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It indeed is a matter of pride to work for the Nation. Serving in the Indian army is not a job nor it can be a job. It’s a clear depiction of love and passion for the country. Indian Soldiers who are there at the war front are fighting not for themselves but for us. Leaders and youngsters are often found discussing selflessness and loyalty but what we talk and what our army men project, there is a huge difference. These brave son of the motherland clearly show what selflessness is all about and what being loyal to the nation is all about. Choosing an Indian Army Career is a tough decision as it requires all 4 parameters (heart, smarts, guts, and luck) together. A decision to work for the Indian army, going through the selection and the recruitment process also requires wit, wisdom, intelligence, passion, and zeal. 

We fight to win and win with a knock out, because there are no runners up in war.

-General J J Singh
Career in Indian army by Campusvibes
Indian Army Career Options by CampusVibes

Whenever I hear of soldiers or Indian flag my eyes get filled with an ambition to do something for my country and my chest busts out with the pride of being an INDIAN. Yes, I take immense pride to be an INDIAN and so should you. Gosh, all this sounds so good! I know how good it feels to see the Indian flag high up in the air, but to be the reason behind it is what gives you happiness. If someone says there is heaven out somewhere I would say it’s in Indian army.

Real Satisfaction?

It’s not easy to accept that any day can be your last day, to give up on your family, your loved ones but the feeling, the satisfaction, the courage to live for others, to be heroes of all those who sleep well at night because they know you are there to protect them, it worth everything and anything. Therefore possessing an Indian Army Career requires huge courage and self-confidence from within.

Career in Indian Army by Campusvibes
Credits: careerwiki

I am quite sure once in our life we all have aspired to be a part of the Indian army or posses an Indian Army career. But, the fat pay package offered by corporate or the luxury of working from an AC office always come in the way of such thoughts.

For those of my friends who aspire to be Army men and wishes to fight for the nation, it’s important to know the Job details of Indian Army.

Nature of Job: Indian Army Career

Indian Army Career by CampusVibes
1.Professional advancement 

Possessing an Indian Army Career adds laurels to ones personal and professional positioning. Despite the challenges that one has to go through the exponential reach is huge. And this is in terms of dignity and respect for those who take Indian Army career seriously. The promotional avenues available to an Army officer are:

By Time Scale: Captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel

By Selection: Colonel, Brigadier, Major General, Lieutenant General, General

2. Job Satisfaction and Job Security

The sheer variety, sense of purpose, responsibility, and pride, negate any job dissatisfaction in the Army. The Indian Army Career has been structured to ensure that its personnel works with unhindered dignity. Additionally, statutory rules and regulations exist to safeguard the interests of the servicemen adequately both while in service and after retirement.

3. Pay and Allowances

If the pay and allowances as per seventh pay commission are to be worked out in tangible terms it would add up to an amount that no private firm would be either capable of, or willing to pay. It includes training for retired officers for their resettlement in civil life, six months courses conducted at reputed B schools etc.

4. Social Status in Service

All of us have our own opinion about what constitutes “social status”. However,  it is an undisputed fact that the status of a ‘warrior’ has stood the test of time. History and society have both held the soldier in esteem and offered him a unique status in society. Above all, by joining the Army, one becomes a member of an exclusive and elite brotherhood, which is the envy of one and all. In addition to everything listed above, it also includes post-retirement benefits, lifetime opportunity for professionals, posting/tenures subsequent to commissioning.

5. Quality of Life

Quality of life is an important attribute of Army life and has no parallel in any other service. Some of the intangibles, which go to make the quality of life in the Army, are:-

  • Service of the motherland.
  • A profession to be proud of
  • Opportunity to travel and know the country and its people/culture/flora and fauna
  • Serve and represent the nation abroad
  • A pure and noble profession
  • Honour and social status
  • No stagnation, a new challenge every day.
  • Opportunity for growth
  • Sports and adventure activity
  • Messes, clubs and institutions facilities
  • Education facilities – Both school and professional colleges for children
  • AWWA hostel for girls in metros
  • Army ensures your physical and mental health.
  • Quality of life ensured not only for officers but also for families.

And many more…

I know by now all of you would have made up your mind and convinced yourself about joining the Indian Army. But, the question is how? Don’t you worry on that front, we have got you back! Don’t trust us…Scroll down then.

So let’s get started!

Step#1: Which Stream to choose after 10th?

You are not recommended to opt for Army just after 10th, because of lower division jobs like- Cook, Soldier, Barber, Safai karamchari etc. are available.

So, it is advisable to better first complete your 12th with Pure Science/Non-Medical/ Medical with Mathematics with the subject combination as Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Then some good opportunities/career options will open up for you.

Step#2: What is the right age to begin with an Indian Army career?

You must be at least 16 years old to join the Army as a soldier. For instance, You can start your application when you’re 15 years and 7 months. Be enlisted before your 36th birthday. If you’re under 18, you will indeed need parental consent to join.

