Holi, a festival of joy, cheerfulness, and happiness comes with a lot of zeal and vigor. But, not many like Holi….we tend to make funny, stupid and Hillarious excuses for not playing Holi. All of us are part of some or the other group who plans extensively for Holi, but then within the same group, there are people like us who just pretend to be HOLI lovers. Within our own self, we very well know the fact that HOLI is not my kind of festival, as not all of us are too fond of Holi.

Believe us, it’s absolutely fine to be yourself.  With whatever potential you resist playing HOLI there will be people around who will shower tubs of colors on you, saying “BURA NA MAANO HOLI HAI”.  So this time, if you are thinking hard to skip Holi, we bring you an extensive list of some hilarious excuses that you can make to protect yourself from the HOLI MUSKETEERS.

In short, these Hilarious excuses will help you stay clean an happy, if that’s what you are wanting to achieve 😉


hillious excuses to avoid holi

Yes, sounds a bit weirdo but can still go. Perhaps this excuse that scares the people around and they will fear from touching you. After all, it’s a high-risk situation for them too. This is one of the most hilarious excuses to try from, but make sure pretend as if you are seriously ill. It should not look like you saying for the sake of it.


hilarious excuses to avoid holi

Hahahaahh, an interesting one isn’t it?  Again this excuse will prove out to be very successful, especially when the fear will be amongst the people around and not inside you. They will try and stay as far as possible. Still if you, want to check whether they’re literally scared or not, just tell them this one thing, “Bhai jo bhi hai Holi wale din gale to mil le!”and see their reactions ;).

Also, this is one of the most successful hilarious excuses to try out!


Now, this is a bit risky one! People might feel bad about it and start considering you as someone who is adamant and rigid about his/her likes or dislikes! Yes, it’s not be counted as hilarious excuses, but can be considered as a rude reply of saying that you don’t want to play Holi. But. it’s okay you can be funny all the time. It’s important to look serious too, especially when the matter is as grave as not playing Holi.


hilarious excuses to avoid holi

This will gauge mixed reactions from people around you. Those who have made up their mind of coloring you from top to bottom will just not spare you, but for those who are your new friends will make a distance from you this Holi. But, never mind some distance is also good to keep on Holi. Hence, this excuse from the list of Hilarious excuses might work or might not work.


hilarious excuses to avoid holi

Yes, you might feel disgustful while digging your nose, but again will give you good results. People will perhaps register your name under the list of most unhygienic person in the colony, but who cares!

If it’s giving you 100% successful result then why not give it a try 😉 


No harm in trying this out! Even if it doesn’t end up protecting you, it will for sure end up entertaining everyone around and will create a fervent spirit of festivity around you that will make you get adorned in the colors of happiness and cheerfulness. Might not prove out to be hilarious excuses, but will surely be an entertaining one 😀 😉


hilarious excuses to avoid holi

Sickness excuses are the best ones to try out and help you cope up with everyone around. So just in case, you are doubtful about any of the above-listed hilarious excuses, try with this one! This will surely help!


hilarious excuses to avoid holi

And who said you can’t try emotional atyaachar on your friends? In fact, this is the best way to stop your friends from putting colors on you- MAAAA ka BAHANAAAA, BILKUL HAI APNANAAAA! 


hilarious excuses to avoid holi

We are not saying turn yourself into a communist, but no harm in pretending, if it is protecting you from those itchy colors which you don’t like putting on yourself. And yes one of the most commonly used tricks to try from the hilarious excuses list that I am sharing with you!


hilarious excuses to avoid holi

When nothing helps, and everything seems to go out of your hand, try astrology waley baba! Not many friends will even listen to this excuse but at least you can try! So no harm in trying.

We have shared some of the funniest, stupid, idiotic and hilarious excuses with you. But there is just one thing that I would like to share with you and that is, festival are the roots of our Nation. Let’s not dilute their essence by giving silly excuses. 

Let us all promise each other that we all will put in more efforts in realizing the means to make holi a safe Holi.

Holi Mubarak!

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