Prime Miniter Narendra Modi, a very unique Youth icon, that has not led my power, but has led by example. #aayega_to_modi_hi and #main_bhi_chowkidaar these two hashtags are quite famous in the youth nowadays. Few of the new voters, when asked about their JOSH all of them said MODI HI AAYEGA. 

But have you ever wonder, INC has served our country for so long. Many Prime Ministers came and went, but to bring back not a ruling party but a specific person, it is a quite big success in its own. 

Despite the fact that opposition has put up many questions against BJP and on the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, still, victory knows itself who owns it.  Demonetisation, Jan Dhan Yojna, new improved Budget, Pulwama Attack Retaliate, Uri Attack Retaliate, Swachch Bharat Abhiyan, New improved international relations, and many more were the only reasons that ensured his victory.

All these miracles which news channels and social media are terming as “ADBHUT AND AVISHVASNIYA” is possible with the hard work and wisdom of our beloved prime minister SHRI NARENDRA DAMODAR DAS MODI.

The story behind his success includes many sacrifices, hard work, thinking capacity of our prime minister.

This story also gives our youth an example to #be_as_modi 

prime minister narendra modi

Key things that every college student must learn from Prime Minister Narendra Modi

1. Punctuality

However it sounds very uncool, but let me tell you that a student who can’t be in punctual will not come closer to success. Only punctuality includes many of the factors such as Time Management, Consistency, Respect for your work, etc. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a perfect example when it comes to Punctuality.

He has a routine of waking up at 4 a.m. sharp. Then do yoga and meditation to keep him fresh and calm as he knows that opposition can anytime put any allegation on him in the rage of being looser and he has to deal with them with his ease. Then he moves on his further daily routine work and leaves as per his schedule.

Students need to learn that the point here is not to wake up at 4 a.m. or to do yoga, the point is you must develop your routine which you follow every day in order to make yourself punctual and add some discipline into your life.

2. Being Health Conscious

prime minister narendra modi

This is also a matter of fact that our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is very health conscious. Doing Yoga every day is a sign of it.

Also in an Interview, he has admitted that his favorite food is Khichdi with Dahi which he cooks on his own. It is not like that he is many times on his tour to other countries and there he demands Khichdi, but when possible whether in a day or in two, he prefers to eat it.

Now, students need to learn that yes you may eat many things, some are good for health some are not, but you must maintain a habit of eating an easy to digest food in a day or two so that you can take care of your digestive system also. This will prevent you from being caught by an unusual disease. This also indicates that Yoga reduces the risk of many unavoidable diseases such as diabetes, heart attack, cancer and many more.

Students need to learn that if they will be fit and fine then only they can lead towards success.

3. Developing Leadership Qualities

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has proved himself as the best leader for BJP/NDA party. NDA has never witnessed such a great and miraculous victory ever in their history. It is all because of their leader Narendra Modi. It can also be seen from the scenario of Amethi where INC  was wining from past many years but in Lok Sabha Election Rahul Gandhi from INC party loses against Smriti Irani from BJP.

Being a Leader, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is well-versed with qualities, strengths, and weaknesses of his team. This signifies that he is a true leader.

So wisely he elected the members of the team and make them stand from the areas on the basis of their chances of winning from that particular area to ensure his victory.

Also, the hashtag #main_bhi_chowkidar had a great influence on the voters, that created a delusion that who so ever is standing from BJP party in your area the votes are going to our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Students need to learn such leadership qualities, to analyze the strength and weakness of the team.

4. How to use an Opportunity

prime minister narendra modi

If you guys remember, In 2014 when Narendra Modi came into power of being the Prime Minister, from then he has made many visits to a foreign country, given many speeches and improved international relationships of India. It is because of this reason that India is now considered in every discussion which is related to the world. However, India was not included earlier.

However , the consequences of these visits and speeches were also seen in the recent time that when Pulwama Revenge was executed , not a single country was against India quoting that Pakistan is not responsible for this terror attack.

Everyone was in the favor of India and when Pakistan said to retaliate, America even announced world war to support India.

This is how Narendra Modi has used many opportunities in result of which India is now can be seen as among the most reputed countries of the world.

Students need to learn how to use any opportunity so wisely that it could benefit them in the upcoming future.

5. Decision Making

prime minister narendra modi

In an interview with prime minister Narendra Modi, he has admitted that many times a plan has not been executed the way it was decided. Like the decision of taking revenge and to kill enemies in their own battlefield was the best decision anyone could take to teach terrorist a lesson. This clearly indicated that India will not sit quietly if you kill their brave heart sons.

Many of his other decisions such as Demonetisation, International visits, Pension plans, Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan, Rozgaar Yojna and many more were one of the decisions which proved to be a very good step for the welfare of the society.

Students need to learn such quality of decision making keeping all aspects related to that decision from our prime minister Narendra Modi.

6. Being a Visionary

At the time of Demonetisation, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi banned the Indian Currency notes of 500 and 1000, almost everyone was against him because people, especially from the lower background, suffered a lot. But as soon as MODI’S long term vision of removing Black Money from India, they came in favor and in full support of the Modi.

Students need to learn this ability to keep in mind the long term impacts of that decision.

Because Modi knows that the youth wants to remove black money from India and will get huge support from them as soon as they came to know about. This helped him to him win election 2019 in an extraordinary way.

So these were the best qualities of our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which students must learn from them and consider this quality in their own personal as well as professional lif. This could help them to earn success in the soonest possible way.

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