Step#3: List down details like Indian Army exam date, eligibility criteria and important notifications

Indian Military Academy, Dehradun

Indian Military Academy is yet another cradle of leadership that prepares you to lead from the front. You are trained in all aspects of combat and tactics using technology and other modern tools and technologies. The IMA has excellent facilities for all-round development. However, you can also go for adventure sports like river rafting, para jumping, rock climbing, trekking, and mountaineering. From the IMA, you’re commissioned as a “Lieutenant” in the Indian Army, to go out into the world and live up to the IMA motto – “Valour & Wisdom”.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Age: 16.5 yrs to 19.5 years 
  • Qualification: 10+2(70% marks with PCM) + Graduate

How to get into IMA are as under: 

1. Through the Combined Defence Service Examination (CDSE)

You can take the CDS Entrance Exam conducted by UPSC while you are in final year of Graduation / possess any graduate degree. Firstly, Appear for CDSE written, Secondly, Pass SSB, and finally be medically fit and get your name to appear in the final merit list and join IMA as a Direct Entry subject to meeting all eligibility conditions and availability of vacancies. 

Notification Detail: The notification is made twice a year, since the exam is held twice a year, in the month of March/ April and September/October.

For details of exam dates / Notification visit UPSC website upsc.nic.in

Note: Applicable for male graduates only

2.Through Technical Graduate Course (TGC)

Those who are studying in the final year or have completed BE/B Tech in notified streams can also join IMA through Technical Graduate Course. Look out for the advertisement published in leading newspapers/employment news in May/Jun & Nov/Dec every year.

Notification Details: Selected candidates will be granted Short Service Commission on probation in the rank of Lieutenant from the date of commencement of the course or the date of reporting at IMA, whichever is later. These will be entitled to full pay and allowances admissible to Lieutenant during the training period.

Pay & allowances: Gets paid after successful completion of training

Duration of Training: 1 year

3. Through the University Entrance Scheme(CDSE)

This entry is for those of you who wish to apply for Army in Pre-Final Year of Engineering. Look out for the advertisement published in leading newspapers/employment news in May every year.

Note: This entry might have gt stopped now. No information in this aspect has been received

4. Through Army Education Corp AEC (Men)-TGC

Candidates who have passed Post Graduate Degree MA/MSc in subjects as per Notification /M.Com/MCA/MBA with 1st or 2nd Division are only eligible from a recognized university. Final Year appearing/Result awaiting students are not eligible.

Notification Details: Notification is made by Additional Directorate General Recruiting / AG Branch twice a year in May/Jun and Nov/Dec.

Website:  www.joinindianarmy.nic.in

Training Duration: 1 year

5. Through NDA Exam

You can take the NDA entrance exam while you are in class XII or after passing class XII. You have an option of joining the Army, Navy, Air force and Naval Academy subject to meeting educational parameters and clearing UPSC written exam for the given choices. Once you get selected in NDA and choose Army as a preference you are bound to go for 3 years training at NDA Khadakwasla and 1 year at IMA

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Age: 16.5 yrs to 19.5 years 
  • Qualification: 10+2

Notification Details: Notification for this is made twice a year in the month of June and Dec.

Officers Training Academy, Gaya

OTA Gaya was established in July 2011 and is the third pre-commission training (PCT) Academy of the Indian Army. The capacity is around 750 cadets with only one mission to train gentlemen cadets to become professionally competent commissioned officers of the Indian Army. 

But the question that arises here is how to join Officers Training Academy Gaya:

1. Through 10+2 (TES) Entry

Details: This is basically an entry for engineers. Male candidates can apply after passing your 12th Exams.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Minimum aggregate of 70% is mandatory in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.
  • Candidates who are between 16 ½ to 19 & 1/2 yrs as of the first day of the month.

Process: Firstly, You will be detailed for SSB interview based on the cut off as decided by Recruiting Directorate. Secondly, look out for the advertisement published in leading newspapers/employment news in May/Oct every year. Finally, the candidates can also apply by directing their applications to Additional Directorate General of RTG TES Section, AG’s branch IHQ of MOD (Army), West Block-III, RK Puram, New Delhi-110066.

Notification Details: Notification is made by ADG Rtg AG’s branch IHQ of MOD(Army) in May/Jun  & Oct/Nov.  

Duration:  Duration of training for TES Entry is 5 years

2. SCO Entry

Details: This is a  special entry for Indian Army soldiers only. Soldiers can directly apply from there respective units as and when the notification comes.

