One of the most challenging task for every college boy is to figure out wardrobe essentials for men. Yes, for girls it is yet easy to figure out what they can mix and match with and wear to their college, but for boys its a herculean task in the morning. Especially for those, who are neither shopping crazy not believe in wasting time on clothes. We would like to bring on some easy to follow and remember wardrobe essentials for men so that the challenge becomes comparatively easier. 

Boys, if you relate to this problem then you can bookmark this link so that whenever you are stuck, you have this list to refer to. Because, when we are stuck we need some simple and easy solution rather than scrolling down on Instagram and checking what bloggers and models are recommending, Right?

But before we jump into what should be worn and what should be discarded from your wardrobe, it’s important to understand the mistakes that men tend to do without even realizing.

Common fashion mistakes that boys do

Some very well know fashion mistakes that boys have been discussed in the video but to highlight, a few of them are listed below:

  • Color combinations
  • Complimentary designs
  • Prints of what sort
  • Hairstyling
  • Oversized clothes to give a baggy look
  • Beard and mustache style

So, these are some common mistakes that men tend to make unknowingly either because of awareness or because of lack of funds.

Guide to wardrobe essentials for men

So today in this blog post, we will discuss a few tips on what boys can wear to make a good impression on others in their college life. Now I know that most of you might be reluctant in knowing so “YEH HUMEY KYA BATAYEGI KI KAUNSEY KAPDE DAALEY!!  BHAI KA STYLE KOI LADKI KYA JAANEY!!” But really guys you should take this from a girl as most of you guys might not even know how a girl gets impressed by your looks & it might even help you as well😉.

So, Guys Here’s a Wardrobe Check-list For You all to refer to:

The biggest aspect of college is that there is lots of stuff going on all the time. With so many different events happening in college, boys are required to have a versatile and stylish wardrobe to get many compliments and attention.

So moving ahead with our agenda of discussion, below is the list of college wear that you ought to have in your wardrobe:

1. T-shirts, yes these are the most important of all

To begin with, let’s start with one of the most important wardrobe essentials for men and that is Tshirts! This comes at the top of the list, some casual tees with A-liners. You all need to go ahead and choose some nice and casual tees but make sure that it fits well. Go for some cool funky prints or some cool tags which are currently in style and high on demand like “How’s the Josh” tag and so many others. Also, try some horizontal line tees and some plain colors also. Try to choose some soothing colors as summer has already knocked the doors, so go for some cool shades like nude peach shade or some white pastels and so on, because, light colors are well suited for this season. Feels like a light breeze flowing through you and gets that beautiful smile on your face too!

If a student wants to be a style icon, then this segment is for him. Kindly show this article to your friends too, and help them to get in the best clothing so that they can also represent themselves in the college.

2. Jeans, without which you can’t think of styling

The easy is your personality the complex you get when it comes to your wardrobe. So, why not refer to your love of life, a good pair of jeans, right? So, make sure that you pair your jeans with the right tee or shirt. There are plenty of choices to ponder over how to dress for college 101 is to get some nice jeans. There are plenty of choices in jeans as well. Some tips are if you are skinny, then don’t go for slim fit jeans, instead, try for some loose fitted jeans. They look cool on anyone. Choose some lighter shades in jeans like ice grey or light blue or some lightly shaded colors.

Oh! and dark jeans are most important when going for an interview. One should be clothed in dark jeans or a dark pair of trousers. So, boys should always make sure that they will wear a fresh pair for when they are required the most, they can also wear them with almost any trainers’ shoes.

3. Shirts, your every time savior

In summers, when you are stepping into your college for the first time, then shirts give you a super presentable look. Nice plain shirts with a lighter shade go very well with jeans. One can also opt for some floral print shirts, as summers have arrived. Shirts with some other prints also goes well with boys, especially if you are going on a date or for an important event in the college. If you have some seminars or any presentation, then also some plain formal shirts make you look presentable in front of your teachers and the higher authority. It makes you look wiser and more knowledgeable. So, don’t skip shirts while in college, they can also add to your glam and Fam. You just cannot miss this important component of the wardrobe essentials for men, mind it!

4. Pants, a very important styling factor

Pants are the new fashion statement for our college students. Be it, girls or boys, pants go with both of them. Pants come in different styles like slim fit, regular fit or loose fit. Pants is a must-have part of your look when presentations are going on, or there are some important meetings, so, basically for any formal event, pants should be a necessary part of your wardrobe. Pants, if planned and placed well on your body can add a good styling touch to your dressing sense. So, this wardrobe essentials for men will help you position yourself as an emerging style icon.


5. Cargos and Dungarees for the cool look dude

Cargos and Dungarees are a new fashion statement for today’s genre. They add a sense of freshness and fashion to your boring wardrobe. Cargos come with so many prints and plain as well. Plain cargos teamed up with a nice plain tee adds a freshness to your daily layman look. Dungarees pairs best with plain tees. So, go and get your pair of dungarees for a new fresh you! If you are a person who’s cool looks are not just for others but for his own self and matches with the personality, then these wardrobe essentials for men should be noted.

6. Not to forget, 3/4th shorts

Capris or 3/4th shorts teamed up with loose tee goes very well for a layback day in the college. These shorts are very appropriate wardrobe items for a comfy look. They are a must-have item for a good casual look. Even these shorts can go well if you are going out with your friends for some picnic. Also, in summers, these shorts are the utmost comfort clothes and gives your overall look a new and cool statement. Not to forget, a mandatory aspect of the wardrobe essentials for men.


Lastly, clothes help enhance your personality and make you feel good. IF your clothes are not making you smile, then I think its time redo your wardrobe.

If you want your friend/ girlfriend to look good and know what all she can have in her wardrobe, then check this out for her!

Therefore, it is always good advice to have a good quality of clothes but which are reasonable as well. If you are still figuring out the key essentials of men’s wardrobe then you can simply watch this video to know how to really stylish enough this summers.

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