It is very rightly said, “Motivational activities help one grow in all aspects of life. The growth is holistic and not unidirectional!

When we start a new chapter of life, there are many things, many questions, quite nervousness, strangeness and there is also a little fear (fear of failure) in our small head. Our life is just like an offered empty page on the first day of school with a pencil in our hand but that’s useless because we don’t know how to write. We don’t know what will happen next, even if we plan things, it will never be the same. Every single person wants to live their life to the fullest, to enjoy their every chapter of life, to forgive and forget. But are we living that life? Or is the life that you are living in fetching you happiness? 

Inspirational or motivational activities is the way to go about it. When you are fighting a battle, you have to keep evolving and continue to stay strong because you never know who you are inspiring. 

Motivation and its role in our life

If you think motivation is meant to be preached and not practiced then you are definitely wrong. Motivation is important for everyone to live a better life. It is a presence of purpose and desire to achieve daily life career and business goals.

1. Getting Motivated When All Seems Lost:

Consider a case that we are feeling ripped off with the trivialities then, one day we decide to give up but, suddenly few motivating words from someone’s mouth play magic in our life and we drop the idea of quitting. Imagine, if we can use a few words of motivation daily then, it could change someone’s life forever.

2. Motivation, Not Only for The Listener but For the Speaker as Well:

Yes, motivation plays a double effect that is; on the receiver and the giver. When we motivate others then, it has its effect on us too. It simply follows the rule of reflection i.e. whatever we do to others that same will happen to us. 

It’s Not Only You Who Is Being Enlightened Here, But I As Well. Not Only Today but IN Every Second of My Life I See It: The Fire, The Intensity, The Craziness, The Joy, The Impulse, The Bliss. All of These Bundled into My Soul & Fuelling My Passion for My Work.

3. Motivate more Procrastinate less:

If we can’t motivate someone to become better then, we don’t have the right to criticize them for their mistakes. Motivate each other instead, tearing each other apart. We should not be stingy with our motivation we should share it with others too.

Is there any need for motivation in our college life?

Yes, for sure. When we talk about the college life, everything changes for a student, like from home to hostel, from mother’s food to canteen food, college friends and a whole new atmosphere which is totally different from school life because now most of the students are far from their homes.

‘Homesickness’ becomes a common word in our college life. Students feel low in some circumstances which they can’t handle or not use to it. Some of the students also deal with this but many of them result in depression, which for sure is enough to demotivate a person. Our college life for sure has an impact on our future. On every step, you should be careful because it takes just a few seconds to spoil yourself. That’s why motivation is very important for college students. They are simply tomorrow’s citizens who build up the next society.

The sense of motivation is the greatest thing that comes to our heart and mind many times a day, but most of us are failed to get it. The sense of motivation is a key to various achievements in our life. And it is because of this reason that motivational activities help one recoup from difficult stages of life.

‘Motivational Activities for College Students’ are they useful?

Yes ‘Motivational Activities for College Students’ might help the students to a great extent to grow successfully in life. It’s tough for students to get the motivation to complete the degree when they see there are no jobs for existing degree holders.

Some motivational activities that will help the students in becoming successful in their life ahead:


Students can motivate and help each other to stay on track and be successful in the class by dividing them into groups. After that giving them different assignments, planning things in a manner which will attract them like teams will earn points by turning in assignments, bonus for each level winner team. Certificates for all the participants is very necessary because it’s a fact that there will be only one winning team which will win the trophy, for other team’s consolation prize, should be there. It will motivate them for the next game.

2. Evaluation Programs:

Evaluation programs are extremely important and integral part of the motivational activities. Teachers come to college they take their respective classes and they leave. Same is with students, most of them come for attendance, they grab a little knowledge from teachers and then they also leave.

Evaluation programs will help the teachers to understand how far students have understood the syllabus. Accordingly, the faculty can change their strategies and make them more effective. At the same time, students can use this as a self-assessment to learn where they actually stand and do more hard work to perform better.

3. Field Trips:

Some interesting field trips are one of the best recreational and motivational activities for college students. It brings them to a different environment and being in some different environment helps them to think beyond their college life, beyond their monotonous schedule, and beyond their problems. It would be good to give them some goals to achieve at the end of each trip depending on the chosen field, making the trip more interesting. Some brilliant ideas will definitely come in their creative minds which will motivate them as well as their friends in achieving their goals.

