IPU College life : Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University is one of the highly acclaimed universities of India, known for providing courses that range from BBA to PhD and more. Being a fresher is such a happy-nervous thing. So much to give you goose-bumps, or that rush to finally enter into an adulting space that might lead you to places you had never even thought of. Such sweet anxiety of what all is going to happen in the coming days or years is overwhelming. 



IPU College life

So here’s what all you can do to enjoy your IPU college life to the fullest

1.Explore your college: 

The best part about college is its campus life. When you get into your college

  • Make sure you explore every nook and corner
  • Find out what is the students’ favourite “Adda” in or around your college
  • Discover the classrooms, or the library, the ground, the foyer, in short, every part of it
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2. Meet people from all walks of life :

IPU College life does give you the leverage of knowing as many people as you wish to know. You’re going to meet people as lost as you’d be, on your first day. While on the other hand, you’ll meet your kind or even at times, nasty seniors who are going to make your college life absolutely adventurous. Try to build as many connections as you can so you have a solid foot at the end of three years.

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3. Canteen is your escape :

When you feel a little fatigued or lonely (which is absolutely normal), feed yourself some great food at your college canteen. Don’t worry about your pocket until you do not waste food. IP University has absolutely pocket friendly canteens that do not compromise with the quality of food. 

4.  Know your particular department:

It is extremely important for any fresher to know his department, its faculty and other related aspects as a beginning to his/her IPU college life. Eventually, you’re going to be a child in your department’s lap before anything else. 

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5. Discover the clubs/societies:

College is the best place to learn new skills and polish the existing ones. Cultural and non-cultural societies of IPU provide various fruitful opportunities to its students to learn newer stuff and better their craft beyond education. These clubs/societies are headed by third year students in most colleges of IPU. This is amazing since there is a little more transparency in communication among the seniors and juniors. Moreover, there is a sense of interdependency among each other. So, you can help each other grow.

6. Taste your College’s Lingo :  

If you step out to discover your college at IPU, one of its aspects that you’d be fascinated by is your college’s unique lingo. Every college has its own lingo. So get hold on that new language and let your tongue feel the taste of uniqueness. 

7. Explore the city:

Discovering your city is as important and interesting as discovering your college. By discovering, I do not mean only to discover the hangout spots in your city but making yourself aware of its routes and connectivity of the networks, it’s culture, it’s lifestyle and so on.

8. Allocate your budget properly :

The moment you enter into your college life, you feel baggage of growing up coming along. As organic as the feeling is, so is to understand the fact that it is subject to certain responsibilities that you might need to take up. One of them is to allocate your budget in your daily expenses, wisely. As freshers, you might be vulnerable to the shimmering world around, but make sure you know the rights and wrongs or your actions. Stick to your budget to lead a smooth college life. 

9. Be Headstrong :

College life may seem shining and gay at the beginning. But do not lose yourself in that sparkle. Know what is right for you and what is not. Keep your opinion forth when you feel the need to. Learn to say “no” to what you do not feel comfortable at. Stick to your individuality. 

10. Keep checking the website:

It is extremely important to keep checking the college website for regular updates. This not only helps you know what’s happening currently but also keeps you in touch with all the arenas of your college that are under the limelight. 

So, don’t forget to take pictures for memories.

  • Try to get your ears on keeping a tab on the freshers party. Do not miss it.
  • Volunteer for causes that you believe in.
  • Discover new passions.
  • Get to know your professors.Or learn a second language.
  • Or start something new that is your own.
  • Engage others with yourself. Establish yourself as someone with wisdom, passion and courage. Be confident about yourself.
  • Do not fall for identities. Have your own and let the world know you.
  • Do not be submissive. It is going to be the phase that shall mould you into someone you’d never have known earlier.  

You are going to have a fantastic time. Just take it all easy and trust me, life is going to be experimental and experiential all through your graduation years. You’d discover yourself more than anything or anyone else. You’ll lose yourself at times as well, but at the end of the graduation, what you shall turn out to be, is going to take you places. Remember, no one is going to shelter you from the rains. It shall all be up to you how you face it. 

Here’s to a new beginning, new people, new adventures and most importantly- here’s to the new you. Celebrate yourself, your little achievements, your social group, your lectures and everything that is going to be there in this phase of your life. You aren’t going to get it back. Live every bit of it. 

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