We as students are often running after what to include in our resumes, but we forget to ensure what not to include in our resume. This leads to mistakes which might prove to be costly. It’s important to the resume mistakes to avoid so that we don’t end up being embarrassed.

Once you enter the golden days of your college life, the one thing you’ll almost find your peers or yourself struggling with is the making of your resume, commonly as we here around are the CV standing for curriculum vitae. It’s like a lifesaving entity which holds all our life confined in itself, be it the experiences, accomplishments or the educational grounds we’ve lived.

Hence, it’s not only important to make your resume wise and precise, but it’s also important for it to be spic and span, for it speaks in behalf of you as a person, one error and your life can just be chucked away in the bin.

,“A resume seldom will get you a job offer. A resume will often lose you a job offer.” 

Robert Hall

No, this isn’t about whether or not to have a resume, it’s about how it is important enough to have the right kind of resume and make note of resume mistakes to avoid. Hence, as you walk into that college door as a fresher, and in just in case your placement committee asks you to pull in your resume for circulation, there are certain things you should just keep in mind, the ten resume mistakes to avoid while creating one. So, here is a list of mistakes that you can avoid:

1. Mis-spellings and grammatical errors to be avoided

This can be a major drawback in your resume. Spelling errors or grammatical ones usually send your resume for the toss, because at the point of hiring, it looks like we all are looking for perfectionists, therefore, let your resume speak like one. This is a very common mistake seen these days as we all have got into the habit of writing short forms, this often gets reflected on our CV too. So one of the very important resume mistakes to avoid is this.

E.g. Many a time, we put up a singular verb with a plural pronoun or noun. resume mistakes to avoid

2. Lack of specifics with regard to job postings

You can never forward the same resume for different kind of jobs you seek. You cannot priorities your listings as per random selection, it depends on what and what not suits the job posting you are taking care of. This is important as one size doesn’t fit it all.

E.g. The interviewer doesn’t want to know how you won an award for the best student, they want to know what did you do to get one.

3. An outdated Resume

You might not find the time to update your resume but it’s utmost necessary to do so because an outdated resume will definitely make you look obsolete. Make it a habit of updating your resume regularly, if at all you wish to position yourself as someone who is very high on updates. People tend to avoid this, and this becomes one of the major mistakes then end up doing. Therefore, no you should make note of these resume mistakes to avoid.

E.g. Don’t want to be called in an interview where you are explaining how you forgot to mention your current job profile as the resume was of the time when you didn’t have the current job. 

make sure your resume is updated

4. Detailed description

The employer doesn’t want to and doesn’t need to know how and when have you worked as an intern. All he needs to know is whether or not you’re fit for the postings you’ve applied for? Therefore, mention your job profile, company, and tenure of working and the rest is just ancient history now. Take this as the most important highlight in the list of resume mistakes to avoid.

a detailed resume is needed

5. No vague job objectives should be given

The best way to portray yourself is when you hold a concrete set of thoughts to define yourself and your objective to work in the said position. Hence, stating things like “it is for me to grow as a person” will definitely not work. Think and come up with objectives that make the interviewer also believe in you. He/ she takes a hell number of interviews throughout the day, and this line would have been repeated quite a number of times. So come up with something that makes them believe in what you say and should be convincing enough.

6. Highlighting duties and not accomplishments 

The employer is not interested in what you have done in the past, he’s more interested in what you might hold in store for them, so rather describing how you landed in an XYZ post, it’s better to highlight how you are thorough in MS Excel and can also manage the Mackintosh easily. 

Resume mistakes to avoid

7. Clichés and overused words

Do not bring in the words like, “Growth, challenges, ideal”, these will not take you anywhere. Re-using the same set of words time and again may make the resume look more monotonous in the first glance, and well depicts a lack of creativity, but that doesn’t mean that you’re to add incomprehensible synonyms of the words. So basically, don’t go overboard with words. Use simple but meaningful words so that the communication becomes easier, transparent and flexible in the first go itself. This is one such resume mistakes to avoid, that people hardly pay heed to.

E.g. Do not repeatedly tell how much you’d love to work with the company, or do not use the words like accomplished, rewarded or achieved time and again. 

resume mistakes to avoid

8. Simple and straight

The above point brings us to the right edge of keeping it short, simple and straight. No one has asked you to write an essay about yourself where you are to exceed the word limit to make a win. Keep the resume short, in simple language and to its utmost preciseness. Because you’re being judged on your life experience, do not put the employer’s language skills on a test.

9. Leave out irrelevant information

The summer job you did out of dad’s recommendation or brother’s push, and never really learned anything out of it, leave it out of your resume. Add in information which either added to your merits or to your skills or else, it’s just a matter of keeping it long and lengthy to be read. That doesn’t count. Also, make sure the table of 12th marks and 10th marks and your college marks is not to be added in your resume. Make sure this tables of marks get deleted at the earliest from your CV.

resume mistakes to avoid

10. Lastly, give a proper reading to your contact information

The most relevant mistakes take place about things you are dead sure of, like your email id or your contact number. One number here and there, one hyphen missed in the email and you might end up feeling unwanted and invaluable all because of no call backs from your dream jobs. Hence, re-read whatever you write because nobody wants to try and contact a ghost 😛 😀

resume building for college students

A resume is not only a document, but it’s also your personality limited to a page or two in a confined set of words hence it’s up to you as to how you would want to portray yourself to people.

In case, you want an extra hand in making your resume better, try seeking help from websites like monster.comEnhancv, ResumeHelp, etc.

Until then, try and build up yourself to fill in the resume which will bring in opportunities. So, it may be just six seconds of a glance, but it’s worth your life. In case, you don’t know how to make a resume – start here.

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