Following Field Trip Ideas Can Be Considered:

1.     College Campus Tours.

2.     NGOs

3.     Museums

4.     Sporting Event

5.     TV Stations

6.     Amusement Parks

7.     Radio Station

8.  Newspaper Offices

9.  Planetarium

10.  Plays

4. Positive Competition:

Involving the students in friendly competitions in college is another way to motivate them. Being part of healthy competitions helps to improve their positivity and they learn to appreciate and accept the success of others too. This friendly approach also enhances their spirit of winning in life while respecting the opponents and considering their feelings. We all should know that failure is also a part of our life, we should experience it and learn from it to become a better person. 

Few Fun contest ideas:

1. Shopping Spree: Give away a gift card for your e-commerce site, but pitch it as a “Shopping Spree.”

2. Holiday/Seasonal sweepstakes: Give away a gift card or product based around the primary “buying” holidays and seasons

3. Run a themed contest

4. A Fitness Contest

5. A Sports Contest

6. Debates

7. Run a Photo contest which gives away a “Friend’s Day” photo shoot with costumes

8. Movie Ticket Quiz

9. Craft workshops and cooking classes

10. Smartphone film festival

11. Coffee klatch

5. The Chance to Lead:

Many of us mislead ourselves when we enter college because we are not responsible enough and are weak in taking our own decisions. Most of our decisions were taken by our parents.

We feel very depressed when we are not able to take some major decisions. A good leadership role comes with lots of responsibility and commitment. It can even alter their personality and can mold them as a better person. So, it would be a good idea to give every student a chance to lead during the course. This will improve their sense of responsibility and motivate them to take risky and challenging roles in life.

6. Respecting every idea:

Everyone matters their ideas too. Respecting every particular idea, welcoming it, giving importance to each point and discussing them in class and executing them as well if it sounds good. It will motivate the students and will also connect them with the environment of the class. 

7. Motivational Speakers:

Motivational seminars should be conducted within college premises. The college faculties can arrange seminars by professionals on motivation once in a while. Expert talk sessions and interactive activities would motivate those students who are a step back to come forward and face life on a positive note. Encouraging students to conduct seminar presentations on motivation after thorough research is also a good idea.

Some of The Known Best Are:

  1. Sandeep Maheshwari
  2. Eric Thomas
  3. Shiv Khera
  4. Tony Robbins
  5. Ujjwal Patni
  6. Les Brown
  7. Oprah Winfrey
  8. Jim Rohn
  9. Shivani Verma
  10. Arnold Schwarzenegger
8. Set an Example:

We understand things better when we are given examples. We basically relate through examples. So, one of the best motivational activity by a college faculty would be to set an example for his students. He /She can guide them from their own experience on how to be a good student and what are the qualities and responsibilities expected out of them.

They can even inspire them from their own success stories and the way hard work and perseverance paid them. Students then observe the success of a person then they (speakers) becomes a role model for them(students).

9. Celebrate Personal achievements:

It would be a great idea to celebrate the personal milestones of students as a class group which can boost up their spirit to perform well always. These celebrations build confidence in students. Basically, fear and nervousness vanish. Celebrating as a team also improves the classroom strength and unity and builds up good team spirit. And the same student will feel good to celebrate the milestone of another student with the class team next time.

Achievements That Can Be Celebrated Together & Required for Future Company Prospects:

  1. Re-organized a workpiece that resulted in better performance of a project.
  2. Identification of a problem & Providing Solution.
  3. Came up with a Fresh & Innovative idea that improved things.
  4. Developing & Implementing new procedures or systems
  5. Working on Special Projects.
  6. Acclaiming Awards.
  7. Been complimented by Your Seniors & Co-Workers.
  8. Increase in Revenue or Sales for Your Company.
  9. Monetary Savings for the Company.
  10. Being Time-Efficient for the Company.
  11. Contribution towards Good Customer Service.
10. Switch Roles:

Well, every student should know their responsibilities when they are assigned as leaders and when they are assigned as a team member. This is basically to know how to work at all levels.

Taking the role of a leader helps college students to know the pain and dedication needed to carry out the job. Even after they get back to any small role, the motivation they gained during the activity helps them to study with more responsibility. They should know that every job is necessary and comes with a different sense of responsibilities.

Motivation and motivational activities are important to smile and become the happiest person. It also brings positive vibes within you, which is very important in this world were people on every step brings criticism.

It is also important for innovation. It comes with peace of mind, which is important to become a master in any art and skill and to become successful in life, to achieve career goals. It is important in every field either sports, nursing and education we all know.

Human life is purely incomplete and full of obstacles without motivation. In short motivation in life gives a purpose to live. 

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