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The scope of Journalism: Overview

Well to that, I would say its huge. Every single person on the road thinks himself to be a journalist. Any road accident, any mishappening doesn’t get an immediate remedy but gets someone to cover and make a video. So all thanks to smartphones that have aroused the journalist in each one of us, how good or bad, that we have to figure out. And it is because of this reason I said, the Scope of journalism in India at least is huge.

Many times we switch on our television screens and see the media executives fighting their way through a pointless debate, propagating an agenda which suits their interests, that’s exactly when we say “What are we even watching?”

Well, most of us, when we pull out such comments, specifically about people on television, be it the media or the politicians, we hold out similar statements, but we never work to change that for the society and more importantly for ourselves. That’s exactly what journalism as a course will teach you, to put yourself much after you put your society.

Check out this video to know, what does it mean to be a journalist!

Key benefits of Journalism as a Career

It is rightly said, “If your aim is to change the world, journalism is a more immediate, short-term weapon.”

Grab yours before you even realize that half the life has passed by. As I said earlier, if we talk about the scope of journalism, it has a lot to offer not in terms of job or salary package, but also in terms of personal enhancement and growth as a person. But, as you walk into this course, you certainly hold a lot more in the head than you know, and the certain expectations you can hold about journalism are:

1. It’ll make you an agent of your own success

Yes, you yourself will be a catalyst to your own growth. As a student of journalism, you’ll grow habitual to fulfill your curiosities, get an answer to the inquisitiveness in you and it is rightly said that once you begin to fulfill your own hunger. This indicates, that you’re on the right path to lead to your own success.

2. You will not only grow as a writer but also, a communicator

Many a times students who walk into this course expecting that it’ll be all about writing, get it all wrong. Journalism as a course will not only make you grow as a writer but will also teach you to be a conversationalist like never before. By the end of two or three years, you’ll find yourself turned into a new leaf with words. Yes, a mind it with constructive words covered with concrete thoughts. 

3. Your personality gets enhances with a topping of awareness 

This course will end up being an eye-opener for you. You will get to learn how to think independently and voice our opinions. Yes, opinions of change and improvement. You get to know about so many happenings around you will which add to your knowledge and will protect you from getting driven by what others say. In short, you will become more analytical driven and not emotion or situation driven, which is good.

Jobs that you can get after pursuing Journalism as a course

Now the next thing that comes to your mind is, that journalism is all about a microphone, a camera, and a newsroom to sit in and work, or probably a desk from where you’ll send out articles all day long. Well, in the changing world scenario, there are a lot more career options that journalism can offer you because of the vast scope of journalism. Many of them are listed below. You can even go through this video to know what type of jobs, journalism has to offer you.

1. Content Marketer

Content marketers create articles, videos, and images within an editorial calendar to build brand awareness and up-sell products in the market which can help build a relationship between the brand and the customer.

Salary bracket Range: Rs 20,000/- INR (per month) for freshers is the average salary offered.

scope of journalism

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2. Corporate Communications Specialist

scope of journalismA corporate communications specialist is in charge of all the company related news and serves as a network between the company and the media like a spokesperson declaring the course of a company from time to time. He/ she essentially leads a very important role as this person becomes the face of the company while interacting with media. When we talk about the scope of journalism, the main highlight of this course is versatility.

Salary bracket Range: Rs 25,000/ to Rs 28,000/- INR(per month) for freshers is the average salary offered.


3. Editor or CopyEditor

An editor or copyeditor at a publishing house or a newspaper, is the coolest job to hold if you’re an avid reader, because there’s no better thrill in reading something before it’s published than in anything else, it’s like you hold a box of chocolates no one knows about unless you decide to share it. Also, if you are looking forward to being a part of the competitive market its important to become predictive. And the nature of the job will make you so.

Salary bracket Range: Rs 25,000/ to Rs 28,000/- INR(per month) for freshers is the average salary offered.

editor or copywriter

4. Travel Blogger or Traveloguer

Somewhere, we’ve all been mesmerized by the kind of life Ranbir Kapoor had in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani after he found his dream job. And well, after holding a degree in journalism, you can be just like him, to the core of it all. Anywhere and everywhere and the best part of this is you become your own boss while you are on the move. The best part of being a travel blogger or a traveloguer(the newly coined word) is your earn while you roam and connect with your own self.

