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Life of an Engineer student, not as easy as it seems. Though a bit of gleamy but the challenges is what makes them true engineers. Engineering, 11 letter word which has a lot of importance in itself. Nowadays, everyone has a perception that engineering is easy and everyone can do that easily. But in reality, they don’t know the fact that Engineering is not that easy as it seems.

You won’t believe that Engineering has been chosen as the ‘toughest’ course among all the courses including BCOM, BCA, and MBBS; by the Guinness book of world records, on 18 Aug 2010. It has 58 university exams + 130 series exams + 174 assignments within 4 years (max 750 working days). You have to accept this that we, engineers actually go through all these subjects, making assignments, projects, organizing events and a lot more.

Engineering: A roller coaster ride

These 4 years of engineering gives a lot of lessons. We go through many experiences either related to organizing events, from preparing for exams in just one day(at night before exam) to submitting assignments after final date, from having different groups in class who even don’t talk to each other to getting united to give farewell to seniors, from attending first lecture(in first year) to bunking classes whole day(in final year) just to get a sound sleep, from making girlfriends to having heartbreaks, from ignoring friends for girlfriend to making memories with friends,  from making No. of friends to having just a squad who are actually happy for you, from starting college with different people to ending college with different people, from 90% of attendance (in first year) to just attending college for 75% (in final year), we learn a lot. Engineering is full of experiences and this includes goods and bad both. It’s like a bunch of experiences which can change your life, to an extent that you may end up referring to it as hell or heaven.

“Failure is central to engineering. Every single calculation that an engineer makes is a failure calculation. Successful engineering is all about understanding how things break or fail!.” 

But just like everything has its own pros and cons. Same is the case with engineering, it also has its pros and cons. Therefore, one of the jazziest life is the life of an engineer student.

Pros about engineering

1. Art and Engineering 

“Art without engineering is dreaming. Engineering without art is calculating.”

Both are incomplete without each other. Students become more creative when they go through engineering studies. From learning how to make CAEG (Engineering graphics sheet) make a moving car on a computer, they learn art! Life of an engineer student juggles between technical studies and creative work.

life of engineer student

2. Learning the art of last-minute work completion 😉

Yes, it is true fact that engineers study last night before the exam. In fact, they submit assignments on its final date and many more. But they know how to finish work perfectly. Managing last minute stress is something they become PRO at 😛

life of an engineer student

3. It offers many doors of opportunities

Engineering education teaches students to be flexible with the role of work assigned. It can open many doors – with additional education; engineers can also become doctors, lawyers, writers, teachers, and business people. They can change their career and be what they want to be.

4. It offers many doors of opportunities

Engineering education teaches students to be flexible with the role of work assigned. It can open many doors – with additional education; engineers can also become doctors, lawyers, writers, teachers, and business people. They can change their career and be what they want to be.

“Science is about knowing and engineering is about doing!.” 

Engineering actually tells how to do any work in effective manner. 

5. An understanding of high-level math

Being an engineer, you actually have a high understanding of mathematics. High understanding of math gives a greater understanding of the world around you, and the application of this to real problems can be very satisfying. 

“Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available. They will create their own problems.”  

6. Never give up attitude!

Engineering teaches us never to give up attitude. You would loose hope for a minute, but in the end, you would definitely come out as a winner. Life of engineer student defines it all. You learn many aspects if life only through engineering.

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to be start to be great!” 

7. You tend to meet a lot of people

You shake hands with many people but only some people become part of your life. Your networking grows and so does your range of knowing people from different genres. You may meet many temporary people but some permanent people always stay with you. Engineering is the only career option that enables you to connect with “n” number of people raging from different professional backgrounds.

8. Study a variety of subjects

As an engineer, you learn about all the subjects. Being a Computer science Engineer, you learn about mechanics also, electrical and civil too. An engineer has knowledge of every field. As in first-year engineers have to study all the subjects related to mechanics, electrical, electronics and so on. Life of an engineer student is an amalgamation of life studies and subject wise studies.

9. No dearth of Job opportunities

It is said that there is a lack of job opportunities in engineering but it’s not like that. If you are really passionate about engineering than you would definitely find the best job with a decent package.

“Think about what you’re passionate about. I did not learn something early enough; if I could go back, I’d tell the younger me that there’s a big difference between loving to work and loving the work.”

10. Develop skills other than studying

Being an engineer, you develop skills like writing poems, acting and other hobbies too. You actually become perfect in everything. Parents usually believe that their son will be engineer only if he knows how to repair home appliances. Just kidding,  you actually become an all-rounder.

11. Get to know the real world

Spending 4 years of your life in engineering introduces you to the real world. You would see the real face of the world, the reality of the world! You will see the actual face of people being in college. There will be a lot of people who would be insecure by your success and would make you down. But always believe in yourself. 

12. Importance of being on time

Engineering taught you how to be on time. How to get ready in just 5minutes for anything. The college timing is from 9 am and engineers usually sleep at 3-4 am. Engineers still know how to maintain 75% attendance because they manage to be on time. Talent you see!

Cons of Engineering life

1. A lot of academic pressure

Life of an engineer student also includes a lot of academic pressure. There is a lot of competition in engineering. To get a good job/grade, they need to score well. Sometimes this leads to depression and suicide also!

1. A lot of academic pressure

Life of an engineer student also includes a lot of academic pressure. There is a lot of competition in engineering. To get a good job/grade, they need to score well and therefore sometimes this leads to depression and suicide also.

2. Work for long hours.

You would probably have to work for long hours not because you are forced too, but because you have a passion for completing your design and seeing it in action. Perhaps the stuff you’ve learned at college won’t probably be relevant. So to Horne your skills, you will have work for long hours and this is one such activity which will be common in the life of an engineer student across the globe.

3. You’re not guaranteed a job after graduation

I know you’d get confused here because i right now I said a lot of job opportunities and now I am saying no job guarantee. A lot of recent graduates become disillusioned in the months following their graduation when they fail to get a job for life immediately. While the chances of finding employment with a degree in engineering are good, theirs is no such thing as a guaranteed job.

4. Get to know about real-world relationships

You get to know about the cruelty of the real world. There also exist some cruel people who always wish something bad for you. But in the end, you realize that you cannot be like them. Engineering is one such degree that acts as an eye-opener in the life of a student. At a very tender age, the student gets to know about the value of true relationships.

5. You will meet with a lot of temporary people

As I said earlier, you will get a huge opportunity to network and connect with like-minded people. But when we talk about value-driven connects, that are difficult. We get to know the difference between temporary people and permanent people. We see the actual faces of people which eventually hurt us only.

Success Mantra for you to follow

See everything has its pros and cons. Engineering too has them. It’s just a perception of everybody’s mind. Some would think that engineering is good; some would think that it’s tough. But it totally depends on you. 

  1. Always have a never give up attitude. No matter what happens, but never give up.
  2. Engineering is about trying new things every time. So be passionate about learning new things. 
  3. If you’re not having fun, you’re in the wrong place. Always have fun in what you are doing. 
  4. Always have the ability to listen first; this will help you a lot. 
  5. Don’t limit your skills to engineering alone. Always try something new.
  6. You need to be a team player.
  7. Nobody cares about your GPA after college. So always work on your technical skills. 
  8. Reflect on what inspires you. Always have a bigger goal. 

Rest I would say being an engineer is fun. You get to learn a lot about the world of machines and take up engineering if you have passion for it and not cause of worldly pressure.  

“Engineering is the closest thing to magic that exists in the world.”  Engineering is about all new experiences. “

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