The biggest challenge that students are facing these days is to learn English online. Since English has now become a global language because of its use cases. It is mandated to at least understand the language clearly without any confusions or obfuscation in mind.

After the Colonization took place, English has been established in almost every part of the country. It has become the language of education as well as government. Since the 20th century, the culture of the United States has left a great impact on the Globalization of English. Consequently, it is known that English gives the people of other nations the access to a huge amount of content, wealth and opportunities in the International marketplace. It is because of these reasons that students planning to go abroad for further studies are emphasizing on, “Learn English Online” theme.

Reasons to learn English online

  1. All the companies and organizations require employees who are good at speaking English. This is so because they want the employees to deal with their clients all over the world easily. Learning good English speaking skills bring a lot of opportunities. 
  1. English is also the language of science and technology: Good speakers or having good knowledge in the field of English can give you recruitment in any of the fields be it science and technology. 
  1. As English is spoken as a first or second language in almost all the countries worldwide, it also makes travelling easy. It gets easy for the traveler to do all the paper documentation work that is always in English in order to have more interaction with people in different areas. 
  1. Also for the students, it is necessary to write research papers and also get them published which is only possible when the content is valid with the clarity of thoughts. 

Students that are busy in their schools, colleges, and universities don’t get time to go out for coaching and institutes to improvise their English skills. The adults are busy in making money, going for jobs, busy in handling the businesses that never allow them to spare time for themselves. Even if time is managed you are never in a position to go out to organizations to study after a full day at college or at your workplaces. 

Along with these advancements in technology the spread of the internet has taken over the world. Technology has given rise to various platforms that are available online that can help us learn English online. This will help us improve our skills by sitting at our homes that too so easily accessible. 

List of platforms that you can explore to polish English

1.Memrise App

It is specialized in language but also provides with the content on hundreds of different subjects. Memrise has more than 150 language courses and in more than 25 languages. It is available in English, Turkish, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish. It serves areas all over the world with the 35 million registered users. Memrise was named as the overall Best App winner of the second edition of the google play. 

learn english online

2. Quizlet App & Web platform

Quizlet is a mobile and web-based study platform that allows you to study information via learning tools and games. This application makes simple learning tools that you study. Start learning through flashcards, games, etc. Quizlet is the easiest way to practice and then master whatever you are learning. Create your own flashcards as millions of people have made. 

It has got  4-star rating as per PCMag.   As per the reviews, it is the best-rated app for self-study. Unlike other platforms and learning management systems, this platform focusses on learning through flashcards. This makes it creative and unique and to forget FREE too!

learn english online

3. Busuu app & web platform

It is a language learning application, available on the web, IOS, and Android that allows the speakers all over the world to interact. It offers a language course in 12 languages that are: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Turkish, Russian and Arabic. The global learning community of Busuu has around 2.1 million users to learn and practice along. This app has a 4-star rating and has a free as well as a paid version. However, the paid version is worth its cost.

learn english online

4. Italki app & web platform

It is an online language learning website which connects learners and the teachers through video chat. The students are given the opportunity to find one to one teachers. Italki is one of the most loved languages learning marketplace that connects students and the most dedicated teachers around the world for one to one learning. It has 2 million users and around 1000 teachers. 

As per fluentin3months, the italki app has got 5-star rating. The key highlights of the app are Availability of a wide range of languages, Access to the professional lessons, informal tutoring and language partners, along with the availability of trial lessons too.

learn english online


5. Lingvist app & web platform

It is an adaptive language learning platform, a simple, fast and addictive way of learning languages. LINGVIST is available in English, Russian, Estonian, German and French. It works on the basis of  three methods 

  1. Memorizing 
  2. Word cards 
  3. Challenges 

This app has got the 4-star rating as per It’s an entertaining mobile-friendly way to fetch words from other languages indelibly into the user’s brain.

learn english online

6. Duolingo app and web platform: 

Duolingo is a language learning platform that includes a language learning website and an app, as well as a digital language proficiency assessment exam. It offers 85 different language courses in different 24 languages. Duolingo is 100% free and is fun and science-based. It uses its advertising model in both android and IOS. Languages like Latin, American, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Brazilian, Portuguese, etc. are taught on this platform. 


learn english online


7. Beelinguapp

It is also a language-learning mobile application and it provides with the two languages simultaneously so that the user can choose his preferred language. This app also works as an audiobook, users listen to the voice recordings and karaoke type animations are also available with additional languages. The availability of the app is on both the platforms: android as well as IOS. 

This app has got a 3.5-star rating on PcMag.When you need to practice reading in a foreign language, try Beelinguapp, which offers a generous amount of content for free.

learn english online

8. LinguaLeo Web platform and app:

It is an educational platform providing the course in the English language. It is a convenient, effective and free service for learning English. Over 18 million people use this app. It also helps in translating the words and phrases and replenishes your personal dictionary. This app has got a 4-star rating as per sitejabber. Highly recommended for those who wish to wish to feed the lion in them with the English language.

learn english online

9. Coursera Web platform and App

Coursera has numerous courses in its platform, you name it they have it. Choose tour credentials and courses to success they will help you. It partners with top universities and organization worldwide. And offer us courses in each and every field, provide with modules and also videos as in full study material. 

learn english online on coursera

10. FutureLearn Web Application

Join millions of people learning all together at FutureLearn. Enjoy courses from top universities and specialist organizations. You will find out Mock test papers and very clear study material, also a certification later if you ask for.learn english online


Merits of learning English Online

Thankfully, technology has changed the way we learn. Gone are the days when we used to spend our times with our friends chatting and wasting our time. We are now provided with so many platforms to take classes online itself which saves time and is much more efficient. 

1. LIFE HAPPENS: It provides us a chance to have some fun apart from our daily life routine. We can spend some time on social media that brings us across a lot of new things. One can add social media life to our everyday life. 

2. SAVES MONEY TO A GREAT EXTENT: When we visit the English speaking classes in the market they cost us for atlas 1 lakh per year. But these online platforms provide can also offer free classes at any time of the day. 

3. COMFORTABLE ENOUGH: There are no fixed hours, no fixed positions to sit like in educational institutes like sitting on a bench and studying. While we learn English online, we are not constrained to any time duration or specific positions. 

4. WIDER SCOPE, YOU CAN CHOOSE ANY SUBJECT: Online platforms provide us with a various number of subjects, whereas going to institutions compels us to choose any one subject. In order to study it until one year and the online platforms provide us with crash courses and certification for the same within a few months. 

‘Time is not the main thing, it is the only thing’

For students, who stay busy in schools and colleges all throughout the day, these online English speaking platforms are highly impactful. They are free to choose any time slot or subject. Not only for the students but also it is beneficial for working people. They can spare some time from their leisure period and invest that time into this English learning as they are free to start studying anytime and anywhere. 

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