Process: The training commences in the month of January and July and likely SSB dates are Sept-Oct and April-May. This training is conducted in two phases:
  • Phase I- 01 Year Pre-commissioning training at OTA Gaya & 03 Years at CME Pune/MCTE Mhow/MCEME Secunderabad
  • Phase-II- 01 Year Post commission training at CME Pune/MCTE Mhow/MCEME Secunderabad

Note: The details are tentative

Step#4: Medical Selection Criteria for the Indian army aspirants

Medical selection criteria:

  • A candidate should have robust physique and good mental health.
  • The chest should be well developed having minimum 5 cms expansion.
  • Should have normal hearing with each ear and good binocular vision in both eyes. He should be able to read 6/6 in a distant vision chart with each eye. Colour vision should be CP – III (able to recognize white, red and green signal colors correctly as shown by Martin’s Lantern at 1.5 meters).
  • Possess a sufficient number of natural healthy gum and teeth i.e. minimum 14 dental points.
  • Be far from diseases like deformity of bones, hydrocele and varicocele or piles.
  • Soldier General Duty for Infantry should have 6/6 eyesight.

Indian Army: Opportunity for Women

Indian Army Career: Women Cadets at the passing out parade at the Officers Training Academy in Chennai on Saturday.20 march 2010. Photo Credits: Suresh Kumar
Indian Army Entry Schemes for Women

In 1992, an important landmark in the history of the Indian Army was the induction of women into the officer cadre, and the onerous task of training them was undertaken by the Officers Training Academy. So far, more than 1200 Lady Officers have already been commissioned into the various Arms and Services of the Indian Army.

Eligibility Criteria: You should be a graduate to apply.

Revised Terms and Conditions of Service of SSCOs (Men and Women both Technical and Non-Technical)

Prominent features of the revised policy are:

  • Extension of Tenure
    • Tenure of Short Service Commission: Short Service Commission (SSC), in the Regular Army will be granted for 14 years i.e. for an initial period of 10 years, extendable by four years.
    • Duration of Training: 49 weeks.
  • Substantive Promotion: SSCOs will be eligible for substantive promotion.
    • To the rank of Captain – on completion of two years reckonable commissioned service.
    • To the rank of Major – on completion of six years reckonable commissioned service.
    • To the rank of Lt. Colonel – on completion of 13 years reckonable commissioned service.

Step#1: Exam Details for Women Cadre selection

1. Entry Scheme Women: Graduate Non-UPSC

NCC Special entry:

Vacancies: The Notification is Published in Employment News and leading Daily news Paper. Notified by Directorate General Recruiting / AG Branch in Jun and Dec

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Age: 19 to 25 years
  • Qualification: Graduate with 50% aggregate marks, 2 years service in NCC senior division army with a minimum ‘B’ grade in ‘C’ certification exam.

2.Entry Scheme Women: Graduate UPSC

Short Service Commission Non-Technical Women (SSWC Non-Tech)

It is notified by UPSC under the aegis of CDSE in July and November.
Age limit: 19 years to 25 years, the candidate must be a graduate from a qualified university of unmarried status.

Application: Apply online on UPSC website as per dates are given in the notifications in the months of July and November.

Exam Dates(Tentative): The dates for SSB are likely in June, July, and Nov, Dec.

Training Details: Training for the same commences in October and April(tentative).

Training Academy Location – OTA Chennai

Duration of Training – 49 weeks

3.Entry Schemes Women – Graduate Tech Entries

Short Service Commission (Technical) Women

It is notified by Directorate General Recruiting, AG Branch in June, July and December and January.

Eligibility criteria:

  1. 20 to 27 years and must be of unmarried status.
  2. Candidate needs to have an engineering degree.

How to apply: Apply online on the Official website of DG Rtg www.joinindianarmy.nic.in 

Tentative dates: The dates for the SSB would be in Dec-Jan and Jun-July.

Details: Training usually commences in April and October(tentatively.

Training Academy Location – OTA Chennai

Duration of Training – 49 weeks

For more detailshttp://joinindianarmy.nic.in/bravo/index.htm

3. Combined Service Examination

The Combined Defence Services(CDS) Examination is conducted twice a year by the Union Public Service Commission for recruitment into the Indian Military Academy (IMA), Officers Training Academy (OTA), Indian Naval Academy (INA)and Indian Air Force Academy(AFA).

Eligibility: Girls are only eligible for Officers Training Academy (OTA).The other three the IMA-Indian Military Academy, AFA-Air force Academy and the NA-Naval Academy, are only for boys.

Notification Details: The notification for the exam comes in the month of December and June. This is one of the modes for women graduates to choose defense as an Indian army career option.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • IMA: 19 to 24 years
  • OTA: 19 to 25 years
  • A degree of a recognized University or equivalent

Note: Women can only apply for Indian Army, Short Service Commission in Non-tech Field, trained 

So hereby concluding by saying just one line:

This is how you go about having an Indian army Career. By this way achieving the dream of wearing that Olive green uniform and representing and fighting for the Nation seems closer clearer.

“How’s the Josh applicants!” It should be High indeed….

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