“Money is a terrible master, but an excellent servant.” Therefore money saving tips should be known since college itself.

Money is an essential aspect of life and saving it is, as much important as earning. In today’s fast-growing world everyone is running for the job that offers them a lifestyle worth living and fulfilling their needs and dreams. To let the hard-earned money, go away is not everyone’s cup of tea, thus it is getting difficult day by day for everyone to cope up with the finance process, especially for the young college graduates. And therefore it is important for college students to realize the worth of money saving tips and start with a budget planner.

money saving tips by campusvibesAnd therefore, it is very rightly said that “Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can work upon the knowledge in investment and pay the best interest!”

Follow these guidelines as money saving tips to achieve financial stability

money saving tips by campusvibes

10 Money Saving tips that can help you big time

So, here are 10 Financial Planning Tips or you can also refer to them as Money saving tips for the students who will be graduating this year or have graduated last year:

1. Grab the opportunity – Don’t wait for the perfect Job 

  • Get in the game, start networking. A perfect job won’t come quickly many people are in the queue.

  • Start with the first step and gradually move. 

Starting the financial independence journey with a new job, bills, student loans the best thing to do is a good financial plan. A good budget planner or right set of money saving tips help one to plan things in an organized manner. 

2. Most importantly- Create a Budget

  • Pick your notebook and pen and jot down the anticipated sources of all the income and expenses.

  • Add up the total amount and subtract your expenses.

  • Track the monthly spending and accordingly identify the needs to fulfill and ongoing savings to be done.

money saving tips by campusvibes

Start with as simple as this budgeting tip and you will see the difference. The idea is to get you into the habit of jotting down the expenses so that you have a clear understanding of what’s there with you and what’s not. Believe me, money saving tips if followed rigorously helps one grow immensely. 

3. Opt for Health Care Insurance

  • Be sure to take a health care policy. Prevention is always better than cure! Taking insurance covers devastating effects on one’s finance, if one gets severe illness or accident. 

  • In the health care system, the service provider is a clinic, drug store, hospital, and laboratory. The ‘insured’ is the user of health care insurance scheme. 

Heath insurance or Mediclaim can be in two types :

1. Private health insurance – Run by a person and company like Apollo Munich, Bajaj Alliance Finance, Family Heath and many more. 

2. The other is Public (government) health insurance – It provides services and medical care for certain low-income individuals and families

money saving tips by campusvibes

4. Consolidating Students loan

  • Divide the income into little bits and try to complete the graduation loan as early as possible. So, you can meet up with other pending expenditure. 

  • It is the same as refinancing a loan, it’s a good strategy to lower monthly payments. There are different loans categorized as single or multiple loans. 

Students can make up by private or direct loan banks or government policies. But students often get confused between loan consolidation and loan refinancing, because of which money saving tips become difficult to follow. So we will help you demystify the difference between the two:


5. Invest for Yourself

One of the most important, essential money saving tips is to invest in oneself so that you are benefitted in the longer run.

  • Invest in useful assets. Set up an Individual Retirement account for a better future and long-term investment. 

  • It makes an individual spiritually, mentally and financially better. 

  • Invest in research. Read and write, attend seminars, try a do -to list. Not just list things but try to live every wish to fullest instead. 

money saving tips by campusvibes

Be happy and surround yourself with positivity.

6. Try to follow a simplistic standard of living

(Standard of living is an amalgamation of three basic elements namely Housing, eating, and community). The quality of life is the reflection of your standard! It’s all about the mindset. One can raise his /her standard regardless of how much money one has.

  • Firstly, restrict your expenses.
  • Track the expenses. Save for the rainy day, negotiate.
  • Use public transport often rather than the private vehicle.
  • Cook and avoid extra eating from outside.
  • Try doing households works at minimum expense.
  • Lastly, Buy what is necessary. 


Summing it up for you. This picture clearly portrays what is referred to as a good standard of living. 

money saving tips by campusvibes

7. Work more. Experience is everything. 

Why just think of money saving tips. You are now in college for a professional degree, start thinking of money making tips so that you can spend without being a burden on your family and enjoy the lifestyle of your choice.

  • Trying a new job is a wonderful journey to start up with.
  • Talking to anyone to everyone providing an experience for social community and different ideas to bring out in the future
  • Shortlist the task you want to go for and gain more information and experience of it.
  • It provides an opportunity to grasp and follow the steps in a startup. 


Try out your talent. Work towards your passion. What you like and would love to do on weekends. Try earning from what you like. Whether it be photography, managing events or others. Chill out from the hustle – bustle.

money saving tips by campusvibes

8. Be informed

Know what’s trending. There are a variety of things to explore. Thee are quite many ways to increase your chances of income. Read a newspaper, blogs, and financial plans. 

  • Find platforms for your desires.
  • Write blogs, do vlog where for each doing you will be paid.  For example, you can also start writing on CampusVibes and make some money for yourself.
  • Collaborate with the youth for upcoming events and learn from it.
  • What’s the updated technology to what’s the latest news?
  • Join groups with people of similar interest in a field. 

Knowing what’s happening around you makes you more aware and sound so that you can carve your own path. These money saving tips will surely help you do that.

money saving tips by campusvibes

9. Risk Taking 

  • After Graduation, it’s difficult to think about what to do next!  How to do and when. Which job or workplace will be better? Many reasons to start up but the road to success is known to none.
  • Never be afraid to start with a new venture. Step forward to do something innovative. If failed try another way and keep on trying until you get success.
  • Trying out for a new job, don’t get nervous you will make for it. Mistakes are a way to let you know your trial was good but need to be improved.

You know what? College life is the best time to take risks where the liabilities are less, time is more and experiments come handy. Let one know the strength and gain confidence to work ahead if the work touches the height of success. 

10. Always be open to learning new things

  • Just because schooling is over it doesn’t mean learning is over. Learning is a lifetime process. Get ready to peddle the cycle of life forever because it goes on moving.
  • Learn from friends.
  • What’s their style of presenting and managing? Developing ways of performing out a task and lead it until succeeded. 

“Successful investment is about managing risk, not avoiding it.” 


Keys to Remember

Always remember one thing that you have the keys to the door of your money. It depends on you whether you open the door and let the money flow or close the door of money for unnecessary expenses and make the Goals for living life on your terms. 

Lastly, Become your own life coach. Use the power of self-affirmation. Feel inspired. 

Aim for greatness, learn, reflect and improve. 

“Financial freedom is mental, emotional and educational process.” 

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