.40 only.

Meal#7: Brown Bread Sandwiches

Easy healthy meals for college students

Bread is often credited to be Unhealthy, but in comparison to its white counter-part brown bread is tasty as well as healthy. A Brown Bread Sandwich is full of either vegetables Or chicken with exotic spices being sometimes grilled other times just plain is very tasty, healthy as well as comes under the category of easy healthy meals of the day.

Chicken Sandwich

chicken sandwich rich source of nutrition

There’s just no end to creativity here as you can go crazy with a lot of condiments, oceans of fillings & toppings to choose from, as well as sweet, salty, spicy or all mixed. The world of bread is as just as wide as your creativity lets you.

A plate of such a  delish sandwich will not cost you more than Rs.70/- INR. Various cafes at Satya Niketan and GTB Nagar serve it at around Rs.50-60/- INR

Meal#8: Fruit Salad

healthy salad for college students

Fruits are rich in vitamin, minerals, and fibers. Generally, it is believed that individuals who have a habit of including fruits in their diet are very far from the risk of chronic diseases. Fruits provide you with utmost energy and stamina, increases your metabolism and act as an antioxidant for your body. One bowl of fruit salad will provide you satisfaction until your next meal and also will not cost more than Rs.100. 

Also by eating this salad, you can attain a figure like POO(Kareena Kapoor) of K3G. Remember the famous dialog, “KAUN HAI YEH …. JISNE PALAT KR MUJHE NAHI DEKHA..WHO IS HE!!!?”

Very common and easily available in all cafes and restaurants as per your order and affordable too.

Meal#9: Vegetable Salad with Honey

veg salad with honey for health conscious

Vegetables contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibers and hydrate your body throughout the day. Whereas honey act as an antioxidant and is nutritious for the body. If you are planning for a diet to reduce the fat off your belly then it is the best option you can opt for.

A bowl of vegetable salad with honey will not cost you more than Rs.100. Very famous in Satyaniketan, South Delhi in almost every cafe ranging from Rs.90-100.

Meal#10: Vegetable Salad with Honey

fruit sandwiches for college students

A fruit sandwich is a twist on the classic veg. sandwich but packs a powerful tasty punch. You can customize a fruit sandwich according to your liking or you can go the whole way & order a today’s special.

Adding in a lot of citrus fruits with some sweet cream & few berries in between is always a refreshing kickstart to your tired day or a hangover that you want to get rid of badly.

As fruits contain natural sugars, vitamins, minerals & various nutrients you can always eat to your heart’s content & adding with it a multigrain or oat bread will do wonders to your tired & aching tummy.

A fruit sandwich will approximately cost you between Rs.100-150.- INR

Meal#11: Granola Cereal

granola salad for college goers

This new trending food is just amazing. You only need a one-third cup of granola with two-thirds milk to feel full again. What is even more amazing is that you customize it accordingly and don’t need to add nuts as it contains the equivalent amount of heart-healthy fats, proteins, fiber & micro-nutrients present in nuts.
You just have to make sure that you don’t go all out on granola as it contains a good amount of sugar, hence no need of adding sugar as it tastes sweet as well.
A box of granola cereal can cost you around Rs.300/- INR but will last you more than 3 weeks if you go according to the above-mentioned advice. 

So now I hope this article would have uplifted your spirits, hunger pangs & knowledge with this topic. Moreover, one thing that’s really close to my heart & I’ m sure that it’s also close to yours as well as our favorite “Ghar ka khana”.

As since being a hostler, I know how hard it truly is to survive on hostels’ food as most of it’s prepared by the so-called experienced chef-cum-labor-cum-maharaj which after all the praising still tastes like shit.

Lastly. the only to share this was, to help you create a change with your food prospects & habits.

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