Walking an aisle for Being Judged? Dress Right by following the below-listed Interview dress code advice for males!

Interview dress code for males by CampusVibes

You might be far too nervous before you apply for an interview, not because whether or not they’ll accept your application, but because what will be the aftermath of when they accept your application. You can literally feel sweat beads on your forehead thinking about how to be as presentable as you can for the interview you are desperately looking forward to. Well, let’s begin from the beginning, and that is how to look just right for the aisle from which the game begins. 

“Because dressing like you’ve made something out of yourself in the world, even if you haven’t or are in the process of, is what really works for most of us.”

Hence, for all the men, who’re still shifting the clothes from one clumsy drawer to another to wear the right outfit to your interview, well, let me guide you through this really smoothly with an easy to follow an interview dress code.

1. You might feel a suit is way too formal, honestly, it’s not!

Interview dress code for males by CampusVibes

So here we begin with your first Interview dress code. You usually prefer a shirt with a tie and a pair of formal trousers which is just fine but, going for a complete formal look while you walk into an interview, not only speaks for your outfit but for you too, it represents the level of confidence you may hold in wearing the not so common outfit for an interview along with your seriousness towards the job you’re applying for. Not that your semi-formals would make you seem less serious though, and mind it, wear a suit that fits, not the one you wore on the wedding of your brother as and when you were sixteen years of age. 

2. Strictly avoid patterns or checks 

Interview dress code for males by CampusVibes

Hope the first interview dress code brought some level of awareness for you? Even though patterned or check shirts are well counted in the formal section on the shirt store of John Players or Raymond, but honestly, wearing a solid shirt for an interview under your suit might work far better for you than the patterned formal or semi-formal shirt you bought for your first internship because truly, that internship wasn’t getting you a package, this job definitely will.

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3. Look out for pastels or Light colors

Interview dress code for males by CampusVibes

The solid colored red or navy-blue shirt you bought on your sister’s wedding, that might be formal, but not the right color of formal for an interview. Do not dress in colors which may outshine your appearance from another corner of the room, no one wants to meet the Sun sitting right next to them as an interviewee. People feel that wearing a shirt is all that needs to be done, but wearing the right colored shirt is way too important and is an interview dress code that is not known to many people especially freshers(boys).

4. Hey, look! You just forgot the TIE! It’s a mandate

Interview dress code for males by CampusVibesWear a tie (watch out the video in case you don’t know how to, learn to wear one). Even though it may not be the gala for your best friend’s wedding, but it’s an occasion for the company who’s planning to recruit you. Make sure you wear a tie which isn’t too loud in colors and is of the right fabric, as one certainly doesn’t want you to sport a cocktail party looks for an interview; which brings us to the fabric. This Interview dress code is usually not known to people, therefore please make a note of it!

5. Go for natural fabrics, it helps!

Interview dress code for males by CampusVibesYou might like the comfortable breezy polyester shirt that you find with the right colors, but for an interview, go for cotton or a silk shirt which fits in with the right colors. Even though if you don’t have one, buy one, because your settled fabric speaks for your organizational skills without you even describing them. And yes, its a must remember Interview dress code which you can’t be ignorant about.

6. Wear well-fitted, dark trousers. No not the ones of your father

dark trousers for males by CampusVibesYou might feel like it’s just an interview and buying a new trouser worth some thousands is useless, hence, sneak into your dad’s cupboard. Well, don’t you dare! A well fitted, right lengthened trousers speak for your uptightness with your work and your presentation skills, hence, don’t walk out of your house with the baggy trousers you might look like a fool. Buy an affordable pair of dark trousers perhaps in dark shades of blue, black or maybe grey if it suits your shirt. All your interview dress code advice is incomplete without this as this forms the backbone of everything.

7. Iron your clothes, or walk out to the dry cleaners for a change

You might be the laziest of all in the world, but don’t be for this one time. After you pull out your shirt from that earthen pot in your cupboard, along with your trousers, iron them. Yes iron them for the wrinkle on your shirt might put out a straight wrinkle on your future life, tagging you with an unorganized, messy label for life. Again one of the most important and least bothered integral of your interview dress code.

8. Leathered shoes with the pure white colored socks, with no Marvel picture peeking out of it, Mind it

use the right pair of socks for interviews

The shiny leathered ones aren’t something I’m talking of. A dull leather with plain white socks does the trick for you so even when you lift a leg, it may not bring out the embarrassing cartoon on your socks, and of course, polish the shoes well, for they’ll represent your tidy life and position as a more organised person in life. See the companies that are hiring are looking for the right talent with the right skill set and presentability. Therefore, it is always recommended to follow an interview dress code for both males as well as females.

9. Don’t forget to Groom yourself well

groom yourself for interview by campusvibes

Lastly, when you visit the lobby of an organization which might change your life, groom yourself beforehand. This just doesn’t mean to go on a spa routine, but set your hair right and get rid of the #NoShaveNovember beard which you love so dearly, or at least trim it well enough to look like a wanted employee and not a wanted criminal. 😉 😀

Last but not least, just remember to wear your confidence with the right cologne. 

The idea of sharing a full-fledged blog on the interview dress code for males is to bring awareness amongst the men fraternity. Boys, who are fresh out of college are casual about how they look because they feel that skill set is what matters. But, it’s not always the skill set but also how you present yourself. Are you organized enough to handle the role or the position the company is planning to offer you?

And yes, just in case you are looking out for the best ways to spend some quality time with your friends. Check it out here!

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