One such extremely renowned and celebrated travel blogger is listed here for you to have a look!

Salary bracket Range: No limit it’s up to you how you negotiate with the brand you are working with.


5. Photojournalist

Photo-journalism is nowhere near to a travel blogger as people often get confused with two. A photojournalist tells a story through his pictures, videos and even creates vlogs in order to document an incident or a story through his/her medium of expression, i.e. his camera.

Salary bracket Range: No limit it’s up to you how you negotiate with the brand you are working with.

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6. Radio-jockey

A radio-jockey is someone who creates magic through his/her voice. It’s a beautiful medium of communication, as, by words and voice, we have the power to create a whole new world in the listeners head. A job profile, which not only brings your voice on a showcase but makes you hold the power to say when the world listens. Make use of this medium to bring about positive changes in the world and make people spread smile.

Salary bracket Range: Rs 30,000/ to Rs 35,000/- INR(per month) for freshers is the average salary offered.


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A cartoonist is a visual artist who creates an entirely new universe in his drawings. From instances of mockery, to give out a powerful message, a cartoon can do it all, and the most interesting thing is when people even find it interesting. Hence, holding a flair for sketching, that’s your cue. Being cartoonist gives you wings to think and power to add creativity to it, which proves that the scope of journalism is huge. 

Salary bracket Range: Rs 30,000/ to Rs 35,000/- INR(per month) for freshers is the average salary offered.



Even though it’s a world of Netflix and Amazon Prime, yet, if you hold that pen for the fictional world yet to be created, for a story untold, write it down, for you never know when you may turn into the next Amish Tripathi.

Salary bracket Range: It depends on how much money you make through your book sales.


writer as a career option: scope of journalism


screenwriter: scope of journalismYou might even have the big shot to write a story with dialogues, that’s what a screenwriter does. It might look very easy, but telling an entire story in dialogues can be a pretty hectic task to do.

Salary bracket Range: Rs 25,000/ to Rs 35,000/- INR(per month) for freshers is the average salary offered.


10. Art Director

A person who holds the responsibility for overseeing the artistic aspects of the film, publication or other media production is what an art director is, hence if you hold a creative hat on your head all the time, this is definitely the job aspect for you. Initially you will not be given the designation of director, in fact, it would assistant to the director, which is when you will be made to learn.

Salary bracket Range: Rs 30,000/ to Rs 35,000/- INR(per month) for freshers is the average salary offered.

Other than these, a journalism graduate can also be a web-content manager, broadcast journalist, multimedia specialist, etc.

Salary Details

The plus point of this course comes in quite a figured salary, as you can do what you love to do and then even get paid for it. The average salary range after completion of the course may begin from Rs. 20,000 and may range up to Rs. 3,00,000 to Rs. 5,00,000 per month. Yet, it also comes with the perks of being known and a face of a newspaper, magazine or a Television channel, and hence serves with the right amount of respect for you, if your work is good enough to be representing your brand as a whole.

For example, when it comes to Aaj Tak, Zee News or Republic TV, people like Shweta Singh, Sudhir Chaudhary and Arnab Goswami can be known as the faces of these channels; so is with print where Shoma Chaudhary rules the equation for her Tehelka magazine and Aroon Purie for India Today along with her daughter Kalli Purie now. 

Hence, before you feel like a journalist, it’s important to know that it is a hidden member of a super secretive society who doesn’t hold a face and a social interaction, ever since digital media has kicked in, the times have changed. Now, the scope of journalism that increased to that extent that even radio-jockeys have a face to be associated with. Hence before you fear to lose your identity to words, hop on your writing chair and be the next name who could bring a change in the society. Until then, express yourselves every now and then, as that will change it all for you. 

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A 20 years old, who holds a voice and wants it to be heard because the silence has stood in power for too long. A student of Journalism in Delhi University.



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